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‘Ender’s Game’ Anti-Gay Author Orson Scott Card Says Attacks Make ‘Sales Go Up’

let’s talk about Ender’s Game the movie
based on the book by Orson Scott Card I’ve read Ender’s Game I think it is an X not science fiction book I think that
it is a book that %ah I just think it’s a book everybody
should read I think it is absolutely a valuable book now in the last few months we’ve
reported on Orson Scott Card more min who is also anti-gay making a number I’ve anti-gay statements being
a member of the National Organization for Marriage supporting anti sodomy laws
et cetera and we also talked about the boycott
that was planned love the movie that is based on the book Ender’s Game and I at one point made the comparison
saying you know theodore dostoevsky a widely known
anti-semite still a good writer and we still can get value from reading his books and
the differences in this was pointed out to me after I made that comparison that dusty
at ski is dead and that Orson Scott Card is alive and
stands to financially benefit now from people seeing the movie so there
has there has been continued debate over whether or not to boycott this film he now has come out and said that
actually when people try to organize boycotts and just criticize him he says my sales go up with such attacks I don’t know if that’s true it
may or may not be where do you stand now on this Louis we
don’t know what his deal is for the movie he may have received the flat be right
just purchasing the rights to the story and may not get any of the back end even
if he had a deal above the back end up for the back end
of the movie it’s not doing that well it’s not clear it’s going to make any
money so do we see the film which which may be
a good film certainly based on a book that i think is valuable to read or do you not see it well normally area
in these types of deals and the money is is given up front to
the person who owns that the rights to the story so he probably isn’t making anything off
during the movie but I do agree with him that controversy
does boost sales and so as a result of that more people
are probably buying the book I’m I don’t think I’m going to to read
the book or see the movie I and I’m not because I don’t like the
guy just because I have no interest in it well I did add
that that’s kinda completely subjective I mean I can
assure you that if you read this book you would be very interested in it so to
say you have no interest because you haven’t really paid attention to Ender’s
Game that’s not it doesn’t really tell us
very much Louis although I’m sure the audience is just on a completely on a level and just casual curiosity
would be fascinated know you don’t care about and urs game I’m I think that the reality is if it was true that he does so much better
when there is criticism he wouldn’t have done this huge
damage-control campaign where he’s posting explanations and mitigations for
his comments on line I think his actions speak way louder
than his words here I don’t know that kinda helped stir the pot that type
damage control and I think even that could help boost sales and he’s probably been raking it in
because Wallace

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