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George News. The History of The Deep State. Part 1. March 13, 2019 The Collective HQ

George News. The History of The Deep State. Part 1. March 13, 2019 The Collective HQ

Begin Transmission. This is a message from
The Anonymous Charity also known as The Collective. Today’s broadcast date is March 13, 2019.
We bring you a series that will be rolled out over 45 broadcasts. This will be an extra
broadcast to our usual 17:45 pacific time transmissions. These will come to you at 05:45
Pacific Time. (IN FUTURE) Please see our community tab for daily posts and comms as well as our official twitter account, which is “@TheCollectiveQ” Let’s start: “The Bloodlines of The Elite
and The History of The Illuminati” Part One. The following is an understandable, detailed,
and summarized timeline of events and people which have been proven scientifically, archaeologically,
genetically and historically. It is time you all wake up and see the world for what it
truly is. Please know this was not written in order to attack any personal beliefs, but
rather to let you know what is really going on. You have been lied to. We, The Anonymous
Charity are no writers, merely researchers. You must open your mind and free yourself
from the brainwashing control they have put you under, if you are to continue this. You
must realize that what you know is simply not true and these broadcasts and the evidence
brought forth here will challenge and discredit most, if not everything that you believe.
It will hurt your feelings. You will want to be defensive and not try to listen to the
content. It will make you angry. You will start to understand and your eyes will begin
to open. It will make you act. You will know the truth and you will understand that freedom
is only obtained when we speak the truth. Your life is about to change. Welcome to The Collective HQ. Let’s begin with the very structure of the
group of people we will discuss. The structure beings with DNA. The Blood. What “brings
them all and in the darkness binds them”. Why do they fund and support human trafficking
on a global scale? Why do the elites give up everything for thier drug of choice, Adrenochrome?
Even the ‘Good Book’ itself says that, ‘The Life is in the Blood’. It has been proven
that a specific blood antigen runs through the inbred 13 families, led by the Rothschild’s
and Rockefeller’s, who rule our world. There are eight main families with the rest barely
known to the public. Their blood type is Rh Negative. It is metal based, mainly copper.
They have infected almost all of us with the Rh “protein”. There are many different
forms of this. We will only look at the one strand that
runs in this bloodline. While almost everyone has Rh protein in their DNA, the mutation
in the negative blood type creates a “cannibalistic” gene which literally eats the DNA of the offspring
created with any other type of blood. Note that every living creature known
to man can breed with anyone of their species. Hemolytic disease (which it is called) is
the allergic reaction that occurs when an Rh negative mother is carrying a Rh positive
child. Her negative antigens produces antibodies to destroy the positive antigen
(the same way it would a virus), thereby destroying the offspring. This same problem occurs in
mules (hybrid of a horse and donkey) which is why no mules or other hybrids we have produced
ever procreate. Nowhere in true nature does this occur. This fact alone points to the
cross-breeding between two similar but genetically different species. Hemolytic disease would
not occur in humans if we were all of the same species. This could be dubbed “vampire-like”,
could it not? Don’t be turned off by terms. Understand the meanings of them. The world
is not what you have been told. This blood is high in metals and other foreign structures
that simply do not exist naturally in pure human DNA.
Interesting to note an old saying: “Iron and blood do not mix.” or ‘Eisen und Blut’ as
Otto von Bismark stated in 1862. Now we see all sorts of metals planted in our air called
Chem-trails that are known to alter DNA, killing off those with certain strands of the RH.
Yes it is targeted. Planned. Conspiracy. Not only this fascinating mutation but also the
DNA “ladder” that we traditionally see in pictures is doubled and fit together in a
way that creates what are called Rhesus Boxes. (Rhesus being the name of Rh). Another intriguing
detail, the chemical structure of the DNA is the shape of a 6 pointed star, a hexagram.
This makes the cells much larger and more bulky, also making it difficult for them to
move as normal cell structures do, further causing issues with this breed. The other
formation it takes is a 5 pointed pentagram style. This is a very, very, very, simplified
breakdown just so you understand the key parts of the blood and the interesting coincidences”.
As we go along you will see the importance of it. There is so much more tied to this
blood type. If you want to read a bit more on this please go to the last section of Part
One, titled ‘Blood’ and you can read more of the details or find the genetic research
documentation as we did. To give just a few more seconds to
this topic before we move on: It is imperative for the women with this blood type to be perfectly
matched with men of a compatible blood type in order to have maximum chances of having
offspring that will survive through birth and even further selections must be made in
order to have a functioning, lasting product after birth as most will be handicapped in
some severe way. Due to this, the purity of the blood is paramount. It must be pure. Even
with precautions, the risk is high for death at, during, before and shortly after birth,
typically until the 8th or 9th year. Now, what does this have to do with the topic at
hand? Everything, as a matter of fact. Have you never noticed that the ‘13 families
that rule the world today’ have always inbred? Do you wonder why they own all major hospitals,
churches, schools, mental health centers, cemeteries and laboratories?
Not to mention a multitude of secret places we will never know about like the exposed
Dulce Base and Area 51. Oh yes, and all mainstream media-and some alternative sell outs. We traced
this blood type back to a few women from the Ashkenazi Khazar lineage. This line comes
from the Germanic, Slavic and Roman areas. The ancient tribe of women who resided in
this area were called Kedarites (Qedarite). You will notice as we go on, when different
spellings are found I will put them in parenthesis for you to see.
The Kedar were strong, warrior women who are notably documented around 10th century BC
(year 1000 BC). We are going to be using BC and AD for this document as there is no difference
between BCE and BC etc, The tribe is named after Kedar, daughter of
Ishmael. Kedar means darkness – a reference to their belief in
the occult. Kedar’s father, Ishmael and his mother were banished from his father’s
land because his mother had different blood. She carried the gene and it was passed through
Ishmael to his daughter Kedar. Her bloodline is the bloodline we speak of. As in real
life, they will remain in the shadows for now but we will draw them out from time to
time as we go along. Funny how we see so many stories about warrior women, Xena warrior
Princess, and the ever exotic Amazonian women. I’m sure you can think of your own as well.
Tales and Legends come from somewhere. To find truth you must go back to the origin
of it. Let’s take a look at the men for a moment, since they are the ones we always
see. This series of broadcasts will not be getting into personal opinions of any topic,
the facts stated here are for no other purpose than making note of key points of the bloodlines
beliefs- their mindset and why they do what they do. How they think and act. The only
purpose for the mention of their beliefs at all is simply
because they are intricately woven in their reasoning, actions and history. People’s beliefs
make them who they are and I will disclose all information found out about these people
here. Comfortable or not. Truth is not always pretty or fun. There are many proofs, including
names of people documented in all sacred, archaeological, and historical texts. All
