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Hairdresser Creates Crazy Hairstyles For Charity

Hairdresser Creates Crazy Hairstyles For Charity

Finding Nemo and Dory here in Townsville! * Laughter * * Laughter * COMM: Hairdresser Myke has been travelling across Australia, creating unique hairstyles
for a very special cause. MYKE O’HALLORAN : This is Australia. MYKE O’HALLORAN: I am volunteering my time and skills replicating landmarks and big things
into hairstyles for the Make A Wish foundation, raising money for sick kids. * Laughter * MYKE O’HALLORAN: So far, I have created a Finding Nemo and Dory hairstyle. Hey Nemo! Hi! Hey Dory! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. And here we have the rainbow mermaid of Magnetic Island! MYKE O’HALLORAN: A few Rainbow Mermaids. MYKE O’HALLORAN: A Big Mango. MYKE O’HALLORAN: Mango on the loose.
WOMAN: On the walk. MYKE O’HALLORAN: On the walk. MYKE O’ HALLORAN: A Sugar Cane Plant in Bundaberg. MYKE O’ HALLORAN: That is hilarious. WOMAN: That is cool. MYKE O’HALLORAN: A Turtle, a Big Apple, we did multiple Watermelons, the Big Orange. MYKE O’HALLORAN: The Big Pineapple. MYKE O’HALLORAN: The Big Prawn. MYKE O’ HALLORAN: The Big Strawberry. WOMAN: This is my hair. What are you gonna do with it? MYKE O’HALLORAN: Can I make a crab? Are
you down with that? WOMAN: That’s fine. Let’s do this.
MYKE O’HALLORAN: Crab time. MYKE O’HALLORAN: I never practice the styles before the day. I just visualise how I might
curl or crimp pieces for legs. COMM: From dyeing to styling, each hairstyle can take up to 6 hours to complete. So good! MYKE O’HALLORAN: Well, Finding Nemo, for example, I would have to visualise the blond
panels and the skinny black panels next to those blond panels that I am going to wrap
into Nemo’s body. MYKE O’HALLORAN: From Townsville to Melbourne, I did hair free of charge . The volunteers
vowed to raise a set amount for the charity. WOMAN: Please be kind and get a bit of happiness put in your hair, because you are supporting
a good thing. MYKE O’HALLORAN: So far Myke has raised over 22,000 Australian dollars for his chosen cause. MYKE O’HALLORAN: I get inspired for my creative hairstyles by nature. If it grows on a tree
or if it lived in the sea, that resonates with me. COMM: And due to the success he’s had so far, Myke is planning on taking his roadtrip
State side later this year . MYKE O’HALLORAN: In July, I’m taking the Rainbow Roadtrip over to America, which I
am going to be replicating 15 landmarks in America over 30 days and I just feel so blessed
and grateful to watch all of this unfold when it just came from a thought in my head.

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