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GUINNESS WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT LIVE 4 Charity – Worlds Longest BareFoot Brick Walk – 120 Feet of Lego

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT LIVE 4 Charity – Worlds Longest BareFoot Brick Walk – 120 Feet of Lego

you guys live from Chesapeake Montessori
School where we are about to break a Guinness World Record that’s right guys
we are going to be setting the record for the world’s longest Lego brick walk
let me just wrote it here look at that this is 820 feet of Lego and we are
gonna do this all foot I know that sounds kind of crazy but we are gonna do
this and we are doing it for an amazing cause we are doing this for to raise
awareness and funds for Fairey bricks for those of you who don’t know fairy
bricks is a nonprofit organization I’m sorry a charity in the UK that donates
LEGO sets to hospitalized children what they do is such an amazing service for
these kids and while what they do is amazing they actually had in November
2000 LEGO sets stolen from their delivery van and in order to help them
out cutie bricks and myself and brainy brick
nation all my followers they all have helped to design this world record
attempt to help raise funds so real quick in the comments I’m just gonna put
a link to oh maybe not I’ll put a link at the end you can go to brainy brick slash brick walker just go to the website and you can click on the
brick walk link where you can donate to help out fairy bricks so I actually have
a tenner Airy here because we’ve got so much stuff going on and so we have six
giveaways that we plan to do today three of them are going to be live and another
three are gonna be ones that you can do later on and they are gonna be really
really fun and I’ll go more over those in just a few minutes you do have plenty
of time before the actual attempt happens to go ahead and hit the share
button copy link and paste it and share it anywhere you can I see all you guys
coming in thank you so much for joining up
unfortunately I can’t see the comments and because of how much stuff we have
we’re not gonna be commenting much or answering many questions online but keep
them coming guys so let’s take a quick look at the track in its
entirety this is gonna be pretty insane I have to walk all the way down to the
end here let me let me go and I’ve got a whole crew of people here I’m running
guys that’s why the cameras so shaky I’ve got so here you see there is a
white line this is where our official attempt is gonna be and then we’ve got a
hundred and twenty feet of Lego this is all Lego donated by booster bricks all
the multicolored stuff we thought 200 pounds was gonna be enough but boy who
are we wrong so I’m walking almost a run here and you see we are still in it very
very cool look at all of this yes please do Dalek and now we’re into my own
personal collection going all the way down all the way to this white mark here
now these two white marks have to be measured and we’ll get to that in just a
few minutes so this is going to be absolutely thick as you can see we’ve
got all kinds of people some amazing people volunteering to help today which
is just absolutely spectacular um I need to get just a few things because six
o’clock crept up on me really quick I’m gonna go get cutie bricks and we are
gonna actually talk to Chesapeake Montessori School they allowed us to use
their facility to put this on and in fact their hallway was kind of our guide
for the setup so hey cutie bricks can you want to come help me real quick baby so we’ve got six different giveaways
actually I think seven now because I found an extra prize and we are gonna be
doing stuff all the time so we are coming down just cutie bricks is gonna
help me out here it’s Jeanie if you want to join us
so miss Jeanie in the big chair there miss Jeanie is with the Chesapeake
Montessori School and I’m gonna set this right here
oh you can’t get across the Lego track Lego track it’s too wide thank you Tim
she couldn’t go across it she’s too afraid to step on the brick so miss
Jeanie thank you so much for joining us miss Jeanie is actually what’s your name
cutie bricks any of you who’ve watched our show know my daughter as Judy bricks
and you know that she loves Lego she actually goes to school here and you are
her teacher right give me a high five give me an awesome student so they allow
us to use a facility and it was kind of your idea I mean you jumped on board
real quick and was like why don’t you do it at the school and in fact the school
that she goes to is so awesome they love teaching community of relationships and
being kind to others you actually suggested that the students kind of work
at home to make a few dollars to donate right that’s right to earn the money
themselves oh nice and cutie bricks even did chores at the house didn’t you yeah
did you enjoy doing the tours for the sick kids yeah it was very very fun well
