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How Dress for Success Changed Priscilla’s Life | Spring 2020 FabFitFun Charity Partner

How Dress for Success Changed Priscilla’s Life | Spring 2020 FabFitFun Charity Partner

Dress for Success was first introduced to
me by my mother. I was expecting at the time, and I felt that
being in a community of women was definitely what I needed. And at that time, I was a Public Safety Officer. I was one of 2 females on my shift, and there
was a total of 6 females within the department. It was very challenging for me to have a voice. It was something about the culture that I
just felt I couldn’t bring up or know how to properly say things that I felt were deemed
necessary. When I first started out with Dress for Success,
I went through the program called “Professional Women’s Group.” Every single workshop or meeting that I went
to that I was able to attend, there was always a takeaway. I was able to take the techniques that I learned
from the workshops to my workplace and apply them by having the courage to speak up when
necessary, even if it felt hard to do. I did it. Due to a reorganization, the department was
eliminated, but because of Dress for Success, I was able to still have the courage to keep
on fighting to have that voice and be able to go out there in the community and find
a position. Being in the “Financial Education” workshop
and being taught by these wonderful leaders, I thought, “Wow, I could see myself doing
that!” So one day after class, I said, “I want to
know how to do what you do.” And she said, “Guess what? We’re hiring!” So that same night, I went and I looked up
the position, and I applied and waited patiently, and I was offered the position! It’s because of Dress for Success that I was
able to find that place and be a part of it. Because I have gone through the different
stages and programs through Dress for Success, I now – after being mentored – I now am able
to be a mentor to another young woman who would like to be a part of this program. And I am honored to be able to do that. You can support Dress for Success and more
women like me by going right now to Add-Ons and donating!

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