correlating versions of names used between these works will be included and mentioned
as much as possible. Names are changed constantly by the families and the past researchers who
have looked into the different names have not been able to tie them together, as we
do here. Thanks to the internet and the amount of information we can see, we are able to
translate names, words and make the connections that could not be seen before. Archaeologists,
genealogists and historians from different countries and studies, languages, backgrounds
have never connected the dots. Most people stay in a narrow rut in their thinking which
disables them from looking further and seeing the big picture which leads to full truth.
As far as the changing names, it’s just like how we use multiple spellings and definitions
for most words, such as: their, there, they’re. This is how it is with the names. The deception
is enough to blind the masses. We have all heard the stories
of Abraham, Noah, the tribes of Israel. These names did belong to real, living, people in
history at one time. The 13 families are very proud of the fact that they can trace their
line back to Cain, although they do not make this information public. That is, simply put,
all we aimed to do here, however, you will find…It ended up unravelling much more than
we dreamed. We have added a few of the juicy details for your enjoyment. Since most lineage
is boring and no one has the mental capacity to focus, more than a few
minutes at a time, we are only going to hit on the key people who played a large role
in the formation of our world today in hopes it will help to keep your focus here until
the end of the letter. If we go to the families’ claimed beginnings, Cain, we can instantly
see it has been proven he had “bad” blood. He was the first noted murderer. He was born
around 4004 BC (40th century BC) and was twin to a sister, Aklia. His brother, Abel, was
murdered by him when they were teenagers and Cain married and had children with Abel’s
twin, Luluwa. Cain and his descendants were exiled and the bloodline was separated. Jumping
forward (we will not spend time on details easy to find as time is precious) in the lineage
it is easy to find Abraham (another big name in
the families) who can be traced back to Cain through Moses. We will not list this here.
Many things we will leave for you to find for yourself. One woman, called Hagar (related
to Cain), had Abraham’s firstborn son, named Ishmael (born 1860 BC), both were outcast
because of jealousy and the excuse that she had “bad blood”. They eventually settled in
the Wilderness of Paran (now Palestine) where Ishmael married a girl from his mother’s homeland
of Egypt. More on them later. One of Abraham’s many grandsons was Jacob. Jacob, born 1791
BC, was a twin. You will see twins pop up frequently. He had 12 sons which, once
their families were too large (several thousand) to be contained in the “family hut”, if you
will, they went out to their own areas: around the middle east, Mediterranean and down towards
Africa. That is why some descendants of Jacob’s son Naphtali (and the rest) are found in these
locations through history. This area was called Canaan. The land of Canaan, not to be confused
with the man we will discuss next. This is the same area Israel is attempting to take
over currently. The bloodline wishes to reclaim its “birthright”. To mention Naphtali’s
family for a moment, one of the first locations we see the tribe is Arcadia (Akkadia, aka
Greece). We can see their language written in Akkadian archaeology. Called Akkadian
cuneiform, a written language or dashes and dots, it is seen today in an app for twitter.
Documents note their shepherding skills, wealth, beauty, piety and merchant status, which they
kept through history. *reminder* If YOU don’t know what a word really means, look it up.
I can guarantee that the typical reader of this will not know the true definitions
of most of the descriptive words and terms used here. Governments around the world have
changed the definitions of words and it is important to understand exactly what they
mean. Since the 40’s American schools’ terms and those used by the government
have been distorted and morphed into meaning things they simply do not truly mean. Please
look up definitions. Before we continue with the Naphtali tribe. Around this time, we come
across a few notable members of the tribe. The elite families are proud to claim ancestry
to Nimrod, a Babylonian (Akkadian) king described as a giant or Nephilim, a murderous
tyrant and descendant of Cain. Nimrod, great great grandson of Noah and son of Cush, lived
about 2268 to 1868 BC. He built not only Babylon, later called Accad or Akkadia, but also Erech
(Uruk), Nineveh, and Calah. We now call his land Assyria. Nimrod’s uncle,
Canaan, had sons who also carried the bloodline (remember these families/tribes were tens
of thousands of relatives and covered much of the land at that time). Canaan’s sons were
Zidon, Heth, Amori, Gergashi, Hivi, Arkee, Seni, Arodi, Zimodi and Chamoth. Sargon of
Akkad, (Akkadian: Šarru-kinu, meaning “the true king” or “the
king is legitimate”), is documented as a Semitic Akkadian emperor and
was famous for his takeover of the Sumerian area in the 23rd and 22nd centuries BC, killing
the Kish king and usurping his throne before embarking on the quest to conquer Mesopotamia.
He is the first documented “king” we see from Naphtali family since they typically had their
Kedar wives named Queen. They believe women are superior as they carry the blood. They
make their gods in female forms. Now, we have come quite a long ways in years.
While we have been talking the sons of Jacob have had many many generations and formed
their own clans, they have traveled all over the place from Israel to Asia to Rome. Let’s
go back for a moment and take a look at them in more detail. The 12 brother’s families
(clans, tribes) are in their fathers (Jacobs) land of Canaan where they have
separated to different areas given to them within Canaan. There is a bit of confusion
through our history books today so we will clear that up here. Remember who controls
what you know: these families. They don’t want you to know the truth. So they will keep
it from you, and easily can. The popular Tribe of Dan included the relatives descended from
Dan, Naphtali, and Asher, three of the sons of Jacob. The three families (tribes) were
grouped together according to how the sons of Jacob had camped, around their family “temple”,
when there were only the sons and immediate families.
These three sons camped facing north, the direction their descendants travelled later
on. These families grew as neighbors and eventually formed the collective called the Tribe of
Dan as Dan was the largest family of the three by over five thousand relatives! Talk about
having a family barbecue with that crowd! A bit about Dan and Naphtali themselves.
They were twins, born in 1703 BC, of a woman who had different DNA from their father, his
wives, and their step-brothers. They were white, light-haired with light eye color and
they were “unnaturally large and strong”. Now, calm down. Stay focused here.
What is written here will go against the majority of readers’ beliefs and views. However, if
your views and beliefs are based on what some other person told you and brought you up in
and indoctrinated you with, they are NOT yours. Naphtali, like his mother, was deep into the
occult and very aggressive. Dan was not and in fact was commanded, when he received his
inheritance, to be a judge/watcher over Naphtali, to keep him in check: typical big brother
stuff. His family adopted the symbol of the scales of justice and can be followed through
history with this as well as the symbol of the horned viper. Unlike the snake or serpent
symbols used to distort, the horned viper, which was the same word used for scorpion
in that time, was our equivalent to a fox: quick, wise, cunning, camouflaged, dealing
swift judgement on any who pass too close without bias.
The mutant DNA their mother, Bilhah, had is only passed through the women and only forms
in certain of their offspring. Dan was white skinned, light-haired and light-eyed, tall
