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FUNDRAISING INTRO with the HILARIOUS HYPNOTIC HOLIDAY ~ comedy stage hypnosis experience

FUNDRAISING INTRO with the HILARIOUS HYPNOTIC HOLIDAY ~ comedy stage hypnosis experience

Are you involved with a great, worthwhile
group that does fundraising projects? If you are, do you ever get tired of being
burdened to continually sell things to your family, friends and co-workers…
or perhaps embarrassed to repeatedly ask them for donations? Yeah… that gets old in a hurry, doesn’t
it? Thankfully, there is a much, MUCH better opportunity
available now that will raise the money your group needs
to fulfill its purpose and do great things… and at the same time, provide real value and
build your social capital and community camaraderie with positive associations
to who you are, and to what you do! You can now offer your entire community a
live, interactive, hilarious event to share with people of all ages and backgrounds! An amazing and memorable experience that they’ll
be talking about with a smile for years to come… and when they do, it will be your group they’re remembering fondly! Hi, I’m Kevin Wharem, the hypnotist, and
I invite you to enjoy the videos, testimonials and information here and discover the fantastic
fundraising opportunity available with my family-friendly comedy stage hypnosis experience! I can confidently say that it will cost your
group money and public good-will if you don’t bring my Hilarious Hypnotic Holiday to your
town!! So, don’t miss out on this easy, amazing
and unique opportunity to greatly boost your group’s social and financial capital! Explore the possibilities and values available…
then contact me right away. We’ll work out the details, answer any questions
you might have, and reserve your event date. I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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