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Gender-Neutral Restrooms Become the Law

Gender-Neutral Restrooms Become the Law

NBC Philadelphia says that gender
neutral restrooms are now the law Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter sign
legislation to afford equal rights for LGBT individuals and one piece if this is
gender neutral bathrooms in addition to the traditional
men’s and women’s restrooms I think that this is actually a pretty
good thing I’ve talked to some people who said that their colleges when they were graduating in
their senior year switched to having in the dorms the
gender-neutral restrooms where you have you know like a common
hand washing area and then it’s all stalls no urinals and this does seem like a way to take out this issue I love so many
right-wingers call transgender issues bathroom issues where
they see it really is just somebody wants to go in the other
bathroom and is absurd and offensive and insulting is that is if you move to gender neutral restrooms
it completely makes that issue obsolete yeah and there
is actually won’t want to the the schools in our town had to
gender-neutral bathrooms even ball there is very specific reason for it by
Tom yeah this is i mean they should exist no
doubt by die is this something that ends up without
with all restrooms being gender-neutral maybe it does I mean more and more bars
and restaurants in New York City have this going on I I don’t know it’s it’s one of these
things for work we’re not talking about men and women in the same stall in the
same way that we’re not talking about multiple men in the same stall at at
gender separate bathrooms I’m sure that right-wing winners will
have a problem with this but I see this is a good thing for sure could be yeah I’m II predict that this will be one of those
things start happening in some other more liberal areas in an
Assamese red states might take a little longer

  • As long as the gender neutral bathroom is in addition to a male and female restroom that is fine. If it is going to replace traditional male and female restrooms I would be against it. 

  • Never understood the point of separate bathrooms for both genders if there are stalls what does it matter. Oh man now the guys are going to have to accept the reality that girls shit too XD.

  • I don't know on this one; my opinion isn't really set in stone.

    The only part I don't get is, if you are transgender and go into the bathroom that you identify yourself as, do people really care whether or not you have a hotdog or a doughnut?

    I mean, they aren't watching you pee or poo?

  • Fine as an option, but as a rule… ummm?… RAPE!
    There's a reason they're separate!
    If you don't mind some dude shoving his cell phone under the cubical door and snap-shotting your muff for internet shares then crack on.
    Please think about the reality of the world for a brief second. 

  • One place that they should do this is in the single occupant bathrooms that they have in some places. Stop and think how asinine it is that they have 2 identical bathrooms that can only have one occupant at a time anyway, and yet they assign them a gender.

    I have even seen places where they have a giant lineup to the one bathroom and the other is totally empty. Nobody thinks "oh wait I am a moron this other bathroom is exactly the same, it just has a little stick figure without a dress in front of it"

  • This issue is, for instance, if I go to dinner with some older people or something, I don't want to pis at a urinal in front of the old lady I'm having dinner with, and I'm sure the same goes for her. There would need to be a choice for all parties.

  • I'm still wondering what exactly this means. Does it mean you have a line of stalls just like now, and a man can be using one and a woman the next one? I wouldn't care so much if the stall door went all the way down, but if not it seems pretty embarrassing for both sexes. And would we lose the convenience of urinals?

  • There's just a guilty feeling of taking a massive dump and leaving and then a hot chick walks in after me.  The same goes the other way.  I would be disgusted if I had to hear this hot chick in the stall next to me take a shit.

  • I like the idea of gender neutral bathrooms because if you are ever at a Broadway show, there is a huge line for the women, but the men just walk right in and out.  Part of the reason is because women do take longer but additionally, men have more options.  They have the stalls and the urinals, whereas women only have stalls.

  • I sure do hope they keep the urinals.  Otherwise we would be getting the "toilet seat up, toilet seat down" complaint at a level orders of magnitude more than we already do.

  • I did a bicycle tour in ND where the ratio of men to women was about 90 percent male. Rest stops would have two single stall portable toilets, one for men one for women. The line at the men's would often be quite long. I would put my voice into a falsetto and traipse into the women's. Might be why they kicked me off the ride!

  • Yeah, but what if some guy has to take a raging, farting, plopping, loud shit but then feels super awkward about it because a girl's in the next stall taking an uber shit as well? If it's all dudes then it's whatever, but I think that would be a really really uncomfortable situation in a gender-neutral bathroom. 

  • Office workplaces all have gender neutral restrooms so what's the big deal.

    Also in my experience, not having bathrooms be gender neutral inevitably creates waiting lines for one or the other – experienced this when the employee restrooms were temporarily given gender designation.  It resulted in holdups where there shouldn't have been.

  • If it's all stalls I'm all for it.  I can't piss in urinals if there are people around so I always piss in the stalls.  Fuck urinals damn it lol.

  • As a stay-at-home-dad of daughters, I can tell you with certainty that the "family bathrooms" that have been popping up in places can be extremely helpful.