and strong like his twin but not abnormally large (gigantic), or disfigured or corrupted
with a rage and restlessness. This race has been called Caucas, Elohim, Sumarians, and
the Elder Race (aka Aryan). Needless to say, Dan and Naphtali were outcasts in their darker
toned family, as was Asher because he was born out of marriage, by a different woman.
This made the three brothers very close. They had the common bond of being
outcasts and offspring of different women. As they grew, their families became even closer
and finally as tensions grew between the 12 tribes, the three decided to leave Canaan
and sail around in search of their own land. Thus, the first pirates and vikings were born!
The three tribes became deeply involved in trade, gold, produce, and opium. These
things have always been and will always be controlled by the bloodline. These are their
sources for constant income. We can see the Vikings (Dans) adopted the vipers appearance
as their ships structure making it as easy to glide across the water as the snake glides
across sand, silent and quick. Pirate (Naphtali) ships, clearly meant to carry goods, slaves,
fur, soldiers and especially heavy weapons like cannons. This type of ship is made to
be in battle and they have always been a war-loving people. That is one
major way to follow the bloodline, simply look at the wars and revolutions around the
world and you will find them. Or of course, follow the money. This makes it easy to see
the difference in the tribes and their histories. Side note: Ancient Hebrew, Greek and Sanskrit
texts define Elohim as “gods, from god, of god, child of
god” etc. Most religions have purposely misinterpreted this as meaning the Christian God. There are
endless examples of this redefining of terms upon translation of the documents to English
and other languages. Again, don’t blind yourself by jumping to an assumption of what a term
means, unless you have looked it up yourself through multiple
different sources, you do not know the definition and should not use the term. That point must
be clear. It cannot be stressed enough. You must unlearn what you have learned. As we
have been told, “In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty
your cup. Drop all your preconceived and fixed ideas and be neutral. Do you know why this
cup is useful? Because it is empty”. To get a time frame again, about 900 BC King
David had come to reign, just as the three families called the tribe of Dan began travelling
around. After David, his Kedar-blooded son Solomon, also married a Kedar woman and daughter
of the Pharaoh, and began worshipping Ashtoreth like her. (Ashtoreth aka
Star (sun), also known as Astarte, Chiun, Kaiwan, Remphan, Ra, El and Saturn derived
from Satan). Solomon built alters using the symbol of the star we hear referred to as
the Star of David, more correctly the Star of Judah or the Juden (people of Judah, Jew).
Both David and Solomon are described as having red hair, white skin and a talent
for music and taming beasts, and love of wine, besides David’s battles with giants, or Nephelim
whom he defeated. The tribe of Naphtali was deep into astrology and were intimate with
the tribe of Kedar because of Bilhah’s blood. David’s son Solomon was born of a woman descended
from Bilhah’s tribe. Can you see it? That’s right. The tribe of Kedar. So the two tribes
who have made up the elite bloodlines are the Kedars and Naphtalis. The star we see
and are told is the star of David has nothing to do with the house of David but rather the
pagan pentagram for sun worship, (star, Saturn worship) of David’s infected son, Solomon.
People can always change, which is something to keep in mind. Solomon did have a change
of heart by the end of his life. We see this “star” (sun, halo) covering
history, art and statues, marking the trail of the Jesuit, Zionist, Freemason, satanic,
anti-catholic popes and rulers even today. This halo or sun represents illumination:
Lucifer. Everything is inverted: opposite. This elite group hides behind the facade and
twisted definition of “Jew” a derogatory term they created for those from Judah, their
hated enemies. Their brothers from another mother. The people they have murdered relentlessly
for centuries and the very people they claim to be. The perfect cover. Keep your enemies
closer. The Elite 13 control the world and they think they control you. Sadly, so do
you and so many don’t even care. Remember this: They control everything and own nothing.
Today we see the families controlling governments, and all powers on Earth. Do you know what
they own? Their car? Their jets and planes? No. They own nothing. Why do you think it
matters so little to them if taxes are higher for the upper class in America? They wouldn’t
be taxed. They starve people in Africa and Venezuela. They don’t care because
they do not starve. They do not care for you. They simply hold the cards (money, power)
of control. They control you to keep you at arms length, to keep you from opening your
mind and freeing your potential. They keep you brainwashed and deceived in every facet
of life. They think you are a pestilence that must be destroyed. You must understand that.
They think you are a pestilence that must be destroyed.
But, never forget this: You are priceless. The knowledge, the power you can have terrifies
them. That is the one thing they can never control. Your ideas. YOU. I hope this letter
helps you realize this. To learn more about the tax situations look into trusts, contractual
companies, blind trust, family trust, the loopholes that are there are for the elite.
Back to the three families of the tribe of Dan: Asher, Dan and Naphtali. They eventually
separated, however, historians and religious documents
keep them under the same title, even after the clear split, to keep us all oblivious
to the truth. This is where one major confusion begins. If you follow historical documents
closely you can identify the differences and see clearly which tribes went where. The
culmination of the three tribes known as Dan, traveled west to the American continent where
some of the Asher tribe stayed (we see our Native American Indian tribes and further
down, the Aztec and north, the Eskimo tribes as the families split and spread). The remaining
tribe of Asher split when the Tribe of Dan travelled back toward Canaan. The Asher tribe
settled in their brothers (Naphtali and Dan) mom’s homeland of Egypt. They reunited with
the remnants of Bilhah’s ancestors (including Cleopatra, Narmer, Menes etc). The rest of
the Dan Tribe, which now only included Naphtali and Dan clans, traveled north. Some of the
Naphtali’s stayed in Ireland, Scotland and Britain as they sailed and explored the north.
Britain was called Albion then. As they traveled some Dans settled in Iceland, ScanDANavia,
and DANmark. We will see these places come back into play so don’t forget who is
where right here. You won’t need to focus on every detail in this book, so don’t worry,
but stick a note here or keep a map in your mind so you can recall this if you need to.
After Troy (Ilion, in present day Turkey) the two split for good and the Tribe of Dan
was dissolved. (Though they are never separated by historians today.) The remaining Dans went
back to stay in Danmark, Britain and the aforementioned areas. A group of humans, lead by a hero of
Troy called Brutus, went back to Britain to defeat the giants of the Naphtali tribe and
reclaim the land. Born in Italy, 1131 BC Brutus eventually became King of
Briton (aka Brutus DarDANian from Troy, Bryttys, Brut) when he and his men killed a great number
of the giants in Briton and eventually their king Gogmagog in a duel with Corineus (Brutus’
best warrior). Corineus threw Gogmagog over a cliff to his death. Brutus then created
a city on the banks of the River hames and called it Troia Nova (new Troy now known as
London). Where his palace once stood, we see a temple to Diana (now called St. Paul’s with
the London Stone being a part of the original altar). Briton is derived from Brutus. Brutus
can be traced back to Japheth, one of Noah’s sons. Brutus is
buried on Tower Hill. His land was split between his three sons. Locrinus was given England,
Albanactus, Scotland and Kamber was given Wales. During this time the Ark of the Covenant
