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Healing the Inner Scars of Domestic Violence Through Meditation | David Lynch Foundation

You’re trying to keep together the family
and trying to convince yourself, well maybe there are reasons why you should stay and
part of them because of the children because you want your kids to live with a father.
He’s like 6’3” and he weighs like 220 pounds, it was very hard to defend myself from him.
He will just beat me up until he sees I’m unconscious, choke me until I passed out,
and unfortunately he did these things in front of my child. When I look back to all what
I went through it’s truly a miracle that I’m alive. My child developed severe symptoms
of post-traumatic stress disorder. He had a lot of hospitalizations that prevented me
from working so I became homeless. It’s devastating seeing your child suffer so much, struggling
to make sense out of the violence that he witnessed. I was invited to the Family Justice
Center and I was offered help. I took all possible help that I can from them. They have
been wonderful. To learn TM has been like a life-changing experience. I feel so calm
after meditation that it’s very hard for me to get into confrontations with anyone. Anger and stress is something that I feel
that is corrupting my life a bit because it makes my temper extremely short and it just
makes me feel unhappy all the time and with TM, like, it just takes it all away. And I
just feel happy. After he left the class, he said, “Those were
the best 10 minutes of my life.” I feel hopeful. Life that has been grey for so long became
back to colors. I wish everybody have the opportunity to learn this. It will have a
great impact in their children. And I think that’s the most important thing of all.

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