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Fundraising Tips in 60 Seconds: Neighborly Support

Fundraising Tips in 60 Seconds: Neighborly Support

Hey guys Happy #FundraisingFriday I’m
Kristy Today’s 60 Second Tip: Neighborly Support So you and your team have cleaned out
your own closets and now you’re wondering where else can I collect shoes? One of the many answers is to look in your own and surrounding neighborhoods.
We recently had a drive that had a very successful weekend by engaging with
their neighbors. Here’s how they did it They printed 50 flyers for each of their
20 volunteers to place on the front door of houses. These fliers ended up reaching
hundreds of homes nearby. Getting the right information to these potential
donors is always very important. So the flyers include answers to possible
questions like who’s collecting, why is the organization collecting, where the
shoes end up, and who can be contacted with questions. They asked donors to leave a bag of all pairs of shoes at their front door or driveway and they would be
picked up between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on a Sunday. This group collected 50 bags in
one day and you can too! Connect with your fundraising coaches to discuss this and
any other ideas. I’m Kristy and I’ll see you guys next time!!

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