to say thank you to Chesapeake Montessori School we have something we
want to give don’t we you see those two big boxes can you bring them over for me
we want to donate something to Chesapeake Montessori School they’re so
heavy so we’ve got two Lego boxes of over 900 pieces each 1800 pieces for the
kids to play with here and in fact guys if you all want to win one of these
we’re doing a giveaway for you guys as well so we have quite a few prizes I’m
just going to go over some of the prizes real quick mr. Yuni if you don’t mind
hanging out between couples Rises so we’ve got all different types
of prizes the one box that you just saw anytime you make a donation you were
being entered in to win that box we’re actually going to sell them or we’re
gonna send out the bricks that are in that box directly to one donated so if
you can hit the donate button on our web page brainy bricks nation com
we also have a Star Wars a polybag this has got a really cool printed tile
what’s next QT bricks oh not just one we got 3 CMS we got a Batman series one a
Batman series 2 and a Ninjago that’s one prize we also have a sealed
space movie set from back in the day yeah
this one’s really cool this one we just got from overseas a Hamleys polybag
these things are selling for about 20 or 25 bucks we’ve got one for one of you
guys winning we also have a grouping of micro figs little tiny guys if you’re
not familiar with the micro figs they are super fun we have a brick heads
who’s that it’s an Iron Man Iron Man and then Mark
Hutchins Hutchinson made this awesome shirt for us
oh yeah I’m sorry so this is an extra large shirt we are gonna be giving this
away as well I’m gonna have more information on how you guys can win all
of these prizes as the time goes on keep an eye out I will say there are two
things you guys need to look out for you need to look out for our booster bricks
minifig on the track it’s gonna be at a certain foot mark and at that foot mark
you’ll need to know where that is at some point and then also make sure you
take screenshots I’m just gonna leave that out there I’m not gonna tell you
exactly what it is what for but make sure you take screenshots because you’re
gonna need these screenshots to enter in from one of the sealed sets and that’s
gonna be really really fun well thank you so much miss Jeanie wanna help us
out thank you yeah everything here this is absolutely wonderful so if you don’t
mind I’m going to actually show you guys one thing and then we are gonna get
Tim Fallon from hassle and folks surveying company to come out actually
engineering company right engineering and surveying we’re gonna have him talk
about what he has to do and see him measuring for the official attempt this
is all for the official attempt thank you so much I love you all right so
let’s go take a look real quick at our world record world record attempt has
these lines all the way across you have black lines to divide every foot and
then you have red lines for every five feet and a yellow Lomb essentially for
every ten now if you come down here you’ll see a multicolored line this
multicolored line is something very special this is the current world record
just over 85 feet in length this is 85 feet we’re gonna put our booster bricks
guy right there on the 85 foot mark that is gonna let us know that after that
foot mark we have actually broken a world record whether I make it all the
way to the end from that point it doesn’t matter because that’s the
current world record and that’s where we need to get to again we’re gonna come
all the way down to the little tape mark here and I’m actually gonna have to oh
gosh I’m gonna have to step over this tape to make it official
golly what am I thinking this actually hurts pitch we’re gonna do a test
attempt before we do the actual attempt so if I can go ahead and get um Tim if
you don’t mind coming over I have a few questions for you I actually wrote out
to Tim’s company and before I could even send out another email to anyone else
asking if they could help you guys replied back and were like stop don’t
ask anybody else I was so shocked at how gracious you guys have been it it really
means a lot to me to have you guys come out so you your company hasslein folks
it’s right here what does hf pc – online calm yes you
guys don’t just do serving you also do engineering so as an engineer I’m sure
when you were kid you played with some sort of building we kind of have this
conversation earlier I say did you play with Lego as a kid yeah now like it
wasn’t a big thing when I was a kid lick it off Lincoln Logs set there you go so
there’s constructive and building play do you think that kind of inspired you
to become an engineer and you actually brought a co-worker with you because you
can’t do this all in you’re correct and in fact they ended up I think earlier we
did a test measurement and they were having a yell it’s so far along the way
it’s pretty crazy so if so what exactly do you have to do to measure this what’s
