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Fundraising On Facebook: DO’s and DON’Ts

Fundraising On Facebook: DO’s and DON’Ts

Hey I’m Joe with Funds2Orgs! Now in our last video we broke down the pros and the cons of promoting your fundraiser on social media. We talked about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and some other platforms as well. I know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform out there right now so I figure we need to talk about that in more detail and talk about the do’s and the don’ts of promoting your fundraiser on Facebook. In this video what we are going to discuss is posting with pictures, posting with video, how many times to post on Facebook and how to use other variables to get more engagement on your posts and a spread awareness. The one thing that you do want to do when posting about your fundraiser on Facebook is use a picture in your post. The reason you want to use a picture in your post is because these grab attention better when people are scrolling their timelines as opposed to just a text update. Plus they look cool Now one thing you don’t want to do when posting a picture with your Facebook post promoting your fundraiser is posting a blurry picture. This takes away from the quality of your Facebook post so make sure when you upload a picture that it’s nice, it’s of good quality and there’s no blur in it. Another do of promoting your fundraiser on Facebook is posting often. Now I don’t mean posting every hour or every couple of hours but you do want to post daily or at least every other day. The reason for this is you want to make sure that your message is always in front of your followers. Now what you don’t want to do when posting on Facebook about your fundraiser is only posting once and never posting again. This does nothing to help your fundraiser and it’s going to make it unsuccessful so you want to make sure that when you do post about your fundraiser it’s multiple times not once at the start of it and once at the end of it. Another do of posting about your fundraiser on Facebook is using video. Right now Facebook absolutely adores video content so whether it’s a video you shot on your phone and uploaded or you did Facebook Live make sure that you’re posting with some sort of video every now and again. Now what this can be is a message from somebody on your staff talking about your fundraiser kind of like I’m telling you about do’s and don’ts right now or it could be a behind-the-scenes tour of what’s going on, maybe an event that you’re hosting for your fundraiser Just make sure that you’re using video when it comes to posting on Facebook as well Now what you don’t want to do when posting on Facebook about your fundraiser is posting video without a purpose. If it’s a video that doesn’t pertain to any information about your fundraiser you probably don’t want to post anything about that. Also make sure that you have a message or you’re showing something, some form of story or information that is useful to the people who will be watching the video. Finally what you do want to do when posting on Facebook for your fundraiser is ask open-ended question. This leads to more engagement and more dialogue between supporters and maybe somebody who has no clue that you’re doing a fundraiser. For example I like to ask things like “what have you learned from a shoe drive fundraiser, what is your favorite part of doing a shoe drive fundraiser”. That way i can continue the dialogue in the comments with our supporters. Now if you do happen to post an open ended question or you do post statuses on Facebook don’t forget to engage in the comments. You don’t have to do it right away but if somebody does take the time to comment at least reply back to them because if you don’t, people think that the account is unmanned and they will just think that you’re posting just to post and you don’t really care about the cause that you’re posting about. Make sure that you do engage and don’t forget to engage I hope these tips help you find success with your fundraiser! If you want to subscribe to our channel to get more videos on using social media for fundraising success feel free to do that like down here somewhere. If you want to learn more about shoe drive fundraising and what we do here at Funds2Orgs well all you have to do is visit our website: It’s right there behind me. I’m Joe with Funds2Orgs thanks for watching!

  • Deciding to collect money for a charity organization what is the most effective way between a Page or a Group? I' am not famous! Cheers

  • By the way is it allowed to create a fundraiser for what you want to be in the future cuz at the moment I wanna ba a YouTuber, DJ and gamer and I'm wanting to get a new bed, gaming pc and monitor and all that stuff and it's around £800 and I started collecting 2 months ago and I've raised £20 but that's because my grandad gave me it for my holiday so I'm thinking of making a fundraiser to make more money so is it allowed

  • There are so many these days. Its like begging for money for doing a run etc or for my birthday. How about something different?

    1/ Go to the bank, borrow as much money as possible and give it to the charity of your choice. Then work super hard to get out of debt. You'll get all kinds of skills doing that or lose your house.
    2/ Set up a business and donate all the profit it makes to the charity of your choice.
    3/ Work 120 hours/week for a full year and donate half of it to your charity.

    Come on some real pain and sacrifice.

    Not another stupid run, cycle or walk, those have been done to death (although if it's an Olympic or record breaker it might be worthwhile). How about build a house for charity, donate part of the rent to the charity or give the house away. Give away your own house? How about donating 5 pints of blood/year for charity? Cook dinner for 1,000,000 homeless people/year? Write books for charity? Make a game that can be sold? Design and build a new type of spring leg that helps people run faster and donate the profits away? Plant 10,000 fruit/trees a year. Clean the river of 1,000,000 pieces of rubbish. Surely there is some productive skill you have.

    Stick the story on facebook for even more money and there should also be plenty of news if it gets into the press. Something really unique.

  • This was a wealth of information. Now I know nothing about (how) to start a fundraiser. Nice. Do's and don'ts? I do what I think is right. It's my fundraiser. Y don't u explain (how to)

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