(a version of Pandora’s box or the cube as you will see later) was taken by the Philistines.
Undiscovered until 1970s, the ark of the covenant had been buried in the side of a mountain.
A mountain which was later used to crucify criminals in the land of Judah, province of
Rome. It was found by Ron Wyatt who discovered it under a crucifixion placing deep in the
rock. The blood of who was crucified had been drained into the ark of the covenant through
a crack in the rock. The government took over this project once it was made known, as usual.
We know a bit about Helen of Troy, enough to get the idea of her proclaimed beauty and
how she controlled the wills of men. Helen is depicted in Ezra Pound’s Canto 2 which
states: “Let her go back to the ships, back among
the Grecian faces, lest evil come on our town. Evil and further evil and a curse cursed on
our children. Moves? Yes, she (Helen) moves like a god! And has the face of a goddess
and the voice of Schoeney’s daughters. Doom goes with her in walking. Let her go back
to the ships, back among the Grecian voices”. The war-hungry nomads of Naphtali went on
to possess the areas including Germany, Russia, down to the middle east, and Asian areas including
the area the tribe of Kedar inhabited and Italy where they reunited with their bloodline
who had stayed in Canaan centuries before. This is what history books still name the
Tribe of Dan. The Naphtali’s changed their names as often
as their camping locations within their borders. They are restless people. They continued in
their trade of opium as well as oil with the Asher-Kedar tribes as they were and still
are their best sources of wealth. The area the Naphtali’s traded and shipped their
opium out of is what we now call the Golden Triangle (which is still the same opium business,
same routine, same profit today). The Golden Triangle produces an unmeasurable amount of
opium. Most of what is grown and harvested is never distributed. Simply put, there is
too much opium to go around. The average Golden Triangle manager makes
$5 Billion per year. This is one fifth of sales income. Think about that a moment. Owned
by the British Crown Colony (now London), Hong Kong is still the main money-transfer
station with banks and organizations including Jardine Matheson, Charterhouse Japhet, Swire.
The Eli Lilly Company is one of their main hubs today. The trustee of Eli Lilly Endowment,
Walter William Wilson is in the Illuminati and married to Helen Scudder (of the wealthy
powerful Scudder family). Wilson is a prominent partner of Morgan, Stanley & Co. controlled
by Henry Morgan, also a member of the Illuminati and part of the bloodlines
as we will see later. The Executive Vice-president Landrum Bolling represented Eli Lilly at the
secret annual Dartmouth conferences, overseen by the elite. The chairman of Eli Lilly Richard
D. Wood is the director of the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil,
Chemical Bank of NY, and the American Enterprise Institution for Public Policy Research. The
Director C. William Verity Jr. is the director for Chase Manhattan Bank and associated with
U.S. intelligence, and works with Mrs. Rockefeller as a member of USTEC. Dan Quayle and George
Bush have been part of Eli Lilly management too.
This was included to give you a glimpse of how interwoven these people are. This is just
one of hundreds of thousands of companies run through the elite.
Sorry to get so distracted. Let’s continue. The Naphtali group, which has now spread through
Europe, Russia, Asia and the middle east, was and still is known for its endless, raging,
war, restlessness, cannibalism, and deep occult beliefs. However, if they were giants then,
as records show, they would have required much more to eat and even more
so if they were giant warriors! That is still no excuse for all of the pillaging and plundering.
Pillaging and plundering are never acceptable forms of behavior. Let’s look at all of the
action happening in Italy at this time. Around 800 BC the Naphtali tribe thrived on the Palatine
Hill for a few hundred years. The Vatican Hill is just across the Tiber from it. This
would be helpful to look at a map of the area during this time so you can see how they are
all set up. Vatican Hill (named for the goddess of death and the underworld, Vatica) has a
deep cave system used as an underground graveyard. Palatine was the center of the world’s richest
and most advanced city, Rome. It is from this Hill the stories come of a cave under the
hill housing Lupa, the she-wolf goddess who saves Romulus and Remus by feeding them her
milk. Romulus and his twin brother Remus are then taken in and cared for by a shepherd.
The brothers grew up and killed their great uncle, who stole the throne, and built a new
city of their own on the banks of the River Tiber. In another tale,
Hercules kills the Cacus, a fire-breathing giant son of Vulcan, after he terrorized the
people living on Aventine Hill, which (in the “myth”) goes on to become Rome.
The temple of Apollo as well as the Palace rest on Palatine Hill. Tiberius, Nero and
Domitian are a few who resided in the palace of Palatine Hill (meaning palace). What is
a myth exactly? What is a legend? What if you consider this: Let’s take fact AND fiction,
myth AND legend, religion AND history and interpret them all equally. In religion especially,
we are told that certain things are “symbolic” but then other things are “real”.
What if we interpret everything as both. Look at the symbolic side and look at the facts.
Never use one source, release your mind. Let go of your mindset and opinions. The truth
is always simple and easy to understand. Only we make things difficult and involved. We
have looked at every detail given in this document, every fact, every story, every poem,
every song, every old text, every piece of stone, every tomb, every pyramid and tribe,
every star chart and cycle and interpreted and realized them both symbolically and factually.
We can not shut our minds down by saying “this is to be taken as
symbolism” and other things not. That is simply moronic.
In 776 we see the first recorded Olympic Games, to celebrate the superior race. Homer writes
his interpretation of the events of the day called Illiad and Odyssey. The Rong tribe
(from the west, Pannonia) invaded the Zhou region. It’s ok to laugh at that. We do. The
Zhou kings’ power declined and the land broke up into separate states whose rulers were
under one Zhou king. Nobles became independent rulers and went to war and the stronger ones
conquered the weaker till there were only a few left. The Qin, conquered its rivals
and its ruler became emperor of China in 221. It is interesting that in 716 BC Romulus,
the first emperor of Rome, dies. He was also known as Quirinus and deified. Many from the
elite bloodlines are sainted or deified. That is one way we can follow the elite. Numa Pompilius
succeeded him as king. Around 545 BC a city formerly called Rumula was founded as Rome.
This was also the first culture to idolize people’s faces by putting it on money. The
first selfie. Note that this would be yet another way to identify their reaches, by
looking at countries currency. Rome was supposed to be called Saturnia, after the planet and
god they worship (Saturn, Satan, Apollo, Lucifer). The name was changed to Rome in honour of
the first emperor Romulus. It is interesting to note the more research done on so called
“stories”, the more fact they have than fiction. In 706 BC the city of Taras
was founded by “Spartan” settlers. Lacedaemon is the earliest recorded Spartan, who was
king and named the land Sparta, after his wife. They had three sons Amyclas, Eurydice,
and Asine. The land with its mountaintop temples and theaters has since been destroyed by
fire and earthquakes, like many of the bloodlines dwelling places. Spartans only achieve citizenship
through blood, they had to be born of the bloodline from Sparta (Naphtali: the elite).
Spartans were Naphtali-Kedar pure-bloods. The 12 month calendar we use today was created
in Rome in 672. Yes. The calendar was censored and changed by them-as so much. King Sin-shar-ishkun
was killed in 612 during the bloody and violent destruction of Nineveh (another
