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Hear It from the Experts: Knowledge is Power

Hear It from the Experts: Knowledge is Power

(upbeat peaceful synthesizer music) – I am passionate about leadership. – Continued learning. – I’m passionate about using science instead of experience. – My passion in non-profit
work is storytelling. – I’m passionate about smart
communications for non-profits, equality in human rights, and cats. – The only thing that’s
constant is change, and that’s why constant
education in the non-profit sector is so important. – The importance of
continuous learning is that it builds energy and momentum for change, and this works great as long
as we can let go of the belief that making mistakes is a problem. – When you find out why a
donor gave their first gift, you will be empowered to create
better messages to attract new donors. – We all run the risk of being
the guy in the corner office who doesn’t use email, and I
don’t want that to happen to me or to the people I work with. We work each and every day
to make sure that we continue to learn, that we continue to keep up, and expose ourselves to
people who are ahead of us. – The power of crowdfunding
is astonishing me. A well-executed crowdfunding
campaign can raise overnight hundreds of thousand of
dollars for a non-profit. – Understand that we are in
the relationship business. Sitting behind your desk
and trying to do fundraising purely through the internet
and digitally misses the point and misses the true role. – The future of our society
is in the understanding of how humans work, and
understanding at a base level of how we make decisions and a analytical
viewpoint of information will move us forward
faster than anything else. – Build, measure, learn. – The real benefit of
storytelling for non-profit organizations is the
opportunity to connect with people at a values-based level. (upbeat peaceful synthesizer music) – Knowledge is power. – Knowledge is sunlight at dawn. – Knowledge empowers. – Knowledge is worthless
without application. – Knowledge is gained through experience. – Knowledge is consciousness. – Knowledge is influence. – Knowledge is just information
until it’s put to use. – Knowledge is power
and you want to have it.

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