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Facebook Live Tips | Promoting a Fundraiser

Facebook Live Tips | Promoting a Fundraiser

Hello everybody, happy fundraising Friday.
My name is Eric and today we have some tips about Facebook live. If you don’t know what Facebook live is Facebook live is a huge opportunity first off to reach your
audience and basically is just live streaming for beginners. It’s very easy
to do as long as you have a cell phone and a decent signal. Either Wi-Fi or from
T-mobile, Sprint, whatever, you can do a live stream very easily.
Now, Facebook right now has over 2 billion monthly users. If you don’t know what
that means, there’s 7.4 billion people in the world that means
more than a quarter of them are on Facebook every month. If you’re not using
Facebook to promote your brand or your fundraisers, you’re missing out on a huge
opportunity. So, today we have some tips on what to do when you jump into
Facebook live. First tip is log into your Facebook life through a business profile
or business page. It’s not a good idea to use your personal page even though you
want to grab an audience and look like a real person, you still want to do it in a
professional manner so make sure you start either a business page or start a
page for your brand or your fundraiser itself. Second thing you want to do and
second tip is make sure you have a really good title.
Just like on YouTube or when there’s twitch streamers, you want to have
an attention grabbing hook, something that makes them really want to see what
you’re doing. So, say something like “Five Tips on How To Do a Great Fundraiser” or
“A Great Shoe Drive for Children in Arizona”.
Something that will really make people want to watch your live stream and also
something that’ll grab them later on because remember live stream is important
not just because people are alive and watching you, but because of the review.
You’re going to have people watching your Facebook live video later even when it’s
not live so you want a good title to make them want to watch your video. Third
tip is you want a good attention grabbing hook. Basically what that means
is you don’t want to start it with something where you’re
like tapping the screen or trying to fix your audio or trying to fix your video,
do that before you go live. What you want to do is when you start, like this,
“Hi guys! I’m Jimmy with Taxicabs USA and today we’re going to talk about how
to get people to get in your taxi and be comfortable.” Something that makes them want to
watch your video and stay watching your video while they are already in it. The
title is all well and good, but if you start off clumsy or weird people aren’t
going to stay to watch it even with the reviews. Fourth tip is establish some
kind of authority. Tell people why they should be listening to you. Like I said,
you can say something like, “Hi, I’m Jimmy with Yellow Cabs and I’ve been working
in the cab industry for 15 years” or “I’m Martha with Funds2Orgs and I’ve been
doing fundraisers for my entire life since I had a lemonade stand when I was
two”, something that makes people want to listen to you and why you’re an
authority on whatever you’re talking about. Fifth tip is you want to encourage
some kind of engagement. Remember it’s still Facebook so you still want to get
those likes, there’s happy faces, there’s smiley faces, there’s winky faces, hearts. You want to encourage people to do that randomly throughout the video. Right
now they’re saying that the ideal length for a Facebook LIVE is about 18 minutes,
so you want to call for those just randomly throughout the video. Don’t do
it too many times, don’t do it every five seconds, but once in a while just say,
“Hey guys, give me a smile if you’re watching!” or “Give me a like if you
like what I just talked about!”. Remember, it’s not just
about who’s watching. Forget if anybody’s watching you during the video itself, you
want to grab people during those re-watches. Now, the way Facebook works, if
you don’t know, is their algorithms search for engagement. They want to
search for comments, it searches for them clicking those like, shares, and
subscribes. So the more you have people liking your videos or clicking on the
happy face, the broader an audience that Facebook is going to try to reach for
you. And the more Facebook itself is gonna try to boost your post. And that
brings us to our sixth tip, just like calling for people to give you a like, or
a smile, or a happy face, you want to call for a comment. Comments are really,
really powerful. It gives you not only to see that they’re watching your video, but
it allows you to possibly engage with the people that are watching a video. So,
basically every three to four minutes you want to call for a comment. Just say
something like, “If you’re watching this video today, let me know where you’re
watching from!” or you could say something like “If you like that fundraising tip or
if you have one for me, leave a comment down below!”.
Make them try to interact with you because then you can interact back with
them and once again Facebook algorithms will recognize that people are watching
your videos and they’ll try to reach a broader audience for you, so call for
those comments. And tip number seven, you want to do some kind of call for action.
Towards the end of your video call for a call to action, whether it’s something
like, “Make sure you check out our videos over on YouTube!” or offer a download or
maybe a link to your website. Something that calls for them to do some kind of
action towards your business or your fundraiser. Basically, it allows them to
see what you’re all about, but also drags them over to whatever your business is
or to engage more with your company outside of that Facebook live video. For
example, at the end of most of our videos will say, “Give us a like, share, and
subscribe and check out our blog posts”, you want to do something like that. Call
them action on your business or your
fundraiser. And that brings us to our last tip, tip number eight which is an
optional tip, something you can do if you have people watching your video. You
don’t always have to do it it’s a Q & A. Q and A’s are powerful because it allows
people to engage with you directly. Now you have to remember there’s always some kind of
lag when you’re doing live-streaming. It’s not very long, but it is a few
seconds. So, whenever you ask a question if there are people currently watching
your video, give them a second or two to type in their question and to engage
with you and always make sure you engage back. Now be prepared for any kind of
questions, it’s gonna be something usually on your fundraiser or your business,
but it could be anything like, “Why don’t you tie your tie?” Just be prepared to
engage with new people but this is a very powerful tool as well because it allows
you to directly engage with people that are viewing you in real time. Thank you
again for watching our video. Make sure you give us a like, share, and subscribe
and if you have any questions or comments you can come over to our blog
post or follow us on Facebook. Once again, this is Eric. Thank you for joining us on
fundraising Friday, see you again next time. Bye!

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