kingdom of the bloodline) in Assyria. Nahum predicted many things about this event. In
660 he predicted that the city would not be rebuilt; archaeological work shows that it
was left a place of desolation and ruin for centuries but the business records are missing
after 631 BC, interesting. Sort of resembles the destruction of records we see in the crusades,
in Nazi Germany, and today. Around 605 Pharaoh Necho (descendant of the
Asher-Kedar-Naphtali-Dan bloodline) of Egypt takes over Judah, after the death of Josiah.
He replaced the legitimate king, Jehoahaz, with his brother Eliakim, changing his name
to Jehoiakim. The intent of Necho was to have a puppet king loyal to Egypt to provide a
buffer between Egypt and Babylon expansion. We have seen this before: Britain and the
American expansion, America and Israel, Iran, Iraq, Hawaii expansions and others, and just
ahead you will learn about Rome and all of the puppetry there. In 598, Jehoiakim suddenly
dies, at the same time King Nebuchadnezzar was taking over Judah from Egypt. In 600 Aesop
wrote his “fables”, Sappho wrote poetry and the Pheonicians explored Africa.
Coming to 594, we see Solon’s reforms in Athens (one of JFK’s favourite philosophers), the
Greek alphabet (new code) has been created, and in 582 BC the Greek philosopher and mathematician
Pythagoras is born on the island of Samos. Babylonian Captivity of “Jews” happens
from 587 to 538 BC. Also, Buddha is born along with his disciple Confucius. In 521 BC Buddha
preached his first sermon. Lars Porsenna, a ruthless mercenary working for the deposed
monarch to take back the throne, attacked Rome in 508 BC and several nobleman swam the
Tiber river to escape him. Two years later, still being attacked by Lars, Horatius Cocles
bars the bridge into Rome. While he is defending the bridge, the consuls S. Lartius and T.
Herminius chop the bridge down to prevent Lars from crossing. Horatius swims, fully
armoured, across the Tiber to safety. He must be extremely strong to swim fully armed
after holding off enemies by himself! We would normally describe this as a Herculean effort.
Would we not? Let’s take a look at the Celts. During this
time, the 500’s, the Keltoi aka Celtai, remnants of the Naphtali tribe who had settled there
centuries before, had grown quite numerous. They were the most powerful people with an
organized culture and developed social structure. Their issue was they had no
political unity, no government besides the leader of their clan. Each clan had a different
dialect or language. We would call this a code in military terms. This continues today.
The only remaining strain of one of their speech is heard in some Welsh dialects. When
the Celts rose into Britain the Druids “came forth”. The Celtic rulers, Druids, were
the guardians of traditions and learning: lawyers, doctors, poets, religious
leaders. The Elite Controllers. They left no written accounts, and what the Romans wrote
of them is that they performed animal and human sacrifice, believed in a form of reincarnation,
and held a high position in the Gaul society (the Franks). This is all
still practised by them today. A historian of their time, Pliny, was able to record one
of their rituals. He wrote: “We should not omit to mention the great admiration that
the Gauls have for it as well. The druids – that is
what they call their magicians – hold nothing more sacred than the mistletoe and a tree
on which it is growing, provided it is a hard timbered
oak… Mistletoe is rare and when found it is gathered with great ceremony, and particularly
on the sixth day of the moon. Hailing the moon in a native word that means ‘healing
all things,’ on the sixth day of the moon… Hailing the moon in a native word that means
‘healing all things,’ they prepare a ritual sacrifice and banquet beneath a tree and bring
up two white bulls, whose horns are bound for the first time on this occasion.
A priest arrayed in white vestments climbs the tree and, with a golden sickle, cuts down
the mistletoe, which is caught in a white cloak. Then finally they kill the victims,
praying to a god to render his gift propitious to those on whom he has bestowed it. They
believe that mistletoe given in drink will impart fertility to any animal that is barren
and that it is an antidote to all poisons.” Makes you think twice about hanging some mistletoe
at Christmas, huh? So, the Druids invade Britain and impose their religious, scientific, historic
and militaristic ways of life, as they do on all they conquer. They dictated planting
seasons, time, calendar, festivals and rituals and glorified war, astrology and horsemanship.
Moving along, in 483 BC we see the death of Buddha and in 479 Confucius, the ever dedicated
disciple, follows. In 476 BC the last emperor of Rome, Romulus Augustulus, was deposed.
If you remember, in 716 BC Romulus, the one Rome is named after, and its first emperor,
died. Around 430 Socrates discusses moral philosophy; Hippocrates lectures on rational
medicine; Democritus introduces atomic theory; Aristophanes writes comedies;
Euripides, tragedies, and Thucydides, history. Enter Plato 427.
399 BC brought the trial and death of Socrates for “failing to acknowledge the gods that
the city acknowledges” and “introducing new deities”. Catch that? Recognize how this is
a mirror of times today? He died because he asked questions. This censorship happens every
day to people who discuss or share the contents of this book and those
like it. The truth, the one thing they have no control over. He was convicted by a chosen
“jury of his peers” (to give the illusion of fairness and justice) and sentenced to
death by drinking a hemlock-based liquid. Just about this time, Athens came through
a difficult period, where a Spartan-supported and created group, the Thirty Tyrants, had
overturned the city’s participatory democracy and sought to impose oligarchic rule, executing
and murdering over 5% of the population and exiling many Athenians… Huh… Sound familiar?
Critias, leader of the Thirty and former pupil of Socrates, was a
cold and inhumane man who was “determined to remake the city to his own anti-democratic
mold whatever the human cost”. The Thirty “removed” criminals and ordinary citizens
who were considered “unfriendly” to the new regime, expressing their views of the democracy
(aka demon aristocracy). Much more happened with this but I wanted
to give just some background as to why Socrates, a famous philosopher and prophesier, would
be put to death by a jury of his peers. He was considered a “conspirator” (aka heretic,
dissident, freedom-fighter, a modern day Anon) once it came out that the leader of the Thirty
had once been his student. The use of Hemlock is regular today in this group, now known
as CIA, MI6 (DI6), Illuminati, whatever you wish to call it. You can only have fame, power,
with the strings that come with them. Once you start speaking out against the elite you
will be censored, usually permanently. A quick side note about a current day heretic (controlled
opposition), Julian Assange. Zbigniew Brzezinski pointed out on December 2, 2010 on National
Public Radio in an interview with Judy Woodruff that Assange is a MOSSAD agent. He is related
to the Rothschild bloodline and definitely has the credentials to be one of their poster
boys. There is a decent article about him by Gordon Duff, chief editor of Veterans Today
where Duff explains how deep the friendship between Assange and Netenyahu goes. Assange
may publicize himself in the Ecuador Embassy in London, but not many who are in a position
to know, think he lives there or even still alive. Human cloning is real and has been
used by the Elites for decades now. Those who don’t go along with the agenda are censored
to death. He was used, and now the CIA has officially taken over it’s wikileaks organization,
why keep him around? There will be posts updating topics mentioned here on ANONYMOUS dot CHARITY. We will end Part one here, as we are trying
to keep each episode around 45 minutes long. If you would like to listen to this series
in audio only, please see the link below regarding our official Soundcloud Page. This has been a message from The Anonymous
Charity known as The Collective. Today’s broadcast date is March 13, 2019. End of Transmission.

