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Entire Trump Family Named In Massive Charity Fraud Lawsuit

Entire Trump Family Named In Massive Charity Fraud Lawsuit

The newly empowered Attorney General of the
state of New York, Barbara Underwood, filed a suit yesterday, on Donald Trump’s 72nd birthday,
against Donald Trump and his children for the potentially illegal use of their charity
in order to both enrich themselves and to aid their father’s campaign. And I say newly empowered because Barbara
Underwood is the woman who took over after Schneiderman was revealed to be quite the
scumbag and Underwood came in, undertaking a massive task, and not only has she succeeded
in it, but she has far outpaced and excelled her predecessors in this job in what she was
handed and what she is able to do. This is a phenomenal woman doing phenomenal
work out there. So, this lawsuit though, pretty complicated
but let’s try to strip it down to the most bare points of it. The lawsuit charges that Trump, and members
of the Trump family, used the Trump Foundation in order to bolster his political standing
during the 2016 election. Specifically, and they actually tweeted out
emails that prove this from Corey Lewandowski, they wanted the Foundation to make payments
before Donald Trump would go and speak to certain groups. If he was going to be talking to a bunch of
veterans, Lewandowski would email and say, “Hey, go make a donation to a veteran’s foundation
’cause it’s really going to help him with this crowd.” Now, that’s part of it. That is illegal, the FEC has been alerted
that they need to look into this by Underwood. The second part of it is that Trump, and members
of his family, were using this charity as their own personal piggy bank. As Underwood says, “As basically their own
checkbook to do whatever they wanted to without having to give the money over to the actual
charities they were raising monies for”, also illegal. She has asked other investigative bodies to
help look into this as well. But, here’s what’s really interesting about
this, if this case does proceed, because they’re seeking about $2.8 million in restitution
on this, it’s likely something Trump might settle very quickly, just to get it to disappear
because this is a very big deal. If any member of the Trump family, or Trump
himself, or any of his little underlings that were involved, like Lewandowski, if they get
convicted or even indicted or arrested for this, Trump can’t pardon them. These are state crimes, not federal crimes. They’re not crimes against the United States,
itself, therefore, a presidential pardon cannot apply. That’s what’s so important about this. That’s what’s so powerful about this and that
is why it shows that Barbara Underwood is doing the job that the American people need
her to be doing. She is going out there, she built this phenomenal
case, with these impressive charges against the Trump family for things that most people
had suspected for a very long time and she did it in a way that they can’t weasel themselves
out of. That is the kind of brilliance we need to
see in Attorney Generals all across this country.

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