  • We've had a lot of gender neutral public bathrooms around Wichita for quite a while, now, but they were installed voluntarily not to comply with new laws. The original intended purpose of them was for situations like a dad having to take his 5-year-old daughter to the bathroom and vice versa. It's really not that hard. All they do is install all the common utilities of both a men's room and a women's room into one bathroom. There's 1 toilet, 1 urinal, 1 handsink, 1 soap dispenser, 1 tampon dispenser, every now and then, a condom dispenser and a hand dryer.

  • added to regular male / female restrooms they have bathrooms where u have single use restrooms for men or women so they can escort children and change diapers etc…this would be a good idea

  • So every place will need to add another bathroom, and new places will all have to be built with 3 bathrooms instead of  2? And all just to appease some over sensitive people? Ludicrous! I don't see what the big deal is, just go in the bathroom, do your business, and leave!

  • It's a completely different atmosphere from when you have girls and guys together then when you have just guys or just have girls. I think unisex bathrooms are fine but they shouldn't be forced on anyone.

  • It's really unsafe, all those stalls lined up is the perfect place for a rapist to hide. PLus I can see this being  abig welcome mat for perverts who are into woman peeing or whatever.

  • Why should society do anything to make the tiny minority of sexually confused freaks more comfortable?

    If they want to be women, then it will only be awkward if their disguise is not convincing.

  • But imagine a generation that lived threw unisex restrooms. It wouldn't be that weird anymore, everyone will have a different perspective then us. Try to imagine that perspective.

    And if a man stands up and says; "Fuck it ima rape a bitch today!", Somebody getting raped regardless…………..  I support handguns.

  • I 100% support trans people using the restroom that fits their gender identity, however some trans people do not feel safe and/or comfortable using the restroom that fits their gender identity.  Also the gender neutral restroom could be handy for a parent who needs to take their opposite sex child to the restroom.

  • If men are wiling to grope and expose themselves to women on a crowded train, this problem is especially prevalent in Japan, what makes liberals think that gender neutral restrooms would be safe for women? Watch, a women is going to be sexually assaulted in one of these gn restrooms and is going to sue the business for lack of security, unsafe conditions etc. That will be the end of unisex restrooms. 

  • We need street urinals like they have in the netherlands. Great. Convenient.
    Of course we'd never get them because some feminists would say it's unfair to give men something they couldn't give women.

  • I hate the idea of gender neutral bathrooms…its just not a giod concept. I'm a guy, so a urinal is way more convenient, & I physically can use it so why shouldn't I be given the option?
    But from a budiness perspective, gender neutral is way better just because then all bathrooms would be "cookie cutter."

  • Eliminate urinals and have restrooms for each sex and a 3rd one that anyone can use.  Transpeople should be able to use the restroom of the sex they present themselves as.

  • Sorry, disagree. As a woman, I do not want strange men coming into the restroom when I am in it. If a woman is alone in a public, gender neutral restroom, how can she feel safe? As for men who identify as a woman and also dress as a woman, I would feel safe sharing a restroom with them and think it should be allowed. I would  feel comfortable with a woman who identified as male, too. Bottom line: I can't see justifying gender neutral restrooms at the expense of women's safety. I'd favor exceptions for those who identify as the opposite sex only.

  • If I saw this sign on a door, I’d think it was saying “This Restroom is for people wearing dresses that blow in the wind”

  • Urinals are disgusting. They should even exist. I've hated public washroom since I was little. Why do the stalls have to have a gap between the floor and the stall and between the stall and the ceiling?

    I went to a bathroom in Banff Springs and the stalls went all the way up and down. The doors allowed the person to see out but no one could see in. It could have easily been a unisex bathroom without anyone feeling uncomfortable.

  • WHITE HOUSE OPENS GATES OF HELL WITH GENDER-NEUTRAL BATHROOMS …. GIVES BETTER ACCESS FOR PEDOPHILES, RAPISTS, SEX CRIMES ~“President Barack Obama’s staff and visitors now have the option of using a gender-neutral restroom, a White House spokesman said Wednesday — the latest in a series of symbolic steps the Obama administration has taken to work the priorities of the LGBT community into its broader themes of inclusiveness and example of how the administration has been advancing the discussion by raising the profile of transgender issues, WHICH GOES AGAINST THE BIBLE!!!!!!
    Homosexuality is a Choice, Not Genetic as Proven By Science  …It's a Mental Disorder !!!

  • A Funny Song About A Gender Neutral Nut In Sweden. 🙂 Check IT Out NOW

  • Men who are using gender inclusive bathrooms should get used to :

    Tampon vendor
    Blood in the toilet or on the toilet seat
    Pad wrapper tearing noise
    Putting the toilet seat down
    Don't pee on the toilet seat
    Sharing the mirrors with the ladies
    No more guy talk and joke behind girls
    No more privacy :'(
    Someone make a YouTube video on this

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