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Guide Dogs Wearable Fundraising Technology

I’m Jock Beveridge the General Manager of community engagement here at Guide Dogs Queensland. My role here at Guide Dogs is looking after all of our communications, marketing and fundraising. So with our staff and a great team of volunteers we raise all the funds that
we need to train and breed our Guide Dogs. The fundraising landscape is definitely
changing and technology’s playing a big part in that. People more and more are using their mobile phones for everything including how they engage with Charities. They’re
online far more than they used to, people are carrying less cash. These are
all things we have to be responsive to and thinking of when we’re going about our fundraising. Everybody knows that there are a lot of Charities and a lot of
really worthy causes out there it’s a competitive environment, so we’ve always
got to be looking for new and innovative ways to raise funds and to engage with
people out there in the community. We know young people in particular use
their phones for everything and they’re also really looking for interactive
experiences so with this technology we are now able to combine those two, create
an awesome interactive experience with our dogs and also allow them the
opportunity to make a donation right there while they’re in the moment. The
future is all about mobile. It won’t be long before people aren’t even carrying cards,
aren’t even carrying their wallets with them so we need to be the forefront of
that wave.

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