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Five minutes with a fundraiser: Nicholas Martin

Five minutes with a fundraiser: Nicholas Martin

My name is Nicholas Martin. My mother was
diagnosed with MS in 2015. She was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS
and it came as quite a shock to the family. But in a way, because of all the
symptoms she’d had for many years, it kind of came as a relief because we finally knew
what it all meant. When my mother was diagnosed with MS, there wasn’t really
that much information, like doctors that she was talking to weren’t really able
to help out as much as they they should really be able to help out, and it wasn’t
until my mother was pointed in the direction of the MS Trust, did my mother
actually start to feel a bit of relief and understanding as to what was going on and what was great was that she felt like she had the support she needed from
the MS nurses. So a couple years ago my my sister and her partner ran in the London Marathon and they were obviously running on behalf of the MS Trust and they raised a
lot of money and I was really, really proud of my sister. I wanted to do
something similar and I was really proud of the fact that she was fundraising for
the MS Trust, you know basically in return for everything the MS Trust does
and I felt I wanted to do something as well but I’m not really that much of a
runner. So I have a youtube channel called Driving with Nico and I wanted to
do something and use my channel to basically help raise awareness for the MS
Trust. So I knew I want to do something car related and that’s why
last year I put together the MS charity drive and we had a couple of people take
part and basically the idea was that it was big scavenger hunt across the UK
and you could drive wherever you want to tick off a number of items on the list
and we managed to raise, I think it was like £2500, which was pretty impressive especially when there weren’t actually that many of us taking part. But I was really proud of what I did
then but I knew I didn’t want to stop there. So my challenge for 2020 is quite
a big one although actually if you look at it, it’s very very small. I’ve bought a
little toy car, it’s designed for four-year-olds and it goes two miles an
hour and at the moment it doesn’t look very impressive but when you see a grown man with a beard riding around in this little tiny toy mini, it really
does turn heads and so I I decided that I wanted to use this as a way of raising
both money and awareness for the MS Trust but in order to do so I wanted to
make it a bit more impressive so the idea is to modify it, so take out the
motors and replace them with something new and make it go much, much faster. My goal is to get it to 25 miles an hour and when I started it.. yeah it’s just an insane
idea! So I plan on taking the car to Santa Pod Raceway. It’s a drag strip and
their first big event of the year is called Fast Show and I think there’s gonna
be about 15,000 people in attendance so I’m gonna have lots of eyes watching the
drag strip as I go down it, hopefully reaching in excess of 25 miles an hour,
we shall see! But I’m really pleased that the MS Trust will also be there so we
can both raise as much money and awareness as possible. Obviously having
this little modified toy car at a car event should bring in some crowds to the
stand, so I’m really excited about that and so fingers crossed we manage to raise
quite a bit of money on that day. So if you would like to find out more
information about what I’m doing, where the mini is going to be throughout next
year, and also to donate and perhaps even buy some merchandise because I’ve made some merchandise! You can go to the website. My website is

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