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Help Businesses Affected by the Crane

Help Businesses Affected by the Crane

Hi guys welcome to this week’s My
Halifax my name’s Adam Cooper we make videos all about the fun and cool things
you can do in and around Halifax. Now one of the reasons we started our
YouTube channel was all about supporting local and the local businesses that are here in Halifax. As everybody knows by now a crane did come down during the
hurricane and that is still affecting a lot of businesses around it and I know a lot of people look at this and think oh well they have insurance. Insurance isn’t
always applicable in some of these circumstances. And I know people are arguing about who’s going to move the crane who’s gonna pay for the crane but for me and for
everyone that’s watching us right now I think the focus should be on supporting
those businesses because they really do need our help so we’re gonna link an
article below and it’s actually an article that inspired us to make this video and
basically it lists all the businesses and how they’re being affected and gives you
ideas and inspiration of how you can help those businesses which is what
we’re gonna do right now So one of the stores that is affected by the crane was Hammock by Thornbloom They have a second location here in Sunnyside Mall so we’re gonna go and check it out So we just finished shopping at Thornbloom it was really nice and they’ve got some really great stuff in there I think GIna
would have spent a fortune there if we had more time but they’re not the only
store that’s affected. Stillwell their Beer Garden’s now closed the Dairy
Bar’s basically closed and out of commission too and then you’ve got Thumpers Hair Salon
as well. So what everyone’s trying to do is get out and support
these businesses especially if they’ve got a secondary location so Stillwell has their place on Barrington so go and grab a pint there and obviously
Thornbloom has their location here come and check them out. The Dairy Bar I
don’t believe has a second location. If they do let me know so I can put a comment in
the video so we can get people there as well and Thumpers Hair Salon actually has a second location in Bayers Lake so if you
can get out there even if you don’t normally go there but you just want to try something new and want to support local just drop in to these guys and do
whatever we can to get basically help them out because you know they’re in a
spot that they don’t want to be in like I say business insurance doesn’t
always cover things like this and we’re an organization and a YouTube channel
that is all about supporting local and this is is one of those times when supporting local is very important So thank you for making it all the way to
the end of this week’s video once again we’ve linked the article that was written by one of the
vendors about the circumstances that they’re in being under that crane
closure situation so please check it out. Don’t forget to like, comment and
subscribe to our Youtube channel and every week I ask you to share this video this week I’d
really like you to share just because we’re trying get the word out to help
some of the businesses and that’s one of the main reasons we started this YouTube
channel so if you can share and spread the word and like we can do everything
we can to help these stores I’d be really really grateful so thank you for
watching and we’ll see you next week Hi guys welcome to this week’s My
Halifax…um…I forgot what I’m supposed to say we’re off to a flying start… Thank you for making it
all the way to the end of this week’s video make sure you hit the big round
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