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Fundraising on Facebook: The Do’ s & Dont’s

Fundraising on Facebook: The Do’ s & Dont’s

did you know that Facebook is the
largest social media platform in the world with 2.2 billion users but while
you’re promoting your fundraiser on Facebook there’s a few things that you
should do and not do hi I’m Christie with fun stores and I’m
Eric hello and today we’re discussing the do’s and don’ts of fundraising on
Facebook first do post every day with a picture or video be fun and creative the
highest engagements are posts or videos that are less than three minutes don’t
post blurry or fuzzy images or pictures now that we pretty much replace the
cameras with cell phones there’s no reason to have a blurry or a fuzzy image
to put on your Facebook page do use Facebook live with real-time video
content that captures people’s attentions some ideas for Facebook live
include capturing an event interviewing staff members or showing what’s going on
behind the scenes don’t post a Facebook live that’s boring or unimaginative
remember people want to know about your organization they don’t really want to
see you do a one-on-one interview with your CEO they want to see behind the
scenes are you with the people you work with make sure it’s fun and engaging do
ask questions and input from your followers people love to provide their
own input and advice don’t forget to reply to comments when people actually
take the time to reply to your posts remember the more you engage with people
the more they’re likely to actually continue to engage on your post and with
those Facebook algorithms the longer you keep that post going the more likely you
are to be boosted to the front of the Facebook page do join groups and engage
with its members in meaningful conversation once you become a leading
voice in that group people will start to wonder who you are and they’ll want to
follow what you do and don’t just post once or twice about your nonprofit or
your fundraiser if you’re doing a fundraiser you want to do it in a very
fun and creative way and you want to post as often as possible without being
annoying remember you can use filters or stickers or little posts on all of your
pictures to make them more engaging even if you have a very serious cause
remember you can still do some things that are funny or use some humor do make
it about your followers provide them with great content that’s easily
shareable with their friends and their followers don’t bump people out we live
in a world with a lot of negativity remember most of the posts that go viral
or positive or funny or very creative so even though there can be negative things
you want to stay as positive as possible and give good messages for your
followers hopefully these do’s and don’ts helped
you promote your fundraiser on Facebook if you have any questions be sure to
leave a comment below or email us at ASAP at fun storks calm it also makes
you give us a like share and subscribe and follow us over there on Facebook and
until next time I’m Eric I’m Christie see you soon bye first it’s gonna be
that day from the top it’s true it’s true no for real

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