  • Reincarnation is TRUE!!! Only the RCC church bible calls it heresy. All the early christian gnostic gospel writing clearly show that Yeshua/Jesus taught this is true. Every other culture and religion believes in reincarnation.

  • Seht auch Anonymous – Das Wort zum Sonntag. Was sagt die Kirche Stellvertreter Gottes zu einem 3. Weltkrieg, der Endzeit und der aktuellen Politik. Was sagt die Bibel dazu? Bitte die ersten 30 Minuten ansehen. Hier klicken:

  • I guess I'll inscribed it explains the I have endure I'm not evil or stand by elite have not known any you all meant much to me wish you know me before judging me. If I could I would take them all out. Leave with sadness please let me and mine at peace I am direct blood line of the last great king Norway he was called the good king a movie was made they tried to kill him at birth.

  • Rh negative doesn't occur in animals you just stated. Then you contradicted yourself when you say horses and donkeys breeding makes a mule sterile because they are RH negative. Excuse me but there has been two mules, one in the Middle East and another in Wyoming that did actually procreate and produced offspring. So have you REALLY done your research? I think NOT!
    RH negative blood is not cannibalistic you are way off base on that assumption. I have never craved to eat human flesh or drink their blood, which by the way if it is RH positive would kill me!Where are you getting this bad information from? Sorry but you are way off base with your research. Where are your facts to back up your theory? I think you need to reevaluate your claims.

  • I am RH- and I had 2 boys and they are both positive blood. You can still have a child if you have the RS. Thank you for the video.

  • Gotta say, Lt. Lickme's new video got me interested in Anonymous again. You lot REALLY should check his channel out.

  • I was suprised at the accuracy of your information Had to stop 30 min. to let my brain absorb this. Will resume soon. I have studied many hours to find the info. you have given to us. I do mean thousands I am 67 years old. Most people will not know what a gift they have been given. You should check me out. Feel free to invite it would be my pleasure though I do not want my name connected for your proection use caution as all of my communications are closely monitored. I would like to have coffee with Dave. Thank you really a true gift.

  • wow notes needed to be taken here…………Great work dudes, keep it up. #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE !! <3

  • I have been blessed by GOD my DNA deflected death from chemical attack do to working 16 hours a day I have evolved grow strength 12 hour 4 left always leads to creating more paths technology machines numbers work to proud of freedom to expand people who are going to Join ME Fountain of Youth Ground plants fruits clean water a must I worked was attacked I have always seen full truth I wright the truth programing machines creating wealth I was attacked as I say what I do Now Is programs People I always have good BLOOD it is.a SCINCE behavural Follow IT learn IT GOD BLESS I am ISIS Blesses smart DNA all successful except the ones attacked dumbed down by USA politicks so They need Health care dont Know whats wrong with THEM ? LOOK ? DR say ? Then its not proves a chemical attack to Extort make you week KING Juex Lances I am Raming truth down Thems all DNA evidence to get IT DONE USA ?? Imagrents parents 1st generation BLOOD I know the truth DAN eyes ? have great knowledge I worked for IT from a Land far away I my knowledge to Important creats future same path no out running my visual cortex Read chemical attack that took place on me proves 100% . CRIME Today Blood LINE a Name who can attack who they want with FBI few Polititions Behind. IT ? IMF ? Against GANEVA convention MY brain Man machine IS new TRIB that only will live WE THE PEOPLE USA need rise up VOTE TRUMP change the Mother neglector Mama bears train your children VOTE TRUMP A Higher ArCI taken OVER ME and you.OUIoui Deep State and PUMPS made by the same place I was attacked pumps Heroin Fields USA FBI Behind IT Clinton Trail CLAN people group who Know par Take I giant Fighting BACK eyes ? have brains MADUSA usa was NEW changing eyes ? am changing IT Banks BIG foot needed of ROTH get me my one million Bucks a beating to The spine all becouse 15 op 48 proves a chemical attack william stingles crimes Jessie white DMV can proves crime COVER UP rock Island County 61201 Illinois I was a slave lOCKED UP LIKE CHINIES XI POLITICAL WHATS i am going Threw 100% NOW EYES AM EXPOSING THEM uncovered a slave trail cook county moving mass crimenals to rock Island By movement proves 900 dollers a day they TAKE from us equals All 50 states art form to exstrasct money added to the DEPT less than 180 million middle class pay it BACK on the DEBT created is View true Changing Elements ONE who can bring IT Mining is KEY USA is DONE being a big wet pussy soaking it up LIKE a sponge

  • This is going to be one heck of an eye opening series. I am shocked but not surprised by your revelations. The mistletoe has an all new meaning to me now thank you very much!! Lol.. I may say that but I would rather know the history of rituals so I do NOT piss off Jesus Christ. I HAVE had a NDE and met Him there. I KNOW He is REAL. Beware friends, brothers and sisters that you do not fall victim to the lies of the ruler of this world, Satan. Jesus has already won our war with Satan. Do not let lies of the evil one and his evil minions and demons trick you into believing you have no value. HE IS THE MASTER OF LIES AND DECEPTION! Jesus will show you the truth IF you do not shun Him in public. He will acknowledge you to the Father when you acknowledge Him to this evil world. I give you my 100% true testimony that I have died twice in same disastrous event and was rescued when Jesus came and pulled me out of my body so the paramedics could save the body I have here. Two tow trucks to pull my car off of its final resting place of a telephone pole it wrapped around after hitting a tree, a boulder, flipping into the air after the boulder, bounced on the ceiling and back over onto the wheels while the car's momentum slide it and me to T-bone into the telephone pole and wrapping the frame around the pole. I was in a coma for 3 days and dead at the scene. Once out of The coma, my weak heart stopped again once told of my accident and physical results of it. They said to my family I would NEVER walk again and most likely, 95% chance, I would be paralyzed from the neck down. I would be in a lifelong vegetative state IF I even came out of the coma. When Jesus spoke to me and showed me what he did (email me here for details if interested) I came back to my body. I was then in the hospital for the next 13 (THIRTEEN ONLY!) DAYS when I WALKED OUT of that hospital, telling the doctors and nurses thank you for their care and an "I told you so" where I brushed off my feet outside the door before I stepped into my ride home. When there, I saw snow in my family parking spot. I KNEW from what Jesus showed me there was 18 inches in my spot the night of my accident from what He told me and showed me. I asked when did it snow? I was told:
    "On the night of your accident, it snowed a foot and a half! I didn't have the heart to shovel your spot after I heard you were hurt. I stayed here 90% of the time the last 2 weeks" (Thirteen days actually)
    THIS was the validation from God that my interaction was REAL and not a NDE oxygen deprived last "dream". That is also why I put all of this here now too. If you search for the answers of the Deep State like I am, them Know you are being led to it by the Spirit of God to be awakened. The time is short but God wants everyone to KNOW Jesus. Before Jesus returns, and remember, this time it is NOT for PEACE but for war on Satan and earthly evil. He says behold I will pit family member vs family member, daughters against mothers, sons against fathers, brothers vs brothers and sisters vs sisters. He will not come though until every person in the world has had a chance to know Jesus. Once the message has been preached at least once to every human, we have had oir chance to pick sides. Pick the right one. Your eternal life depends on it. I KNOW where I will be. Do you?

