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How Blackbaud Helps Mercy Health Foundation

How Blackbaud Helps Mercy Health Foundation

My name is Kathleen Stacker and I am the manager for
Foundation data administration. I work with Mercy Health Foundation. Our mission is to provide
the best care that we can to our patients, to
constantly be seeking out new and innovative means of healthcare and to do it in the ministry of Jesus. We are constantly, as all data teams are, looking at improving the data
integrity for our foundations and we have used the systems that Blackbaud has put in place. NCOA, AddressFinder,
a lot of the plug-ins, the DeceasedRecordFinder. It’s very user-friendly. There’s not too much that it doesn’t do. It’s one of the most robust
softwares that I’ve ever used. Productivity has increased
with Financial Edge and Raiser’s Edge being interfaced because we are much more seamless, we’re much more efficient and effective. We have 20 different foundations that operate out of one system, so we’re much more streamlined in the way we process and
close our month’s end. Our leadership feels like they’re getting a lot more real-time support because the reporting and things like that from Raiser’s Edge NXT is
right at their fingertips. If a Major Gift Officer
is out in the field, they don’t have to come by
the office to get information. They’re much more effective
out in the field that way. One of the biggest changes
that we are experiencing in healthcare is that the
patient experience is changing. Patients don’t have to go to an office. With all the virtual
care that’s coming down, the patient experience is different and you can no longer really rely on the patient lists from a hospital. We have to find those patient
prospects in another way and the products that
Blackbaud offers allows us to identify and track
those patients in a way that we can really segment them. Because of our relationship
with Blackbaud, Mercy Health Foundation has been able to streamline all of the
solutions that we currently use and we are much more
effective and efficient.

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