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Fundraising Maximized | How to Identify Major Donors

Fundraising Maximized | How to Identify Major Donors

Nonprofit leaders —- Do you know how to identify
your ideal major donors? Let me tell you this – While at the foundation
I helped launch, early on we received gifts from
a gentleman we had never met. The gifts came at various
times during the year and in various amounts —
all over $1,000. I tried to contact the
gentleman by phone, but he never returned my calls. He did, however, respond to my emails. So we carried on for some
time corresponding through email. We were a national organization. When we explained that we
would be in his area and we hoped to meet him,
he went silent. When I left the foundation, he was still
contributing and had given close to $40,000. Unbelievable, right? Let me say — this is not how
you secure major gifts! This is an anomaly. The foundation was new, and we were throwing a wide net
in our efforts to capture supporters – supporters at any level. We happened to capture him
in that wide net. Clearly, I don’t recommend your spending
a sizeable amount of your time or money casting a wide net
to capture major donors. There’s a better way. And it involves identifying those who
are likely to give at a significant level. And the good news is I have the formula for you in
identifying your ideal major donors! I provide overwhelmed
leaders of nonprofits with a roadmap to raise more
money through major gifts. I teach a fundraising system that results in your being more comfortable,
confident, and successful with fundraising. Okay – you want to be very intentional in
creating a major donor prospect list — those who would likely support
your efforts with a large contribution. Your time is limited and you focus on major gifts because you
need the resources to advance your mission. This formula is your ticket to creating
your ideal major donor prospect list. Okay – Are you ready?
Here’s the formula: 1. They must have the ABILITY TO GIVE. Start by looking for those with the
capacity to give at a significant level. That level is defined by you. For instance, consider a person’s
giving history to your organization, other nonprofits, and
political campaigns. You are looking for upper giving levels
and consistent giving. These are key markers. They are indicators of a
person’s ability to give. — to give at a significant level. Remember, you are looking
for major donors. You must spend your time identifying, cultivating
those with the means to make a large gift. Okay 2. They must be PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR CAUSE. Donors’ values, interests, and passions are the
main driver in a person’s decision to make a gift — certainly a major gift. Without question, look at people’s
patterns of giving in the community and to your organization. Passion leaves a trail. Then go beyond taking
that initial look. Get to know your current
and prospective donors. Discover what ignites a person’s
passion for making a difference. For current donors, ask
what makes them give. Find out where their passion
lies within your organization. This will help you later be
more specific on your asks. It is often difficult to know what makes
a person support your nonprofit’s efforts. You feel like you are
fishing in the dark. To know for sure, ask! Okay #3 and last in Identifying
Major Donors, they must be
PHILANTHROPIC. A person who is philanthropic is simply
evidenced again by their past giving. Just because someone can give
does not mean they will give. Don’t spend time cultivating a person
just because they are wealthy. You cannot talk with a person
with their back to you. In Summary, once you know
the prospect has the means to give, is passionate about your mission, and is philanthropic, put them on your prospect list. Engage with them in meaningful
and effective ways. Your list will change as you
discover more information about the prospects on your list. Hey – in addition, if you are a small nonprofit,
it’s okay you do not have an army, a prospect research staff, or a software program to
identify potential major donors. Without question, you can create
a very valuable prospect list without those high dollar resources. Use this criteria to establish a filter, and create a top major donor prospect list. My goal as a fundraising coach
is to help you be successful. Fundraising success means
focusing on what bring results. You must focus on securing
the large gifts – major gifts, no matter the size of your organization. Okay – I want you to keep
these three attributes in mind when creating your ideal
major donor prospect list. If this information resonates
with you, like it, share it, tell your staff
and others about it! To receive these weekly insights
and more, click here or go to Look for that bright Green Button! Again, that’s I look forward to seeing you
next time! Bye for now!

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