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Honest Government Ad | Charity Gag Law

Honest Government Ad | Charity Gag Law

Hello, I’m from the Australien Government you know, the wankers whose salaries you pay to lecture the nation about the sanctity of marriage But we do more than just haunt your dreams
with images of Barnaby’s beetrooting we’ve also put this psycho
in charge of your National Security And to make sure you’re all feeling safe,
we’re introducing a new law to protect Australian politics from outside interference No, not from him – he’s fine No – what he did would still
be totes legal under this new law No, no, no – of course corrupt, tax-dodging,
offshore mining companies will still be able to buy off politicians We’re cracking down on the real threat to
our national security… Charities and Community Groups Did you know such groups have been responsible
for dangerous national security breaches? such as trying to save the Reef…
and the Bight… and calling on us to address poverty and homelessness They’re the highest level security threats
we’ve ever faced and left unchecked, could lead
some politicians to face… CRITICISM That’s why, instead of making laws to actually
protect Australia from outside interference we’re making laws to protect ourselves from you
– by silencing the groups you support It’s all part of our MANK Policy: coz nothing
says Democracy like throwing charity staff in jail for 10 years
for not filling in some paperwork MANK is such a clear violation of free speech,
even these rabid conservatives have called it a pile of shite That’s right: we’re so terrified of
Knitting Nannas Against Gas we’re even willing to piss off our best friends
– if it helps us to silence our critics The only way you can stop MANK is by calling
on Labor to block this bullshit in Parliament But hey, if you could count on them to be
an effective Opposition Party you probably wouldn’t need to join groups like
Knitting Nannas and GetUp in the first place Australien Government. Working hard to remove
the real “outside interference” in our politics… You! Authorised by the Department of South North Korea

  • You know I never did trust my self! Thanks Australian Government form protecting me from myself! I feel safer already!

  • Fighting the police state is good and all but this channel seems to have a liberal agenda pushing diversity, Islam, mass immigration, refugees, etc.

  • And yet all the good little boys and girls will run to the poling booths at the next election and give their support to yet another psycho. When are they ever going to learn that THEY are the idiots that keep giving these scum power. Vote no one at the next election or vote to put the public in charge of their own lives, after all they"re just people saying that WE as people can't look after our selves. What makes them MORE able to tell us what we need and how we WANT to live OUR lives.

  • Juice Media, not only are you videos extremely funny and truthful, but you give useful links so we, the plebs, can contribute a voice. An informed public is the (last?) hope.

  • 0:12 So this is all about OPEN Border's Leftist BULLSHIT is it? Yeah just have a open door policy on immigration because its raciest to have a immigration policy.. BULLSHIT

  • Buahahahha! ROTFL
    And EU says that Polish government violates the freedom of speech and abuses the High Court independence.
    Watching these videos, and recent news from France, Sweden and few other countries I am really happy to live in Poland. It doesn't mean there are no problems at all, though… but people live rather normally – without fears like those presented in many of your vids, and without fears people from countries mentioned above must live with every day.

  • Wow, it sounds like the Australian government and other public officials and politicians are just made up of the children of the inbred criminals that were originally sent there.

  • Please don't flash the Indian flag for Adani. Even we don't like Adani. He's caused enough ruin and environmental damage in our beautiful country already.

  • At least they got one thing right GET UP is a corrupt organisation as for Peter Dutton he is the only one trying to keep Australia safe

  • I'll be honest, I live on the Balkan and we have plenty of problems over here, but I watched too many of your videos allready, so can you just tell me who this charming lady is? Thank you.

  • Australians should have a revolution and hang all their politicians in the streets… You just need some rope, a horde of people with pitch forks and torches.

  • lol mank. I have no idea what most of this shit is I am from California, but Australian chicks are hot af. jeez

  • be a modern slave and enjoy ILLUSION BEING OF happy go lucky imbecile upright cattle of PSYCHOPATHS occult pharaohs network of puppet masters parasites "F"TOPIA.. WORLD IS A LIVE MANIFESTATION OF PSYCHOPATHS , SOCIOPATH , NARCISSISTS TRAITS

    STOP playing their bloody left right ,anti this that paradigm games never ending division confusion deception loops ,…WHAT WE REALLY LACK IS SHARING CARING LOVING ,SUPPORTING EACH OTHERS AND MORAL INTELLECTUALS ,…



  • Why does your brain hurt? Because psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists share a particular set of traits that will eventually make any healthy person feel crazy:

    1. Superficial Charm

    Don’t be fooled by this idea that charm must be confident or arrogant. A psychopath’s charm is specifically suited to their target. Sure, some people respond well to flattery and gifts. But others might have a softer spot for the sympathetic, shy routine. Psychopaths are experts at making their chosen target feel “special”. Whichever persona they choose, on thing is certain: it’s not authentic. Psychopaths are shape-shifting chameleons who constantly rearrange their personalities depending on your individual needs.

    2. Manufactured Reactions

    Psychopaths intentionally cause chaos and sit back & play innocent while they blame you for reacting. They will provoke you, and then when you (understandably) react, they’ll patronizingly inform you that they’re “not having this discussion with you again”—which starts to make you feel like a hypersensitive nutcase. In the workplace, they’ll use these manufactured reactions to calmly turn others against you and prove how “crazy” you are. In a relationship, they’ll use these reactions to garner sympathy from future potential mates.