the process what we did is we brought a Topcon total station okay that’s kind of
like um if I see the guys on the side of the road literally called it that so
they’ve got that digitally it’s pretty cool so Tim if you don’t mind if you
guys want to just do the in official measurement North just to make sure
those white lines are there why are you doing that I’m gonna cut back over to
you hasn’t just a second to make sure we’re good I’m gonna do a giveaway real
quick you guys we’re gonna do a giveaway right now so I’m actually gonna mention
let’s go ahead and I’m gonna pick out my first giveaway we are first going to do
our three minifigs right here guys one two three now because it’s just myself
oh I got people already asking for him Hamleys coming up I promise we’re gonna
get him in just a little bit I know a lot of people want him we’ve got three
minifigs here what we’re gonna have you do in the comments I want you to type in
hashtag ferry brakes hashtag ferry bricks enters you in to win this today
you have to type it in during the live feed and we are going to pick a winner
at the end and we’ll put it in the comments for you guys so you’re not just
getting one you’re not just getting two you’re getting three different series
this is worldwide guys if you’re not in the United States I don’t care because
not only can you win from outside the United States but you can also donate
from outside the United States and I really do appreciate anybody who donates
we also have plenty of time before the actual world record so if you can go
ahead and hit the share button head over to your other social media pages and
share the link please let’s get as many people on here as we can I see so many
hashtag fairy bricks coming in this is awesome this is really really great guys
so I’ve got all three for the very first prize we’re looking at one two three
polygons cmf bags and we’re typing in hashtag fairy bricks go ahead and type
that in now and we will pick a winner right at the end of the show give me one
second guys we were gonna pull this up I think they’ve gotten the measurement
going let me see Oh Tim is down here how we looking we’re
set so how we doing down there Craig you good down there so I just to make sure
we have this fully documented we’ve got our official line right at the back of
their marker which makes this a hundred and twenty feet all right okay we’re
gonna shoot it one more time just to make sure the suspense is killing me
guys what are we looking at Thank You brick head family 120 we got it on the
spot now also Tim I think Guiness required us
to have it within one foot per thousand feet which is a
1200 strop we checked it also with the folding role awesome and we’ll check one
more time okay the track was constructed yeah and it took a while to construct
the track so I apologize for that Tim so while they’re checking that they’re
gonna check the depth to make sure that we the requirements set forth by
Guinness World Records thank you so much Debra I can see the the stream right now
what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put the phone on the charger Jim if you don’t
mind handing me that cord right there while they’re checking that I’m gonna
touch base here so we’ve got this so I have a few people that I want to mention
to you right now if you guys and he’s got the hashtag fairy bricks to win this
in there keep putting those in guys to be injured there are a few people who
couldn’t make it booster bricks donated 200 pounds of
Lego to help us out with this world record attempt they also are going to be
selling that Lego one pound increments so you can own a piece of the world
record and all the proceeds are going to go to fairy bricks which is just too
awesome just too good said interesting so he may or may not be watching right
now very cool hopefully we get just too good in here that would be really neat
if any of you guys want to share with any of your family and friends take the
time we’ve got plenty of time before we go in so after the attempt booster
bricks is going to be doing that also I want to give a big shout out to David
thank you so much man David’s from Blockheads they do Chris birthday
parties with Lego and he brought a bunch of extra Bert just in case we needed it
today and he’s been helping us spread everything out I was very very very very
awesome so what I’d like to do now if I can get John do you mind helping me out
I’m gonna get the camera to somebody else and what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna do a test attempt I’m actually going to walk the distance this time I
can do whatever I want I can stop I don’t have to make the distance because
this isn’t an official attempt I just want to see if I can make it if it hurts
or if it doesn’t hurt how this is to go about so what I’m going to do is
on my hand the phone over to John and we’re just gonna rotate so so you guys
all can see I am in complete barefoot I have been for about the last hour and a
