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Finding Friendship Through Loss – Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester, NY

Finding Friendship Through Loss – Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester, NY

Sawyer was born May 29th 2017. He weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces. My little peanut. Tucker was born May 31st, 2017. Weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces. My handsome man. When Sawyer was six weeks old he was diagnosed
with scimitar syndrome and pulmonary hypertension. At my twenty three week anatomy scan we found
out Tucker had hypoplastic left heart syndrome. We spent 92 days in the Ronald McDonald House. Between both of Sawyer’s long admissions in
the hospital, we spent over 200 days at the Ronald McDonald House. When I first walked into the Ronald McDonald
House within the hospital, I was just super emotional because it had just been the most
hectic crazy day. And at the table was Jenn and Ed. And I was the one that Shannon was going to
need. So when she came up to the Ronald McDonald
House for the first time I could see the scare in her eye. And just being able to talk to someone that
understood what we were feeling in that moment was the most comforting thing. And the staff there knew that they knew that
we were going to need that, and they made sure Jenn and Ed were up there for us at that
time. So December 6th was his surgery, he did very
well healing it was about two weeks we were getting ready to go home when he ended up
with complications. His lunges were collapsed, he was then placed
on ECMO again and that was before the holidays. We went Christmas shopping together we wrapped
Christmas presents together we decorated the boys’ rooms with lights and trees and just
trying to make it as normal for them as we could and as homey as we could. On January 3rd, Tucker went down for a procedure
and was brought back up and we got the worst news we’d ever get. Our baby wasn’t going to make it. Jim had left Sawyer’s room for a few minutes
and I remember him coming back in and he just looked distraught and he said you need to
go to Jenn right now. It’s Tucker and I remember I ran down the
hallway and I saw Jenn and Ed at the end of the hall embracing each other. I knew something was wrong. Shannon and Jim were right there by our sides
in the hallway comforting us. Something that we won’t forget because we
knew right then and there that our friendship was going to be forever. January 3rd 2018 was the night that Tucker gained his wings and is now Sawyer’s guardian angel. Sawyer just turned 2 at the end of May. Since we brought Sawyer home Jenn and I have
stayed in constant contact. We call each other on the phone, she’s come
to visit a few times, I was in her wedding. She absolutely loves Sawyer and he loves Auntie Jenn. Ronald McDonald house was truly our home for
half of Tucker’s life and that’s what we did was call that home. The Ronald McDonald House isn’t just a charity
it’s a family and those people will always, always be apart of our lives. I think all of the families that go through
there are stronger together because of the Ronald McDonald House they bring families

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