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Get your GIVE on! – Metro United Way 2011 Community Campaign

Get your GIVE on! – Metro United Way 2011 Community Campaign

In two thousand eight, Metro United Way
launched the LIVE UNITED campaign. Since that time the LIVE UNITED t-shirts featured in the
campaign have taken on a life of their own. This raises an important question:
Can a t-shirt make a difference? Not by itself… but when people like you support Metro
United Way by giving, advocating and volunteering, you can inspire others to do the same. These are just three of off thousands of
stories about how the donations people make and the time they spend volunteering improve lives. Because I wasn’t married there wasn’t a father
figure and Alex really gravitated toward the male figures that we would meet. But I noticed over the years that Alex would
– especially around Father’s Day -=he’d make comments and that’s when a friend of mine who’s a
school teacher told me that I ought to look into Big Brothers program
and I was not aware that it was available for anyone, I thought it was more you know if you were lower income or something, but it’s available for everyone. Alex was the
perfect match. He was a very fun, outgoing kid. We did a lot of things together. We would
go to the park Threw football, uh… talked about football, watch
football we got food, that was always a good bonding experience. And of course
we like to eat so, we ate a lot too. I would say for probably about seven years he saw
alex weekly, and that really doesn’t happen very often with our matches. Matches may get together every other week, maybe once a month but for seven years he was there. My Friday nights being a twenty-one, twenty-two-year-old
that’s what I wanted to do. Hanging out with my little brother, that was fun. After that when father’s day would roll around,he never again mentioned wanting to find a dad because he had one. Even though Robert was his big brother, you know he was still that male rolemodel that he needed. I donate to Metro United Way, not only do I donate my time and effort with Alex, making a difference with him, but I also donate part of my paycheck to go for the Metro United Way. United Way covers so many agencies, that until I got involved with it, I didn’t realize how much they do. The difference it made in my life by the really think as far as being a twenty-one,
twenty-two- year-old boy, it made me grow up and taught me responsibility that I had someone depending on me. So I don’t want to let that person down. I’d really like the donors to know that my story wouldn’t be possible without your help. I wouldn’t have been able to meet Robert or do all the things I did that make me the person I am today without the donors out there that give and don’t expect anything in
return. My teacher in grade school said, you
are a culmination of all the people you meet and I think he is a big part of me. draft I first became involved with the Ages & Stages uh.. program with the Metro United Way through signing
my son up for school in Jefferson County. I had a lot of anxiety that my son wasn’t up to par with other children his age. I have friends that have children about his age
and they told me that you know well they’re son or their daughter
knows all of their ABC’s already and all their numbers and I thought, well mine doesn’t really you know all of his yet,
or I wonder if he is going to be behind when he does go to
school. You know if he’s going to be able to keep up with the other kids.
Metro United Way recognizes that there’s a great need for early childhood
education and we came up with an idea of doing a community-wide
screening program on our children in the community to try to
figure out how everybody was doing and how ready we are for kindergarten, and if they are ready to succeed. The Ages & Stages Questionnaire was very easy. Fill out this
little simple questionnaire and they’ll send you that the survey and a little
test to do and it’s very, very quick easy. And you send in your
answers and they come back with a response and tell you exactly where your child is. If their child is
delayed in speech, or if the child is delayed in gross-motor, or needs some extra help in potty training or
whatever The Ages & Stages program really allows parents to have the opportunity to make progress. I think it helped us both. I think it did. Um, it helped ease a
lot of my fears, and anxiety. I mean I sleep better at night knowing that I know I’m
confident now that i know that he’s going to be up there with the other kids. You know he’s, he’s definitely up there where he should be. I was very surprised that Metro United Way even offered any type of
programs like this. I used to be that person, I used to give to Metro United Way before I even
had kids. and I remember watching these videos and i remember, well you know I’ll give money but I didn’t really think about it either. But, now that I’ve used some of the programs
that they’ve offered, or this program that they’ve offered and how much it’s helped me, I think that I would want people to know
that it’s, it’s great for parents and it’s great for kids too. I was a victim of domestic violence.
I had an ex-boyfriend that decided he didn’t want to leave my home when
when we asked him to leave, and he decided to set the house on fire. The first night for me was devastating. You know, I felt like I did this to us, it’s my job to protect everybody. Going into a shelter it wasn’t easy, no matter what the reason was. When they
actually tell me they had a bed open, I felt like there was hope and the like
the programs you go in and there’s programs that you go through that also
they provide to help deal with, to help heal, to help cope. Having a place like that helped me realize that there is hope. You know, this is not
the end of the world and this didn’t happen to me because I let this happen to me. And you know I didn’t do anything to deserve
this, but the Metro United Way was just a safe haven. I they didn’t have these programs we
wouldn’t have no hope like that. where wool we go? I work in development at the Salvation Army, so you know I end up doing a lot of different things, but one of the things that I always help with is um, getting their stories out there. So um I had talked to Margaret, who’s the head of
transitional housing and I asked her if she had any girls in there that
were exceptional, that were outstanding doing a great job. She’s like I think this girl Laketa, I think you’ll like her. You should come talk to her. So I don’t think she realizes how
inspirational she is. That girl does not feel sorry for herself.
She feels blessed. She’s in schools, she does great is school. She’s done great work. I want people to know just how much their donations can help in any of us, any situation. It gives us future. We have hope. And without them we can’t survive without it. Again, if it wasn’t for the Metro United Way I wouldn’t be able to have a story to tell. I would still be down in the dumps. But able like to go back to school, if I was
living out on my own there’s no way I could afford to go to school, raise three kids,
maintain still work full time, go to school full time only because a program like that is out
there for us. And I feel like there is hope. So, can a t-shirt make a difference? As you’ve seen in these stories it can. If we do more than simply put on the
shirt. If we give our donations to support the
work of improving lives. If we give our voice to help people understand the
importance of improving lives. And if we give our time volunteering to
help make it happen. A t-shirt can make a difference. If you Get you Give on! Do you have your give on? Ugh, smile. I got my give on. Do you? It’s time to Get your Give on, support Metro United Way. Hm.. Ha ha ha (laughter)

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