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Fundraising Tips: Don’t Generalize

Fundraising Tips: Don’t Generalize

Hello guys and Happy Fundraising Friday
I’m Eric. The best way to be overlooked is to generalize your fundraising
messaging, people want to know the why of what you’re doing. They want to know why you’re collecting shoes as well as your what specifically? What is your goal and
what are you trying to accomplish? The more specific you can be the better off
your supporters will be in knowing the impact they’re creating by collecting
these gently worn used and new shoes. So be very specific in communicating your
message. For example, you could say “our parent-teacher group is collecting shoes
donate yours today!” versus “Our parent-teacher group is collecting 25
bags of shoes each bag will have 300 shoes in them the
shoes will be used to create and help micro businesses in countries such as
Ghana, Honduras, Tanzania, and these countries work opportunities are scarce.
Our Parent Teacher group will also receive $3,000 to help support youth
camps in the process you can help by dropping off 25 pairs of shoes to our
location by the deadline date. Donate yours today!”
Now which of those really sounds better? The clearer and more direct your message the
better your supporters will be in understanding exactly what they’re doing
and how they’re helping not only you but the world in general. Connect with your
fundraising coach to discuss this tip or follow our blog and get weekly
fundraising tips. We are here to help! Once again my name is Eric thank you for
joining us on #FundraisingFriday make sure you follow us on Facebook and on
YouTube and until then Happy Collecting! I just take you 40 minutes to this woman

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