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Giving Tuesday Campaigns

Giving Tuesday Campaigns

– Hey nonprofits, welcome back. In today’s video, I’m gonna
share how you can plan a successful Giving Tuesday campaign using resources from Make sure that you subscribe
to our YouTube channel because we have one more video next week for Giving Tuesday that
you don’t wanna miss. It’s our free webinar that
we’re sharing via YouTube and we’ll also be releasing a free 2019 Giving Tuesday checklist,
so make sure you watch to the end to learn more about that. Giving Tuesday is December 3rd this year, so we’re about 14 weeks away. There’s a lot of time left to plan your Giving Tuesday campaign. I wanted to share a couple of statistics that are really important to drive home why your nonprofit should participate. So in 2018, there were
three, I have to look at my notes, 3.6 million gifts. That means that maybe one
person donated two times or 300, sorry, 3.6 million
people donated to one nonprofit. Most likely there was
one person that donated to a couple different ones
but 3.6 million gifts, and that equated to $380
million donated last year. That is an increase of 38.3%. Now on Facebook alone, there
were $125 million in donations. That was an increase of 178% for people donating on Facebook. That’s a huge increase, and
there were 14.2 billion mentions of Giving Tuesday on
social media last year. So it’s really important
if you haven’t ever done a Giving Tuesday campaign
that you get started now, that you really jump into
this because online giving is not going anywhere, it’s
only increasing year after year. In fact, it keeps increasing like sales do for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So this is just a trend
that our culture has especially in the United
States, that our culture has adopted and they’re
getting familiar that, okay, December 3rd is Giving Tuesday
or whatever the day is. And what we wanna do today is take you to our computer screen and show you, walk you through the free resources that provides for you. So we are on This is the website where you can access all of the free resources and toolkits that Giving Tuesday has
created for nonprofits. So if we scroll down to the
three lines in the center of the page, we are going
to access the full menu bar. We wanna focus on the left-hand
side under organizations where it says the complete
toolkit and resources. Now a lot of you might think if you click the complete toolkit button or link, that’s gonna give you everything you need, but there’s actually
some things in resources that are not in the
toolkit, so we’re gonna walk you through that. And if you continue to navigate
through the other sections, there’s a lot of great information, so depending on how much time you have, feel free to explore on your own time, but we’re just gonna go
with the complete toolkit and then we’ll look at the resources. So let’s let this open and what we wanna do is click on the complete toolkit, and this is gonna open a PDF. Now this PDF is 21 pages, and it’s loaded with great information. So let’s just scroll through it quickly so you can see what’s here for you. And this is a welcome letter, so you can understand
what Giving Tuesday is if you need more information,
and you can also look at mega messages, which are the fact that Giving Tuesday is a global movement. Over 150 countries
participate in Giving Tuesday, so this is a really great way to see at a larger scale what’s going on. Now one of the great ways
or the great things in here is ideas to get involved,
so this will give you ideas of how you can actually raise funds or start a volunteer project. Giving Tuesday is not
always about donations. People can give time and other resources, so this lets you get creative
and gives you some ideas. Now if we continue to
scroll, what you’ll see is social media tips. So this is just a broad social media tip where you can follow Giving
Tuesday so that you can make sure that you’re getting updates and in a minute when we
go into the resources, there is a complete social
media toolkit for you. And as we go through this, there is a 2019 campaign timeline, so if
you follow us back from June you would know that we
recommended that you start planning your Giving
Tuesday campaign in June. However, if you haven’t
done these action items, they’re very quick and easy
so it’s easy to catch up for June, July, and
August, and we’ll let you come back here and everything’s linkable so it’s really actionable which is great. If we continue to scroll
down, there’s more things that you can do this month in September, October, or sorry next month in September. We’re only in August right now. November, and December. So make sure you check this out. It will be your guiding
star if you wanna make sure that you’re hitting certain deadlines to make sure that you’re on track. One of the things we love is
this sample press release. So it’s plug and play,
it’s very easy to put in your information and
put this out to media. So make sure you take advantage of this because you never know
what local news station might feature your nonprofit. And if we keep going, there
are frequently asked questions so if you have a question
about Giving Tuesday, most likely gave the answer
in this section for you. And when we continue to scroll, there is a mayoral proclamation toolkit and resources to get your mayor involved. So check it out. You may or may not have
time to implement this but it’s a great toolkit because
just like the press release you get a plug and play
template so all you really have to do is put in the information and have this sent out,
