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Event Registration for Non Profits & Fundraisers | Picatic Movement

Event Registration for Non Profits & Fundraisers | Picatic Movement

A year and a half ago, one of our organizers contacted me and asked if I would make a thousand dollar donation to their fundraising event. The organization was looking to fundraise six thousand dollars for a group of kids to buy instruments to replace their current instruments, which were made from trash. Moved by their cause, I met with the organizing committee to collaboratively leverage the use of our software. As a result, over thirty thousand dollars
was raised for their event. Their success motivated our team to think how we could help raise more money and awareness for other organizations? We decided to test launch a section of our
platform offering a sponsored rate to selective groups of nonprofits, change-makers, and community
builders. Within a year, our platform helped raise over
five million dollars for these organizations. These are organizations that help clothes those in need, feed the hungry, teach the illiterate and shelter the homeless. Feeling inspired, our team’s thoughts are, if we can help raise five million dollars, why can’t we help raise one hundred million dollars for the betterment of communities globally? And that precisely what we’re doing. I am proud to announce the launch of “Movement”. Movement offers our full product at a sponsored
rate to Non-Profits, change-makers, and community builders around the world. Over the years of working with these organizations, it’s quite evident that they selfless groups, with big hearts, who are raising money not
for themselves, but for the better needs of others. It’s their work that drives change. It’s their work that make the world a better
place. And because of them, they have inspired us to create a “Movement”.

  • Makes me very proud to be a shareholder and see that it is all about the team and how it is progressing and exemplifying important values.

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