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Fighting for Veterans’ Jobs: Keep the Pressure on Congress to Pass the President’s Jobs Plan

when he hears a star-spangled banner’ no matter where we are his eyes well up with tears because he has that much hope and faith and love for this country my name is Mike McAra I’m from Kennett Square Pennsylvania and I’m a Vietnam veteran today is Veterans Day and I’m going to see the Veterans Day Parade in media with my wife Kathy and my two boys Mike and Nate these guys I love patriotism from little kids to the oldest veterans the president announced that all the troops from Iraq will be home by the end of the year and I feel joy when I see them come home and I think back to the time when I was in the service when I came back that wasn’t easy for me I kind of felt like I was out there by myself a little bit there were quite a few Vietnam veterans that really had a hard time transitioning when I think about the young soldiers coming home I hope that they can have a good life after their service the Marines always do a good job the Senate asked the veterans portion of president’s job bill right before Veterans Day so that veterans can get training so that there is incentive for employers to hire veterans the president has these type of provisions in his job bill and there’s a lot more food to help everybody we need to keep more teachers working we need to keep police working and first responders working cut payroll taxes that would really help me and my wife out anytime I can get another $50 in my paycheck that all adds up that’s a couple thousand dollars at the end of the year all those provisions in the job bill are very important if Congress doesn’t pass the rest of this jobs bill what it says is the Republicans are putting politics ahead of people we need all of our politicians working for the greater good of all the people in this country president Obama has my support he is for people like me he has the best interest of the country and the people that’s the work he’s done it’s something we have to fight for you always have to fight through the good things in life

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