    3. Pathological Lying

    Psychopaths lie constantly, even when the truth would be a better story—even when there’s absolutely no reason to lie. They are so used to shifting personas and stories that lying becomes the default mode for them. If you ever question these lies (even if you have proof), they will promptly turn it back around on you for being paranoid and over-analyzing everything.

    4. No Remorse

    Normal people feel intense guilt and shame when they do things that psychopaths do (lie, cheat, steal, manipulate). But psychopaths don’t feel any remorse for their behavior. Weirder yet, they actually seem to enjoy it. Psychopaths know that their behavior hurts others, and it’s why they do it. The only time a psychopath will ever apologize to you is to save face, or if they still need something from you. It’s never actually about remorse.

    5. Covert Backstabbing and Betrayal

    Psychopaths devalue and replace others at the drop of a hat. Although you probably experienced an instant connection of trust and excitement with them, you’ll come to realize they can forge that bond with anyone. After once declaring you better than all the “crazy” people in their life, they’ll go running back to those very same people and declare you crazy. Psychopaths have no loyalty, no attachment, and no love. They leave behind a trail of destruction, and they blame their victims for it every time.

    6. Turning People Against Each Other

    When a psychopath enters the picture, you’ll find yourself disliking people you’ve never even met. Psychopaths are constantly whispering poison and gossip into everyone’s ears, making each person feel jealous and suspicious of the others. But they do so under a guise of innocence, using pity stories and pseudo-concern to warp your perception. Psychopaths want people distracted and in constant competition for their attention, so they seem in high-demand at all times.

    7. Cognitive Dissonance

    This one involves look within. When a psychopath enters your life, you’ll notice an intense and ever-increasing sense of dread and self-doubt. Your brain will struggle to reconcile the “perfect” person from the beginning, with the inappropriate behavior you’re starting to see more regularly. That’s because that perfect person never actually existed. It was a persona, created just for you. This is the hardest thing for our minds and hearts to understand.

  • I can't take australians news hostesses are so hot. INVESTIGATE YOUR WATER FILTRATION PLANTS, that's where they start

  • Interesting Australia as Germany are not legal states and actually run on a businessbased model.
    Like for example in germany many official institutions or courts are listed in the duns and bradstreet business journal with its own DUNS number.
    Go check it out on the australian officials too.

  • HI austrailia……soon to follow the model of Mao Tse Sung (sp?) . I always that that your country was freedom loving LOLLLLL

  • Wow! At last Australians have recognized that "don't dob in your mate' (i.e. be a whistleblower) is the absolute formula for the decay, disintegration and demise of the Aussie culture. Unless we clean up our act we will wind up like, gasp!!, the effing US with a Trump-like PM … VOTE!!

  • Maybe the saddest thing is that you could probably < INSERT ANY GOVERNMENT NAME> and the same principles and concepts would still apply …

  • Dude that homeless number is retarded that’s like 420 people per 100 thousand people. For perspective the US is at like 169 per 100 thousand people. Australia shouldn’t be worse then us y’all need to get on that.

  • NGOs that support mass migration like the open society foundation actually are issues though and they do need to be cracked down on. These are foreign proxies that undermine the sovereignty of nation states all over the world.

  • Possibly the most informative source for what is going on in Australia and the world and definitely the most entertaining….

  • More dickheads in power doing what DICKHEADS do – `Oz pollies truly are “a pack of mendacious shitlords dealing in absolute shit fuckery…..” (fascists by any standards:
    ‘“Fascism should be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.“
    – Benito Mussolini

    And I’m very impressed at how well the Australian government fits Benito Mussolini’s most apt Definition.

  • green peace & amnesty are some fucked up groups. They have vested agendas run by some European nazi lobby.

  • Funny channel. Clever comedy. One asterisk if I may. If you believe Putin is a bad guy and that China means ill, you too have had your brains thoroughly mulched through the spin cycle set to high. Leaving China alone for a minute, Russia (and Putin) are actually the only ones trying desperately to save what's left of sanity on this (almost) forsaken planet, Australia included. But I'm sure this is for deaf ears only… or blind eyes as the case may be. Cheerio.

  • Haven't been there for nearly 20 years. Looks like things got a lot worse. It was bad in 98. I left because an old Aborigine woman told me in a dream I had one early morning that I was going to be whacked for all the nasty, rude, yet TRUTHFUL letters I wrote about the doggie-number-twos-people in Gov that ended up in PM John Howard's office in CanBEERra. Especially the letters about the Jewdishery in New South Wales.

  • I know this video has been here for a while, not sure if you are still checking the comments.
    I don't see the correlation between the groups & charities (?)

    I originally had a second look at the video today because of some information I have come in contact with regarding the crazy, crazy world of charity organizations & the 'charity industry.'

    My friend is a stakeholder (for lack of me having a better description – partner?) in a small & progressing charity organization (he says it's not a tax dodge, I believe him) that is receiving some true blue shitfuckery treatment from large established charities; and that they are using some heavy political clout to perform this ShiFu, at a FEDERAL level ! !

    And I noticed a while back, one of your videos talks of the re-introduction of slavery on people. You didn't elaborate on how (probably the wise thing) but something I notice is that when people are forced, I mean, required to work for the dole, here in Adelaide they usually end up at one particular charity organization.

    Keep up the good work Juice, if you don't, who else would?

  • You guys are great: very informative, really well presented and the messages are powerful. True, sadly, but powerful. Well done to both of you.

  • every western corporate allied fuck hole country is the same corrupt bullshitting global cults and clowns in leadership , the world is fukd' alright!

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