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#GivingTuesday Guide Part 3 – Get Corporate CSR Dollars

#GivingTuesday Guide Part 3 – Get Corporate CSR Dollars

Welcome to Part 3 of our
#GivingTuesday Guidebook series. Today, we’re discussing how to promote CSR on #GivingTuesday. Now, if you don’t know what CSR stands for it stands for “Corporate
Social Responsibility” and if you’re a nonprofit or organization and you’re
doing any type of fundraising, you should have a CSR program. So, we talked about
how to get corporate sponsors before so for more information on that, make sure
you click on our blog, which the link is down below. Now, back to our regularly
scheduled tips. If you already have your CSR program set up or you have any sort
of corporate sponsors that are promoting your fundraiser, today we’re going to
give you 5 tips on how to promote your CSR program for #GivingTuesday. Tip #1: social media. Talk with your corporate partners in advance of
#GivingTuesday and ask them to amplify your message. Many corporations are very
involved on this global day of giving. Ask them to tag your organization, cause,
or fundraiser when they’re utilizing the #GivingTuesday or the #unselfie. Tip #2: workplace giving campaign. During #GivingTuesday, many
corporations have workplace giving campaigns that you can take advantage of.
Get in contact with any of your CSR partners and find out if their company
is involved in a workplace giving campaign. GivingTuesday is an opportunity
for companies and corporations to get involved in their community through
#GivingTuesday and demonstrate to the public through social media that they are good
corporate citizens. So, take advantage. Tip #3: matching gifts. Tying into tip #2,
some companies will actually not only allow their employees to do a
workplace giving campaign, but will actually match their employees donations
with a gift of their own. Matching gifts are an excellent source of fundraising
dollars which are often overlooked. Create a special matching gift outreach
on social media and through direct response ask your current donors to
visit their HR offices to complete matching gift forms that can double or
even triple their gifts. Tip #4: donate your commissions or a portion of
your sales. If you happen to live in a community with a strong brokerage or
financial community many, if not most, may give a portion their
commissions or sales, made on #GivingTuesday, to a charity of their choice. So,
do your best to reach out to these companies and see if you can be one of
the people on the list of charities to get philanthropy from these
companies on #GivingTuesday. It would not only bring you donations but
it will also bring you press because those companies will promote it on
social media. Tip #5: volunteer day of service. If you have any sort of
corporate donors, volunteers, or supporters see if they would donate
their time as a day of service. Many corporations, especially those with very
robust CSR programs, will encourage their teams to go out into the community and
support a cause that’s important to them. Also, make sure to ask the volunteers to
post on social media on that day so you can get their philanthropy in action and
remember to use #unselfie and #GivingTuesday. If you want to learn
more about CSR and how to give value to your corporate partners, make sure you
download our free guide and the link is down below for that. Make sure to follow
us on Facebook and give us a like, share, and subscribe. Especially here on YouTube,
push those buttons down below. My name is Kristy and I’m Eric. We’ll see you
guys next time. Bye!

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