half to get my feet acclimated and my Brady Rick shirt on let me get my Brady
Brit shirt on for the official we also have shirts available on our website
that look very similar to this and those shirts are going to be 100% of the
proceeds are gonna go to the Ferry Bridge look at this official attempt and
if you guys are any of you guys are wondering where do you go Brady Briggs
nation common law so so my feet have to cross that wall honey I don’t know what
I was thinking oh man okay so here we go so this is
actually what I have to do my feet have to leave and I have to walk at a solid
pace oh my gosh on and luckily this first portion has quite a few larger
pieces in it I wish I would have had it scatter them all man I can’t um just
really good I can’t get I can’t think right now I can’t stop during the actual
attempt so I have to keep going and this smaller pieces that stick to my feet
hurt so bad I take away John I want you to get a shot from behind my feet get up
close and I want people to see my leg of sticking that’s the worst part
the legatus sticks down okay so this was a great test
attempt I am it is a great test 10 I’m not gonna do the whole hundred twenty
feet because my feet have to make it through that again and I don’t know if
you guys can see but man my feet hurt I don’t know if you heard stepped on one
leg oh I’m stepping on probably a couple hundred thousand leg up and it feels
like a hundred thousand more yeah Dave you don’t mind just kind of spreading it
then what we have to have per Guinness is though there can be no space where I
can’t step on Lego my feet have to leave the surface come back down on the
surface why don’t we head and I can’t stop I cannot do a running pace I have
to do a walking pace my feet still feel like I’m walking on Lego oh my gosh look
at this come close up on this I have a Lego stamp in my foot this is nuts
everybody has been telling me you’re crazy
are you insane me bad at all and we’re gonna come right over I’m
gonna switch the camera over real quick thank you John
you might plug in the phone in for me there we go we’re gonna plug it back in
just so we don’t lose anything ah that was only a quarter of the way
guys I really don’t know if I can make it but I only have to make it past that
85 foot mark so again the reason we’re doing this is for ferry bricks they are
a charity that donates LEGO sets to hospitalized kids and they had 2,000
LEGO sets stolen so we’re trying to raise funds for those 2,000 LEGO sets to
get some more Lego to help spread more smiles on the kids what I’d like to do
now is we’re gonna enter you guys into another gateway so if you miss the first
giveaway you guys are still here hashtag fairy bricks we’re gonna do another Lego
giveaway right now I think what we’re gonna give away next is twofold two
things I’m gonna do a Star Wars polybag with this awesome printed Star Wars
plate and some of the micro fakes looks like we got seven micro figs these were
donated to us by mr. bricks so for these what I’d like for you to do is type in
hashtag brainy bricks hashtag brainy bricks enters you in to win these here
we’ve got two prizes for the price of one so so far we’re giving away this one
here and this one here and don’t forget I want you guys to take screenshots of
anytime that I’m stepping on Lego take a screenshot because we want you guys to
post those on instagram using the hashtag brick walk for kids that won’t
enter you into a giveaway which I’ll show you the prize here in just a couple
minutes so hashtag brainy bricks enters you into win this we are gonna pick the
winners just after the live stream is over so you got to be present to win
these and we have some more that you don’t have to be present for worldwide
guys I don’t care if you’re in Australia I don’t care if you’re in Antarctica I
don’t care if you’re in Timbuktu doesn’t matter where you from you can win
prize and you can help by donating so if any of you do want to donate you can
always go to brainy bricks nation comm slash brick walk and there is a donate
button he goes directly to fairy bricks cut the middleman out and it’s going
directly to them so what I’d like to do now is we actually have let’s see I want
to thank a few more people first off you might have seen him walking around he’s
got two cameras on him Jim Edmondson Jim is a co-worker of mine and an amazing
photographer and he’s taking pictures just in case we get into the book we’ve
got some high quality images so Jim thank you I really do appreciate it he
is a local eight ball that just finished the assembly square right yeah he just
built the assembly square which is really cool also Tami fry all state
agency you can see her logo back here Tami fries I’m being honest is my mother
she actually through her business donated the funds to pay for all of the
hardware that we had to use today so she absolutely helped out with that so thank
you so much to all state and now if I can if I can have our doctor come over
