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Fundraising Tips in 60 Seconds: Spread The Work

Fundraising Tips in 60 Seconds: Spread The Work

Hello and Happy #Fundraising Friday I’m
Eric! Conducting a successful fundraiser can be a lot of work for one person so
why not find some people that can help you out and delegate before you do so.
Maybe you can assign one person do all your social media posts and have another
one reach out to local businesses and have another reach out to social groups
such as Rotary clubs or local organizations. You may need several
neighborhood captain’s to help you hand out fliers to your local community. The point is grab as many people as you
can and help them get involved and make sure you set them a timeline and give
them goals and something to reach out for. Together each one of you does your
part you will have a successful fundraiser it’ll be a lot easier.
Connect with your fundraising coach with any ideas you may have we are here to
help. If you have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected] all right see you guys next time thanks again bye!

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