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#GivingTuesday Guide Part 1 – Inspiration & Ideas

#GivingTuesday Guide Part 1 – Inspiration & Ideas

Hello. Welcome to Part 1 of our
#GivingTuesday Guidebook. I’m Kristy with Funds2Orgs and I’m Eric, hello. In
this part of our series we’re discussing #GivingTuesday inspiration and ideas.
Through the month of October we’re going to be providing you with excerpts from
our research paper. Today, we’re focusing on inspiration and ideas.
There are countless inspirational stories from nonprofits, organizations,
and schools from around the world that are doing a great job of getting the
word out there about their cause, and it’s paid off. Take Camphill Special
School as an example, their board of directors and alumni parents decided to
offer $27,000 as a matching gift if they could reach a goal by #GivingTuesday. By
the end of that day on #GivingTuesday they’d raised over $65,000.
$65,000! Wow! But how did they do that? Well, the school
started asking early, they asked for people and parents to start sharing their
Facebook page, to like their stuff on Twitter, and to follow them on Instagram
and to get their message out there by sharing their posts and liking
everything on their pages. They also offered their supporters giving personal
pages where they could share their information and get donations directly. #GivingTuesday is one of the best days of the year because the world takes
a pause and seeks to do something good for others. The following is just a few ideas
to help get you started. A little challenge for us and a gift for you; it’s
10 tips in 60 seconds. Tip #1: Get listed as a non-profit by
going to their “Join the Movement” page. Tip #2: Create a great story and create a
campaign around it. We’ll actually give you a video on that later. Tip #3:
Capture your story in photos and videos so your supporters can like, share,
and comment. Tip #4: Use the hashtag #GivingTuesday or use the one, #GivingMonday, to get a head start. Tip #5: Ask your supporters to take a #Unselfie
and to tag you on social media. Tip #6: Get on Facebook Live and make live
engaging videos that will make people want to support your cause. Tip #7: Prepare
your website with a static “Donate Now” button.
Tip #8: Put your donation page on your Facebook page so people don’t have to
leave Facebook to donate. Tip# 9: Provide donors with different contribution
levels. Tip #10: Don’t be shy. Ask your donors to help tag you on all of their social
media. [exclaims] If you want to know more great
advice on #GivingTuesday, download our full free resource paper right now.
There’s a link down below and also make sure you follow us on Facebook and give
us a like, share, and subscribe here on YouTube. I’m Kristy and I’m Eric, we’ll
see you guys next time!

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