you can see his logo here so this is dr. mark yeah dr. mark you are like so
awesome here let me see dr. mark is a fellow of the American Academy of
Orthopedic Surgeons so you operate and work on the feet usually right Wow
operate on oh nice well hopefully I don’t need anything on my arms today so
yeah hopefully I don’t fall and he practices in Virginia Beach and here in
Chesapeake arena at Chesapeake Virginia Atlantic orthopedic specialists and you
have a subspecialty in orthopedic sports medicine and I think that’s like a big
market here Ginny Beach isn’t it yeah yeah so I have a couple questions for
you dr. mark walking on lego like this what kind of things would you be worried
about for me what kind of issues might come about
well first of all I wondered if you need to see a psychiatrist yeah it’s pretty
tricky you know obviously you’re gonna potentially cut your foot you know and
then if you slip and fall I didn’t worry about other injuries that you’re gonna
hit the floor hard that’s my biggest concern you know I thought it was here
just to check you out but I might be helping you afterwards I hope my god but
yeah absolutely and so just so you guys are aware what fairy bricks does is
donates the lego sets to hospitalized kids and I’m sure you probably work on
kids as well and so Lego in the hospital is called creative play and creative
play helps children in so many ways it helps them cope with the situation that
they’re in it helps them feel like they’re in more control especially in
these odd situations where their big machinery and new people and new doctors
and things it helps them feel like they’re more control it also has been
proven to help mental rehabilitation as well as physical rehabilitation helps
speed up that rehabilitation process to get them better quick so what fairy
bricks is doing is really really cool and I am very excited to be helping them
out and dr. Martin thank you so much for coming out so I know that you’ve got a
test that you’ve got to perform on me Guinness is requiring this so kind of
explain the test to me real quick well we’re gonna do a couple things we’re
going to check just your normal function motor and then we’re gonna look at
sensory closely I see that toll this is more scary than the leg oh yeah
absolutely I’ll be bleeding beforehand no I’m sure you’ve got the right touch
on this so you’ll be testing that on the bottom of my feet and we actually have
to perform this before and after to make sure that I don’t have any substances
you’ll be checking to see make sure vaseline or numbing agents or anything
like that and this is all required by by Guinness so I’m actually gonna have
another person I’m gonna have Dave recording this because we have to have a
separate feed recording on the test that he’s doing both times and actually the
second time we do it we’re gonna be doing another live giveaway so I’m gonna
be doing giveaways galore here so why don’t we actually perform the medical
examination now is that okay sir would it be okay if I brought my foot
right up here sure okay so what I’m gonna do yeah so I’ve got Dave over here
with a camera Dave why don’t you come over here just to show everybody that
you got the camera we’ve got Dave with our g7x mark to our
Canon and it’s recording go ahead and start recording now okay it is recording
why are you coming over here and I’m just gonna pop my foot up and whatever
you have to do or sorry guys for this crazy yeah
first of all just tell your test walk you are I know
basically I’m just gonna once you did close my eyes okay
what that well you’re gonna tell me if you feel touching your foot okay I feel
that I feel that up at the top one point I do feel one point there and that feels
still feels like one point there you go that’s – looks like you’re dragging it
down my feet my toes and my second or pinky toe we’re so close together and
then the bottom of my foot we’re trying not to laugh on the heel okay all right
that one’s good all right that’s one down guys we’re so close to the actual
official attempt all this has to be done by Guinness is requests it’s relaxing thing close your eyes okay
I’m closing my eyes tell me where you feel it in one point or two my big toe
my middle toe my heel it feels like to the center of my foot the other side of
my foot Center hi I actually am for those you don’t know and maybe you can
explain this better I don’t know if you can on what they call pigeon-toed
so my bones don’t go straight they kind of turned in which allows me but helps
you to run better actually really that’s mechanically managed to
run if you need to run out of here my fat actually running work yeah okay all right all right
well thank you I really appreciate you coming out we’re gonna touch base with
dr. mark again at the end of this thing so so what we’re gonna do now is I’m
gonna go over the giveaways that we’re gonna do for the official are the live
giveaways and then also for the non live giveaways the ones that you can actually
