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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Darren Jacklin

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Darren Jacklin

– Success is a series of
well-managed failures. (audience chuckling) Success is a series of
well-managed failures. If you don’t wake up some days scared, you’re not playing at a higher level. How many relate to this? You can tell when you’re
attracting new sets of problems, new sets of challenges into your life. Could be a tax problem, it
could be a budgeting problem. It could be a cash flow problem. It could be hiring different
staff, more educated people. It could be thinking, “oh
my gosh, I don’t know how “to figure this out. “We have to maybe expand a new business. “We have to automate things.” When you start getting these business problems and challenges, when you start to get so busy you can’t go grocery
shopping for yourself. You don’t want to shop. Does that makes sense? The things start to get in the way. I was at Whole Foods and I’m thinking, “why the heck am I here? “This is waste of my time!
I can go to and hire somebody to do this.” (mumbling) in the room. This lady right here. Phenomenal. She has it down to a science of the system of grocery shopping,
outsourcing, step-by-step– phenomenal. It’s been a
huge blessing in my life. And I was waiting for this! And all of a sudden we met! To the point where she has
people help pack her own clothes, they do her closet; it’s
so systemized because they value their time. Because here’s something I understand. Successful people spend
money to save time. Successful people spend
money to save time. Unsuccessful people waste time. And what do they need
to do? To save money. They drive to Bellingham,
Washington because they’ll save 20 dollars, and then they’ll tell
you they have no time to spend with their kids
because they’re so busy. And yet they can go ahead
and leverage themselves in terms of different ways
to do things in terms of higher priority activities. Your time is your greatest
asset in your life. Time is your greatest asset in your life. You can never manufacture time. And so what I want you to
start doing as of this week is start thinking to yourself, “how can I start to replace myself?” You know I started a finance company and I have no idea about
finance company stuff. No idea. But I found a guy I met a year ago at a fundraising event for Africa Project, who was doing very very well, and through a series of
several conversations and meetings with this guy I realized that we could make a
difference across the country and do what’s right for people in Canada. That’s doing right for
the finance business. So he runs day-to-day operations. And all I do is I oversee things. And I realized, in the last month, that I can do exactly what
Sir Richard Branson does. I can find good-quality, talented people. I can create companies. I can help launch them. Go through and find ways
to generate revenue, bring in stuff, and then
mentor and coach you and scale up and do stuff. One of my goals is to generate a 100 million dollar net worth in the next ten years,
and then take that money and deploy it into
humanitarian and philanthropy stuff around the world. Because when you see the difference you can make in Ecuador, Africa– I’m going to India this fall to brothels. They start recruiting
young girls at age five. By age eight, they’re sold as sex slaves in India for brothels, for sex. And I’m working with some
gentlemen, people right now, some good friends of mine
that raise 50 million dollars in ten years, actually 54
million dollars in 10 years for Africa. Now that
project’s been complete; now they’re going to India. And it’s a whole new level for me. I’m excited and I’m also scared. I don’t know what to do. It’s a different culture,
different experience. But I wanted to learn because a progress– you know why some successful people just keep working like
a Bill and Melinda Gates or a Donald Trump? They don’t have to work. Because it’s human potential. It’s self-actualization. How far can I go? What can I actually do? How far can I actually do something? Here’s something to understand, watch this for a moment.

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