  • I want to touch on the Khazars,since they r an important piece of the puzzle and as I'm Bulgarian I came to realize they are our sworn enemies. The khazar khaganate was a huge country that lasted from about 7 to 11 century. They were known deceivers and would murder passing by traders and take on their trade mascarading as their victims. As you can get they were deep in to the occult, slavery and sacrafices. The vikings(as it is said in this video their cousins) and the khazar had a trade deal slaves for gold which lasted until the demise of that cursed empire. In 631 the Bulgarian ruler Juvigi Khan Kubrat passed leaving the Great Bulgaria empire(which was a neighbouring state to the Khazar khaganate located from Crimea to Volga)left the power to his 5 sons with the legacy to never split, unfortunately they do not follow his advise and great Bulgaria was destroyed by the Khazars. A little more about Kybrat, he spend about 15 -20 years in Constantinople before he became a ruler, there he befriended the Roman emperor Iraklii and became Christian ( proof of that is he held the title Patricii which is the second title after the Vasilevs and was only given to Christians, also when his treasure was found in modern day Russia there were numerous crucifixes with his title ).After the demise of Great Bulgaria his sons split and formed 3 or 4 different countries 1. Danube Bulgaria which lasts until today on the Balkan peninsula with ruler Asparych or Isperich.
    2.Volga Bulgaria headed by Bat Bayan which was destroyed by the mongols in the 13 century and was located around Volga and Ukraine.
    3. His youngest son Alztech settled in Italy but could not establish a long lasting country however to this day in Italy there are towns and villages such as Bulgari and of course the famous jewelry brand is not a coincidence.
    A few centuries later Danube Bulgaria had its golden century as we called it under Tzar Simeon , he established one of the most powerful countries in Europe, just to give you a measure we had 6 present day European capitals under our rule.
    This is were history get erased and you need to do a lot of research to learn what I am about to tell you. Tzar Simeon's daughter marries the Kiev Rus ruler Vladimir and they have a son name Svetoslav Kievski(of Kiev) he is the one that destroyed the Khazaria empire and they spread throughout Europe. Of course they never forgive that to our bloodlines and later through Venetians bankers finance the Turksso they can take over 1 fifth of Europe and masacre millions of orthodox Cristians . I can go on for hours but if you want to know more or want to share some of your knowledge get at me [email protected] Remember perception is reality, we shall not bow down to serpent worshiping low lifes. The only real way to God is through truth , wisdom and knowledge.

  • Einstein said “ it’s much easier to brainwash a person than it is to convince a person they have been brainwashed.

  • Non-believers also use CE representing Common Era which is Ad which stands for Anno Domini the year of the Lord different terminologies for believers and non-believers

  • Good grief. There is no collective, no secret alliance or legion against the "deep state"/"shadow government". Trump is no savior, he's a pre-selected, hand-picked puppet of the elite. There is no two-party political system, no right/left paradigm, and if you're buying into a "collective", then you're subjecting yourself to more predicitve programming designed to divide, confuse and conquer all of us. There is no MAGA, and your individual "vote" is meaningless, worthless, and does not count or affect the agenda of the powers that be. Wake up.

  • Can you do a video on humwn cloning….and how to tell the difference in a clone and a normal human being

  • I have listened to Anonymous for years and have agreed with most of what you have put out there, until now. I have Rh neg blood and really resent you trying to turn the majority against a minority group. I am always there first one they call when they need blood, because I am a universal donor. I may not answer the call anymore for fear the positive blood people will think I am conspiring to contaminate their blood. If positive blood people die due to lack of blood, it's on you Anonymous.

  • Anons, then Mark Taylor tried to get people to quit watching TV years ago. Now the demos are only ones stupid enough to believe them.

  • Anonymous im with you iv been following you for three years and im o negative but im not bad infact im an enpath so I think that DNA has not affected me dode it mean im only half human or dose it mean I have badness with in me that I cant controle I have a bad temper but I dont act on it I fight it I dont ever want to hurt any one in any way its the way iv been all my life I dont want to ever hurt or do wrong by any one help me pls x

  • Dang God wakes me up this am and has me reading Revelations… now this pops up!
    Roger that GOD!! Time to get ready humans!!
    Armor of God needed now!! Its time!!!

  • Well, this kind of explain why this plant is so fkup. Management can't stop killing one another. Pure bloodline, you got to be kidding

  • If you want to be taken seriously, stop with the computer generated voices that doesn't know proper English.

  • I think mythology was children of the fallen . It's in the Bible in Genesis 6:3 I think, I know it's the begining. I believe the Bible , maybe Catholics distorted and took out books I dont know . I am white I think God loves me still , maybe not

  • Here is folk wisdom from your forefathers as best as I understand it. From the perspective of European descended people. From the perspective that predated Christianity.

    This entire info leak, and if you will notice any advancement in our understanding, continues to play to this biblical narrative.

    The truth is that the world once existed in some primeval soup. Like lord of the rings. With many creatures. Science kind of hints at this with hominids and proto humans. Mythology points to this with elves and giants and many things.

    It was never that a bunch of Aryan type of people existed, sticking out in stark contrast to the far different animals like cows and sheep and bears. No there were small human like creatures too. Big human like creatures too. Creatures not human at all. Creatures that dont exist anymore as well. Along with us.

    The most capable creatures, we included, advanced, evolved and sometimes intermixed. In time these stronger more stable, more homogenous races of creatures coalesced into enduring races of nature. Striving to compete.

    There is them and us. Today the game has played out and the differences aren't always so obvious as a human vs a cow. But we cant deny history and the differences are real.

    So to call a race that once was not US a "tribe" is a misleading trick. This ties us into a certain lense and a certain understanding.

    No there is US. And OUR people. OUR people with its tribes. And then there are creatures and animals.

    The biblical narrative creates a distortion and drags focus away from a more Dawkins like approach.

    This is like if in thousands of years cows gain a voice, and spiritual abilities and begin to look more human like. To have a text that talks about the tribe of the Americans.

    "prophet Donald Trump of the American tribe….God said to the cow tribe your udders shall be milked no more…"

    Its tying things together as alike. It's distorting the reality and promoting a misinterpretation of science.

    Its causing people to believe in a oneness that isnt there. It's personification of that which shouldnt be personified. And dehumanizing that which is human. Because if this we are losing our own identity and heritage. We must make the distinction and identify our evolution out of the jungle as a unique species and stop tying into the history of gnomes and giants and whatever else came from that primordial soup.

    If Atlantis was real it was an enclave of real humans. And if it fell it was because the jungle struck back.

    What gets me is it is easier and more natural this explanation. This is the one that was always given from human to human. Any other, the bible included always leave some feeling of confusion and dissatisfaction. Because subconsciously you know the truth.

    So the question is why does any leak always never come from this traditional and natural explanation? With does it always play to a certain degree to this narrative/lens? Why do they only kick the ball so far and keep to certain talking points and frameworks even within exciting leaks?

    Why would some in the know release this info, yet need a certain plausible deniability/clean hands?

    If they did it because they cared they would approach it as I did.

    P.S. God/Nature/evolution are the same

    Wotan Awakes!

  • The truth is a rare and precious commodity these days. Hopefully more good people will know where to find it. Our numbers grow every day.