enter for so let me grab some giveaway prizes so you’ve got donations if you
make a donation you’re entered in to win this big bad boy right here Lego set
number one zero seven zero for 19 hundred pieces of classic Lego anyone
who makes a donation gets entered into this
we’re in what fairy books pick the winner on this one they’re gonna pick at
random and let us know who it’s gonna be and then for let me see here what else
do we have we also have the Instagram snapshot so what you need to do while
I’m walking take a screenshot with your phone or your device print screen on
your computer and post those photos with hashtag brick
walk her kids K IDs the number for brick walk for number four kids K IDs and if
you post those on Instagram you will be entered in to win our brick head Ironman
set really really fun this is one that I didn’t get around to building so post
those on Instagram whether you can even put check out this crazy guy you can put
this guy’s nuts you can put I don’t want to be him why
is he doing it you can put oh he’s a coolest guy I don’t care what you put as
long as it’s honest and then also see one two three and then we also have one
more giveaway this is gonna be a twofer we got the Lego shirt the Lego spaceman
shirt extra large this was made by mark mark you are an amazing man he’s also
the guy who helped me get these for the feet so you’re gonna get this and a
sealed space set police this is going to be you keeping an eye out for the boost
of bricks minifig he’s laying down on the track somewhere along I showed it
earlier in the feet so afterward if you need to watch it watch it and you guys
will actually put a a post how are we gonna do that I’m gonna have you put in
the comments what foot mark he’s at at some point throughout the thing
so put booster bricks big at such-and-such feet I showed it earlier
I’ll show you again in just a little bit so that’ll be to enter this this one
will be Instagram and this one will be donations and finally our third live
giveaway tonight ham lay this is a polybag that is only available in the UK
mark was so gracious to send a bunch of these over we sold some on our website
and we’re gonna be giving away one tonight right at the end as we’re
getting our foot examined again so unfortunately my mic my she says the
next thing we’re gonna do is the official attempt I don’t know if I want to do this or not
I’m really having second guesses here guys really second guesses Melody’s
already guessing where that booster bricks fig is Jim saying he thinks I can
do it everyone thinks I can do it we’ve got all kinds of people going through
very very cool thank you all you got to shoot me that photo and we are gonna be
I can’t put this off much longer guys let’s go ahead and do this all the
fairies are with you Kevin from fairy bricks is watching guys Kevin thank you
so much for joining in what you guys do is so so amazing I know I can do this I
have to get a few cameras set up so I’m actually let me make sure our phone is
charged enough and I have to get two cameras if one of you guys don’t mind
grabbing a chair for me we’re gonna set that camera up so I’m gonna rotate the
camera here I have a Canon really nice camcorder x8n right here from Canon this
thing is the bee’s knees and it is going to be stationary photographing the
entire tempt I have gonna be recording – you can’t see him in there but we have
to have this stagnant it has to record the entire tempt from one end to the
other and actually Dave if you don’t mind taking that to the other end now
that I think about it why don’t we have a camera on both sides I think that’s a
good idea so what I’m going to do a hashtag family fig yeah so I’ll go over
what you got to put in in the comments to win that one at the end so I’ve got
this all set up let me turn the camera this is a cool sure of this camera look
at this so I don’t know if you guys can see those pink lines that tells me
what’s in focus so I have to make sure it’s all in focus and that you can see
you see the white line there that I got to cross over so we’ve got that set up
I’m going to hit the start button I’ve got it literally we are at the end of
the hallway so we are officially recording on this camera can someone
recap what we have to do for the other giveaways I will do a recap right at the
and if you don’t mind we’ve got the world record are the current world
record right here at 85 feet so as soon as I pass this I’m a world record holder
and we’ve got to go through this like um John if you wanna come down I’m gonna
give you the camera here in just a second we’ve got this is so so crazy Oh
brick fans thank you so much for for sharing that on Twitter
ah so I’m trying to like psych myself up mind over matter says melody yes mind
over matter I’m gonna give the camera over to John and let’s rate over just
like that so there’s a white line here as soon as I cross this white line my
official attempt begins after I cross the white line over here my official is
