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Foundation Center Grants to Individuals Tutorial

Foundation Center Grants to Individuals Tutorial

My name is Lisa and I’m a reference librarian
at the Central Library. I’d like to tell you about the Foundation
Center’s Grants to Individuals Online. This is a database that is useful for students,
researchers, artists, employees of specific companies and other individual
grantseekers. It contains nearly 10,000 foundation and public
charity programs that offer funds for scholarships, research, internships, or
professional development. After logging into the database, we’ll go
right to the Advanced Search, which allows you to customize your searches
and gives you control over the results. It consists of 13 indexed fields, with a keyword
search and drop down menu for the funder’s giving range. It’s best
to use the index,since you won’t have to type anything and it allows you to become familiar
with the terminology. As an example, let’s look for funding for
an independent filmmaker who wants to make a documentary about diabetes. First, we’ll go to the Field of Interest
field, and, by using the index, select Media/Film-Video. Now we’ll type
documentary into the keyword search. Our search resulted in 28 potential funders,
and we can click on one to get more information. Let’s click on Cinereach Limited. We can
see information on the foundation’s interests, finances, limitations, the type of support
offered and application information. Now I’ll try another search, this time for
a healthcare professional who needs money to travel to a conference.
I’ll start with the Type of Support field, where I’ll choose Travel Grants. Then I’ll
add Healthcare from the Field of Interest category. There are 7 possible funders for this example. The Grants to Individuals Online is available
only at the Central Library, and cannot be accessed at home or other library
branch. Please visit the Reference Center on the third
floor or call 720-865-1363 for more information.

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