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Heel & Toe Children’s Charity 10 Year Celebration

Heel & Toe Children’s Charity 10 Year Celebration

(uplifting piano music) – Hello, and welcome to Heel & Toe. My name is Chloe Hammond, and I have attended the charity
since they opened in 2008. It is our 10th anniversary. Come with me on our journey so far. In May, 2008, a charity
who provide therapy for children with cerebral palsy gave parents just four weeks
notice that they were closing. This was the third such charity
to close in eight years. Parents decided to take action. In the summer of 2008, with no funding, Heel & Toe Children’s Charity was formed. Our first building was two rented porta cabins from a school. We opened with just four children. In 2011, with over 65 children, we took a five year lease and moved to a large building in Framwellgate. Under one roof, we could
now offer physiotherapy, occupational therapy,
special educational needs, and speech and language. A huge milestone for
Heel & Toe came in 2014. Two years ahead of schedule we moved again to our very own fully adapted building, helping 125 children every week, employing 20 paid staff
and many more volunteers. – My name is Joanna Parsons
and I am a Clinical Lead at Heel & Toe Children’s Charity. I am a highly specialised
paediatric physiotherapist, and I provide leadership
and help to organise the clinical team for Heel & Toe. The last 10 years has been
an incredible journey. It’s been wonderful to see the Charity grow and grow and grow, but our work isn’t finished. There’s still children that
would want more therapy and we’re really looking forward to journeying along with these families as we go into the future. – Heel & Toe have helped many children and families over the past 10 years. Here are some of their stories. – Oscar has four limb athetoid
dyskinectic cerebral palsy. He needs someone with him at all times and he needs a lot of support
with everything that he does. When Oscar goes to Heel and Toe, he really enjoys going on the treadmill. This has increased both
his confidence in walking and his stamina with walking. What it’s effectively done
is retrained his brain how to walk in the correct manner. He used to walk on his toes a lot, which was obviously very unstable. He used to have a lot of falls. But now with the work that
we’ve done on the treadmill has made him walk more flatfooted so he’s falling less and less. His confidence has come
on leaps and bounds. His confidence is so good now that he’s actually more willing to engage with his friends at family gatherings. His just general, basic day-to-day life which is absolutely phenomenal. – Lysbeth developed fairly
typically as a baby. And then at 18 month old, the symptoms of Rett really began to show. It is a rare neurological disorder. Lysbeth could no longer manoeuvre herself. She lost the words that she could say, and she lost full use of her hands. Lysbeth will never be able to talk to us. However, since starting Heel & Toe, the therapists have been
teaching Lysbeth to use eye gaze. And this has been incredible, because we now know Lysbeth understands and she is communicating with her eyes. And I think for Lysbeth,
that must be so empowering. She must think, oh my goodness, my mum and dad are listening to me now. And for us, it’s opened
up a whole new world. We know now that Lysbeth is
communicating with her eyes, and we have to be really aware of that. – Our daughter, Lucy, was born
prematurely six weeks early, and at almost two years old was diagnosed with a condition called cerebral palsy. – It was hard for us at first we didn’t feel we getting
the support we needed. So, Lynsey looked online
to try and get that help, and she found an amazing
charity called Heel & Toe. Since they’ve got involved,
they’ve supported her in physio, helping her to walk,
helping her to now run. She’s doing all the things what we thought that she would never be able to do, and it’s all thanks to Heel & Toe. – Hi, my name is Lucy. Welcome to our new building. – [Chloe] The building will
open 48 weeks each year, and at capacity will provide support for hundreds more children
across the North East Region. – The opening of the hydrotherapy centre was an exciting milestone in the journey that Heel & Toe has been on so far. But we hope that it doesn’t stop there. We want to continue offering these vital services and
life changing services to families across the North East. We still receive not a
penny of government funding or local authority funding to continue to offer those services. It costs over half a million pounds to keep our services going for one year. The only way that we can keep doing that is through the generosity and support from local businesses and
communities across the North East. – Thank you to everyone who
has supported Heel & Toe financially over the past 10 years. You have played a vital role in enabling us to continue this journey. Your giving has helped change many lives. Without your support, we could not have achieved all that we have. Thank you.

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