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How Dress for Success Helped Eulynda Out of Unemployment | Spring 2020 FabFitFun Charity Partner

How Dress for Success Helped Eulynda Out of Unemployment | Spring 2020 FabFitFun Charity Partner

I didn’t want to change careers! I was forced to change careers. You know, you’re going great at a job that
you think is gonna last forever. I was living the life! And then, all of the sudden, I got a new boss,
new ideas. Things change. So that’s when the unemployment came into
play. I was in this bubble, consumed with trying
to find a job. In the beginning, I had no fear. I had my degree. I had experience, and I thought it would be
really – I really did think it was gonna be a piece of cake. But then later on after nobody was biting,
I was on the computer at home alone. It is a daunting thing to just not be working
when you’re used to working all the time and making money. And you don’t want to tell anybody, and they
say if you have a degree, you know, everything will come to you and it doesn’t. I took a class at Worksource, and the lady
there introduced me to Dress for Success. You go through a program there. We went over my resumé. We went over some skills on, you know, what
you do in an interview. Then toward the end, we did mock interviews. They give you your own dresser. I felt better about myself and better about
my situation. Once I found out that there was a way, I wasn’t
alone, I can help people – you know, how you doin’, girl? What you doin’? You’re looking great! Let’s go. Let’s sit down about it, and give the same
positive feedback that they gave me at Dress for Success that I needed during that time
in my life. I can give that back to people. Dress for Success. They don’t know what they do. Maybe they do know what they do when you’re
just at your wit’s end. They are there for you. They’re there for women. They want you to be successful. It is not about they’re gonna get you a job,
which I love about it. No! They’re gonna give you the skills or teach
you the skills and what you need in order to go out and get the job on your own. The tools that you need! Being confident and having that confidence. Give me those clothes! Clothes are important that you feel good in,
you feel comfortable in, that you can go in and say, “Yeah, I can slay this because look
at me! I got this!” That’s what Dress for Success taught me. You can be who you are, you know, and you
can look good doing it. They give you, you know, some clothes. So it’s really nice! You can support Dress for Success and women
like me! Go to Add Ons right now and donate!

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