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Faculty Access for the Web 7.83 New Features Part Two

Faculty Access for the Web 7.83 New Features Part Two

Hi, this is Lindsey from the User Education team. In this video, I’m going to provide an overview of the new features in Faculty
Access for the Web 7.83. This is the second part of a 2-part series on the new features. For more new features and enhancements, see the Faculty Access for the Web 7.83 New Features Part One video. Let’s start with the enhancements to the time out warning. On the General options page, we always recommend you select the Display
warning message before session timeout checkbox. When you select this checkbox, if you stay on the same screen in Faculty Access for
the Web and do not click save, for security purposes, the program will display a time out
warning message. When you enter data, such as when you enter many assignment grades into your
gradebook or take attendance, you do not communicate with the database until you click Save. Therefore, the program does not know you are active and will display a time out
warning message. With this release, when the time out warning message appears, your current
work now automatically saves and you are not logged out. However, if the session reaches time out again, due to
inactivity, and the first time out message still appears, you will be logged out. You can extend the session automatically when the first time out warning message
appears if you click OK. Another helpful feature we added for this release is the ability to set up and take
attendance with seating charts. If you like to visually take attendance based on who is present in his or her seat, use the seating chart to take attendance. Before you take attendance with a seating chart, you need to create seating
charts for your classes. From the navigation bar, under Attendance, click Edit seating charts. The Seating charts page appears. You can add students to the seating chart in two different ways. You can drag and drop a student into an open seat. Or, when you hover your mouse over an open seat, click the Add student link. A screen appears for you to select an available student. Student images appear in the seating chart, the student record, and in Alerts if
you uploaded student images to the student record in Registrar’s Office. You cannot upload student images directly to Faculty Access for the Web. To remove a student from a seat, select clear all or drag and drop the student to
the Remove student from seat button. From this page, you can also copy the seating chart from the previous term or view a printer-
friendly version of the seating chart. If you print before you assign seats, a blank seating chart appears. If you click print after you assign seats, the complete seating chart appears. When you finish adding your students, the Students without seats frame
disappears. You can now take attendance with the seating chart. You do not have to click Save. When you add a student, the seating chart saves automatically. To take attendance with a seating chart, from the navigation bar, under
Attendance, click Enter attendance using seating chart. The Attendance entry using seating
charts page appears. Above the seating chart, confirm you are in the correct term, class, and select the
date you want to enter attendance. In the seating chart, click the Present button to change the attendance code for a
student. When you change the attendance code, the seating chart cell changes color. The attendance codes available are determined by your supervisor in Registrar’s
Office. If you want to view more information about a student while taking attendance,
click the student’s name. The student record appears. Close the student record to return to the Attendance entry using seating charts
page. When you finish with attendance for the date, in the Taken? field, click Yes. In Faculty Access for the Web, you can now view what your student sees in
NetClassroom but you do not have to log into NetClassroom. From within Faculty Access for the Web, you can see what your student sees on a
specific date. You can access the student view of NetClassroom in two different ways. The first way is from the navigation bar, under Gradebook, click View
NetClassroom. The Student display page appears. In the student field, search for and select the
student. Then, set the show data as of date. For example, you can set the date to yesterday to confirm what assignments your
student could view yesterday. For each student you can view the NetClassroom view of the student’s assignment
list, assignment calendar, daily grades, and report card, if available. On the Assignment List tab, use the double arrows to expand or collapse a section. The other way to access the student view of NetClassroom is from the student
record. From the navigation bar, click Students. The Student search page appears. Search for and select a student. The student record opens. On the navigation bar, under View NetClassroom, select what student view of
NetClassroom you want to see. Now, let’s go over the enhancements we made to Gradebook. On the Gradebook page, in the grades grid, you can now add an assignment. The Add a new assignment screen appears. You can add the assignment to the current class or as a shared assignment for
multiple classes. After you add the assignment information, click Save.

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