  • I Love Each And Everyone involved in this movement. Anonymous Thank You for opening my eyes to all that you have opened them up to and the things I'm sure you'll open them up to as each day comes and goes. I am homeless and now understand why I can't hard as I may try cannot get back on my feet, my anger in the beginning fueled me. Now it's just a matter of me opening my eyes and taking a stand for myself and others in my position as well as those who can't do it for themselves as I have and always will. It will just be in a better way. Thank you Anonymous Again.

  • どういう訳か今日はえらい早く目が覚めたわ。お天気良さそう。今日も一日頑張りましょ。

  • I really love the information in these videos, but it's So Hard to this computerized voice. Honestly, it's the computer voice that makes me turn these videos off before I get to far into watching. If I had a studio quality microphone, I'd volunteer to lend my voice to these videos, free of charge.

    I've studied acting and voice acting for a lifetime. Sadly, I live in an area that makes auditioning for anything other than a local play quite impossible. So, I have the talent, but not the fame and popularity. Hell, I could even do a perfect British accent if you'd like.

    Just please, Please, PLEASE get a legitimate actor to narrate these videos and ditch the computer voice. You'd get more views if the voice behind the words was a Human, displayed Emotion, and was easy to listen to…

  • Omg can you imagine blood with a little iron here, a little more copper there, a little gold there or everywhere a blue blood..! What is our world coming too.? Off with their heads they say.

  • I have Rh- blood, but am most definitely not one of the evil elite. I have been researching this blood type for 5 years now, and in the groups I belong to on FB we have come to a certain conclusion. Most of us are empathetic and can feel the emotions of others and care deeply about humanity and nature. Most of us seek to help others and cannot stand liars and evil-doers, as we can sense that in others. What many of us see now is that there are 2 groups of RH- and we are in opposition to one another. The elite are evil, controlling, and do not seem to have an ounce of empathy for others, whereas the majority of Rh- who are not of the elite are very much the opposite. Some feel there is or will be some sort of war between these 2 groups. Some regular good Rh- feel as if they have been targeted individuals and are watched and monitored. Many have healing abilities and try to heal others and the planet, the opposite of what the elite do. Spreading stories that all Rh- are evil is not good. Most of us are doing just what everyone else is and trying to live our lives the best we can and to leave the world better than we find it. Look further into the differences between the 2 groups of RH- and you will see the elite have been corrupted through the ages and are opposed by all other Rh-.

  • I encourage the collective to research Dr. Michael S. Heiser. (“Invisible Realm” and other books). Psalm 89–really read this and understand that there is so much more behind the blood lines than you’ve even covered here. He’s one of the few people who knows all the ancient texts and explains it to all those who truly want to know. But beware, once you know, you won’t be able to unlearn it. Derek Gilbert’s books and channel “Skywatch” for information on who these giants were; the gods; and where it’s leading us now. And Timothy Alberino—he and his team discovered giants, their hidden bones, where they existed and more. Plus information on A.I. And how this will play out combined with what is already revealed to us. This is not the history or religion your parents learned. One needs to remove the filters we’ve been accustomed to reading and believing. It is not anti-Christian knowledge. It is anti-religion. Anyone who truly desires knowledge will find it. Research for yourself. Thank you to the Collective for diligent efforts to provide so much information in one place. There is no excuse for “not knowing” any longer. Sheep no more.

  • Why put a stigma on RH – ugh. So all rh- are from Cain. Ugh dis-info and badly researched. Any blood type can be in the occult. And be mean. You are still brainwashing. No one knows.

  • Xmas – Christ FAKE BIRTHDAY is how they reeled us in to worship their SUN god at Solstice. #OtherGods #Idols #Mammon
    We must come out Truthers and touch not the unclean thing. It’s a lie and us not in the Bible. #Deceived

  • I am a Tudor….I am Rh-..My IQ is 136…blue eyes, born with white hair that later turned reddish…we have traced ancestry back to mother's family are from the Palatine mountains… these facts affected nothing in my life…the history IS interesting…My descendancy must come from a " black sheep" lol

  • Wow Assange removed from the Ecuardorian Embassy 1 month after this report. Was it something you said lol ?❤

  • I suspect old tribes that drunk the blood of their overtaken victims would get blood poisoning. old tribes did a lot of crazy things some still do and as with many things genetics carry. most people think I look in my early 20's but am nearly 40. I don't think adrena chrome extends life much but more probably temporarily corrects poor blood although blood correcting herbs like vanilla I suspect would be more effective in the long term. Obviously occultism is embedded in the world setup due to tribal origins but this is not the complete picture of the Freemasons as many others have joined with various pursuits..

  • Oh Yeah, well, we have elevating, vibrating higher vibrations with our Mother Earth(Schuman's Resonance), and Kryon said we are of love and light the highest vibrations ever. The 5G won't effect us high vibes, Lightworkers. Any technology and poop the not nice satanists low vibrations are not scratching our skins (Schumann's Resonance), Physics proves vibrations will have to resonate or not come into our Love and Lightness New Earth (David Wilcock, Bible, Tibetian Scrolls, and may other ancient texts talks about this Shift) that's how much we are loved, we are one, we are Patriots with love for our Forefathers who fought for our Freedom, and we will change the Earth. A lot of Lightworkres incarnated here to answer the call for HELP, and it's waken our brothers and sisters, it's winning, it's all LOVE and Light…Thank you Patriots for all your rabbit holes and taking the time to share xoxoxoxo

  • Cain was Abel's Faternal twin… Cain was the result of Eve being beguiled by the serpent, aka satan. It was satan's first attempt to destroy The Most High Father God's, children…!

    I love this series, even though, I cannot agree with this piece.

  • I love these videos, i would love them more if there was a visual to go along with this. Im a visual person and with whatever is reading this they sometimes pause at a moment where there shouldnt be a pause, it can be confusing. Anyone good at drawing wanna help me out lol. Even just a map how everything is connected. Thanks in advanced!!

  • Am I able to get a transcript or book on what is being reviewed in The Deep State all parts? Very interested as great info!!

  • It's a pity that the original Anonymous didn't copyright or perhaps trademark their name. It looks like any Nutter is able to use it.

  • And I am there in Akkadia!
    Now we know what the grail romances were about!
    Beringer Sonier must have found blood line documents in those church pillars!

  • THank Q for putting this series in order from first down to last! More should be put in this order as it's a hassle to continually reverse the order while watching!

  • hmm?, seems to me that there are far far more rh negatives that ARE NOT elite, or blood suckers, or cannibals, or evil.

  • I am so excited to relearn everything I know. A year ago God led me to read the bible from the beginning. I started to read Genisis and I couldn't get past chapter one verse twenty-six. I was confused about why God was saying let us make man in our image. Who was God talking to? I looked it up in the Strongs concordance and the definition was quite surprising. It defined God as the Elohim of the Supreme God. Well, I am smart enough to understand someone of the Supreme God is not the Supreme God. Wow, I thought I knew a lot about the bible and now realize I have only just begun.

  • Google searches are showing that rh- blood does not have the protein upon its surface while the other blood types do and that that's why it is called rh negative. You mentioned that you cited sources but I don't see your citations. Can you post links to them or reply please? Thanks!

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