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What can be better than an HMMWV ? An HMMWV
with a howitzer. Mandus Group, in a partnership with AM General,
has developed an interesting platform. Hawkeye 105 mm Mobile Weapon System (MWS)
is the touted to be the lightest and most highly maneuverable self-propelled howitzer
in the world today. The system consists of a U.S. Army standard M20 105mm cannon mounted
on an  HMMWV. The Hawkeye is also referred to as 105 mm
Mobile Weapon System, or 105MWS. Though the system is currently integrated
with HMMWV, this artillery system can be integrated into many types of military vehicles. The Hawkeye self-propelled howitzer is being
proposed as an alternative to towed 105 mm howitzers. In this video Defense Updates analyzes Hawkeye
105mm Mobile Weapon System. Let’s get started. This video is sponsored by the free-to-play
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register using the link in the description below will also get a free premium tank or
aircraft or ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. The Hawkeye fires standard NATO 105 mm ammunition.
The maximum range of fire is 7.15 miles or 11.5 km with conventional projectile and 9.4
miles or 15.1 km with rocket-assisted projectile. The Hawkeye can fire in indirect and direct
fire modes. Another unusual feature of this lightweight system is that it offers 360 degrees
field of fire. The Hawkeye has been designed to accommodate
a full spectrum of barrel lengths. So the barrel length can be tailored depending on
customer range requirements.The Hawkeye has a rapid rate of fire. It can launch up to
10-12 rounds per minute. The sustained rate of fire is 3 rounds per minute. This artillery system incorporates a soft
recoil technology, which reduces carriage loads and allows to mount the Hawkeye on light
4×4 vehicles like the HMMWV.Viewers may note that a regular 105 mm cannon can’t be mounted
on a light platform like HMMWV as the recoil will break it. Hawkeye uses a technology that reduces recoil
by 70%. The self-propelled howitzer features front
and rear hydraulic anchors that stabilize the gun when firing. The anchors can be retracted
with a touch of a button and the vehicle can start moving in about 30 sec. The Hawkeye mobile howitzer can fire and leave
the firing position much faster than the towed 105 mm howitzer. This increases it survivability
to a great extent. Hawkeye is suitable for operation near the
frontline. It could be used to carry out shoot and scoot type attacks. The Hawkeye has an
automated digital fire control system. It takes minimal time to fire the first round.
It can fire a couple of projectiles and leave its firing position before the enemy opens
counter fire. It requires less crew and can be quickly redeployed. This
artillery system is operated by a crew of 3. Though in case of emergency the Hawkeye
can be operated by 2 soldiers. The weapon includes the application of a digital
fire control system and onboard communication, eliminating the need for surveyed firing points,
aiming circles, and wire lines. The developer has also promised low Life Cycle
Cost and easy maintenance. Though artillery is seemingly old-fashioned,
they are and will continue to play an important role in the battlefield in the foreseeable
future. Artillery is both a defensive and offensive
support weapon.An artillery barrage will keep the enemy’s heads down and provide opportunities
for the Infantry to advance undercover. Artillery barrages have also been known to
have a physiological impact by demoralizing the opponent.It is cheaper and faster than
air support and is now way more accurate as compared to the old days. Today’s battlefield is fast-paced and towed
artillery pieces are vulnerable.In this situation, the Hawkeye 105mm Mobile Weapon System is
an excellent alternative.

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