John if you don’t mind making sure you can see me from head to toe as I cross
through everything just to go over the rules one more time my feet have to
leave the brick path they have to make contact with the break
you guys have all seen the brick path there is no spot where I cannot step on
layer there’s Lego everywhere in every single one of these Legos is loose
if I graph any handful is all these Legos I’m going to straighten that back
out so John real quick I want you to come in
close just for a second oh gosh you see the tape there guys as soon as
might be cross that tape it is an official out of the way they have to see
everything they got my butt from this camera and check out the booty here we
go alright guys alright Oh take the camera real quick guinness
we made it uh that hurts so bad guys in fact I still have I go stuck to my feet
wavy 10 you guys are here streaming live for us well yes my heart is just
pounding right now um oh that hurts so bad I don’t know why I chose 120 feet um
but this entire track here guys we just walked across I crossed over both the
tape on both ends we followed all the directions from Guinness World Records I
see no reason why this shouldn’t be a Guinness World Record for those of you
who don’t know why we’re doing this or who are just joining in ferry Brix is a
charitable donation that donates LEGO sets to hospitalized kids they are
absolutely phenomenal and in November they had 2,000 like it was set stolen
from their delivery van I’m starting to get emotional here and I’m gonna put the
camera down so it’s not shaking they had 2,000 language that stolen from the
delivery van so we’re doing this to raise awareness and funds you can go to
brainy bricks nation calm slash brick walk to donate funds to help fairy
bricks pray more smiles to more children who truly do deserve it
I’ve got the news going live over here my nose is running like crazy I’m still
shaking guys that hurt that really did hurt I know why the attempt was at 85
feet so we actually do have to do another test on my feet to make sure
I’ve got Dave again and I’ve also got John who was up here earlier hey John
actually miss Jeannie can you you were here earlier as well can you come over
as well because we have to have two witnesses to the test actually probably
stayed over there two more – so we still have to do one more test I got dr. mark
from Atlantic orthopedic specialist who’s gonna help us out with that Gus we
did it are you kidding me it’s like sinking in
now it really is we’ve got so many giveaways
and I’m gonna talk about this giveaway while dr. Mark hang on one second dr.
mark let me see here what we’ve got oh no was it still recording when you
picked it up it was not okay so what I need to do is switch out a memory card
luckily we only needed one camera angle I think I have a memory card here wait
would you grab some memory cards please we got to get a memory card there on the
counter up front I got to get a memory card for this camera because we have to
record the second portion luckily this is just a backup camera and in fact dr.
mark if you don’t mind hanging out I’ll be right back okay
I just want to make sure that the other camera was recording because if it isn’t
I got to do this again absolutely insane let me see the red lights on so I’m
pretty sure it is going to still be recording and it is it is still
recording okay so we’re good on that front fingers
crossed you thank you so much we still have a lot of Lego giveaways to go over
so don’t leave yet because we’re gonna do that here in just a second
all right thank you so much someone’s phone is going off I’m gonna set this
right here right this was absolutely amazing for
everybody who’s on right now thank you so much for tuning in please
at the end hit the share button there you go
I need a miss Jeannie or John John if you don’t mind coming over real quick
we’re gonna have you guys actually I’m gonna have Jim if you don’t mind
stopping them real quick the kids stop the kids please all right thank you John
I just needs you and Dave here as witnesses to the event cuz you were here
earlier as well all right so we’ve got a giveaway that we’re gonna do all the doc
does the final test that it’s required by Guinness I know this angle is just so
flattering I look sexy don’t see my feet myself with the family back okay middle
of my foot in soul feel anything yeah it’s so crazy it’s kind of like to
I’m you dragging down the pinky toe one the middle toe my heel the other side of
my foot and I have no just confirmed dr. market I have no feeling in my feet now
I’m sure there’s no residue or any I’m sorry okay all right all right big toe
heel heel again top right pinky toe I made many points you feel I feel one
there – they’re in dragon hood awesome so the doc has confirmed we are good on
that front yes we got it guys I really do think we got the Guinness world
record and the thank you so much Kevin yeah thank you so much doc kevin says