and if you have an intern or volunteer, give them this project because it’s really easy to do. So that pretty much is what is in the complete toolkit,
and now let’s head back over to the website and
look at the resources tab. So when we go to resources, you’ll see that there are
quite a few different things that you can download. I’m gonna open it as a new tab because my computer
doesn’t want to cooperate. So let’s scroll down, and here are all of the PDFs that we can download. Now some of this stuff is in the toolkit so what I’m gonna point out right now is the stuff you wanna make sure you get because it’s not in the toolkit. Okay, so what we wanna do now is go to the six-week communication timeline. So let’s open this in a new tab and I really like what
Giving Tuesday did this year with giving you specific dates and tasks or communication tasks that are associated with each week. Again, you don’t have to do all of these, when you open it up, it
might seem like a lot, however some stuff is just
getting your staff onboard or getting your employees onboard. And so these are things
that you should do anyway and it’s just a great
timeline to give you ideas and you can choose what works for you and leave the rest. So make sure you get the
six-week communication plan. The next thing that we wanted to point out was the social media kit for nonprofits. So when we open this up, it
is another lengthy document. There are 22 pages, and so
I’m gonna scroll through this pretty quickly, and point
out just a couple things. One, they give you ideas, so make sure that you check those out,
and as you scroll through, you’ll see that you can get the logos. So they have a lot of
different logos this year. Make sure you look at those,
because maybe in the past you’ve only used the
standard logo and this year there might be one that’s more relevant to your specific cause. There’s also information on all of the different social media networks or at least the major ones,
so tips for Twitter here, Facebook tips, Instagram
tips, and make sure you come to our video next
week because we’re also gonna share some Instagram
tips for Giving Tuesday. Video and live streaming tips. Now video and live streaming
is huge if you really want to put your best foot
forward for a successful Giving Tuesday campaign. We talked about what some
nonprofits did last year that had successful Tuesday campaigns and video and live
streaming was part of that. So if you didn’t see
that video, check it out. We’ll put the link in our description, and you can learn all
about different strategies that nonprofits, successful
nonprofits used last year. And you can ask your supporters
to share their story. There’s a suggested timeline. Again, just lots and lots of value, lots of great content in
this social media toolkit. So I’ll put a link in the description so that you can get this
and any other document or page that we’re showing. So let’s go back to the navigation and the last thing I wanna
draw your attention to is the Giving Tuesday campaign workbook. Now this is my favorite
thing that Giving Tuesday has put out this year. If you’re just getting started or you want to completely scrap what
you’ve done in the past and get a fresh start,
check out this workbook. It goes into everything from
establishing your goals, so let’s scroll through. Approach it like a party, so have fun. And some tips for using the workbook, and like I mentioned,
set your campaign goal. So here is where they give you the ideas of what your goal can be beyond monetary. So it can be monetary or it
could be a collaboration, social media followers,
you could have a few different goals, it’s
really great because this kinda opens up your mind
to what’s available. There is a timeline and meeting schedule to help keep you on track, how
to build your campaign brand, how to develop a campaign narrative, storytelling is essential
in any online fundraising campaign and so this gives
you a quick little workbook or worksheet on how to extract
some of that information that you wanna tell. Again I’m gonna let you go through this. As you can see as I’m
scrolling through right now, there is a lot of great information and value in here. So if you’re looking to get started on your Giving Tuesday campaign, here are all of the resources from Giving Tuesday
and we highly encourage that you check these out and share them with your team members and staff. So there you have it. Those are the resources
that Giving Tuesday has provided to you so that you can plan a successful Giving Tuesday campaign. And if you are looking for something that gives you a step-by-step roadmap to planning and executing
your Giving Tuesday campaign, you don’t wanna miss next week’s video. In next week’s video,
I am going to provide a webinar on three steps
to plan a successful Giving Tuesday campaign. We’re gonna give you more
ideas and actionable items that you can take away and implement. We’re also going to open
the doors to our 2019 Giving Tuesday course. We have been working really hard on this and are excited to share
this, so if you’re someone who is just really busy
and you want a step-by-step roadmap, this is gonna
be the course for you. So make sure that you come back next week and we’re also gonna put
a link in our description so that if you wanna access our free 2019 Giving Tuesday checklist,
you can get that. We’re gonna release it next
Tuesday on September 3rd. We found that most
nonprofits start planning in September so we are
deliberately giving out this Giving Tuesday checklist next week, so make sure you click
the link in our comments so that you can be the first to get it. Thanks for watching and we
hope you have a great day.

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