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FOOi Makes Fundraising Easy

FOOi Makes Fundraising Easy

Fundraising can be painful. Cash is not always at hand, and it’s tricky
to manage electronic donations because payment devices are expensive and it takes forever
to collect donations. But what if you could donate through your
phone? Imagine you are at a gala in a room full of
people. The M.C. grabs the mic and makes a call to
action to encourage donations. Suddenly, everyone in the room pulls out their
phone and effortlessly donates at the same moment. You then look off to a projected screen and
watch as a counter climbs from zero to hundreds to thousands of donations within
minutes. That is the power of FOOi. FOOi makes fundraising easy. Your organization can be searched from anywhere
or be found by a beacon when a donor opens the app. Beacons safely collect the donations and tax
receipt data from donors, and they are also small enough to fit inside your pocket or purse. FOOi will then pass on eligible donors’
tax receipt data to your organization. So they can continue their journey with you
when you email them their tax receipt with your own branded content. And keep them updated on how their donation
has made an impact and turn them into recurring donors. FOOi saves you time and resources, so that
way you can focus on what truly matters, fundraising for your cause. So even if a donor doesn’t have cash on
hand, they can still donate with FOOi.

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