huge congratulations from all of us at fairy bricks we need to crash guys
visiting seven hospitals tomorrow fairy bricks is visiting seven hospitals this
is what I’m talking about and it’s past our bedtime thank you so much to
everybody who’s donated and thank you guys head on over to brainy bricks
nation comm / brick walk and actually I’ve got it on the back of my shirt and
I’ll have a picture of it right at the end where you can donate to help out
fairy boots we’re trying to reach $10,000 that’s 1,000 people ten dollars
a piece or a hundred people at a hundred bucks
come on guys give whatever you can whether it’s a dollar or a thousand
every little bit counts so the Hambling polybag the hashtag that
we’ve created I don’t know if you can see it over here it’s hashtag Oh No
okay I’m sorry okay is hashtag walk for kids type that in right now this awesome
logo was created by a lady named Shay and hashtag brick walk for kids type
that in to be entered in to win the Hamleys polybag anywhere in the world
guys you can win this because you can donate from anywhere in the world
hashtag brick walk for kids what i’m gonna do as soon as the streams over i’m
gonna go through and I’m gonna pick out a winner and we’re gonna announce the
winners late tonight or tomorrow morning on our Facebook page so luckily YouTube
shows me who’s doing this live and we’ll get that going
also everyone who donates is going to get a chance to win this bad boy
everyone on Instagram is going to get a chance who took a screenshot of me in
pain walking across the floor the most funniest one is going to win this one
posters on Instagram with the hashtag brick walk four kids
and we will pick a winner and then finally next person I got
people texting me if you’re watching the stream don’t text me you’re killing my
stream we’ve got this shirt here and this one here you have to put in the
comments what foot mark the booster bricks man was at and it should be
rather simple because we mentioned it probably three times already I think so
definitely keep that in mind this has been just so so amazing please
share this post copy the link when you’re done share it out for other
people to watch if you can’t tag whatever news media outlet you can I
want this to go international not for me I don’t care about people seeing me I
care about it for the kids this is all about the kids it’s what it’s always
been about it’s about what fairy bricks does and who they do it for it is such
an amazing thing you can go can I get someone to grab the camera real quick
for me we’re gonna switch the camera over and I’m gonna show you the back of
my shirt go ahead and just rotate that camera if you want to donate to care
groups yep nice and close when you’re gone you can go to Brady bricks nation
comm slash brick walk Brady bricks nation comm slash brick walk please go
there to donate I also want to give huge shout-outs to everybody who have to miss
Jeanie miss actually and miss Shanna from Chesapeake on a story school you
ladies are my world you guys are awesome you are the reason cutie bricks is such
an awesome little kid you guys are so amazing thank you for letting us use
your facility Tim Fallon and your crew from hasslein folks doing all the
surveying thank you guys so much for coming out tonight
and helping us out dr. Marc from Atlantic orthopedic specialist you rock
thank you for putting up with my stinky feet you may want to wash your hands six
or seven times the show – Tammy Frey all state agency
you rock thank you so much for helping to pay for all of the lumber Home Depot
gave us an awesome discount as well Jim Edmondson our Jim thank you so much
for the photographs I really do appreciate it
John who’s holding the camera right now one of my good friends and local a fall
part of our vlog as well David wood for Blockheads you rock and
the whole booster bricks crew who I could not have done this without you
guys are so amazing not just for this but for the support that you’ve provided
over the last couple years for our channel thank you so much so everybody
who tuned in I’m gonna make this crazy come on over here man I’m gonna come
right down here I’m gonna have you ladies come this way
because I want a good screenshot for my youtube channel so I know I look
absolutely adorable down here thank you guys so much for tuning in thank you for
sharing thank you for donating fairy bricks thank you for what do you guys
have all made this Guinness world record attempt an official thing I just want to
leave you guys just like this cutie bricks why don’t you come down here real
quick what are we gonna say first John do you know how to end the livestream
you hit the X in the top left corner okay so come here cutie brick sit right
here next to me so this is cutie bricks for those who don’t know she’s my
daughter and we both love Lego don’t we yeah and at the end of every stream what
are we always saying as always play well guys

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