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How giving to United Way helps the homeless

How giving to United Way helps the homeless

– [Homeless Shelter
Resident] I’m born and raised here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. What brought me to the shelter was my reading skills wasn’t as well, and the economy kinda went down, and I found myself homeless. Now, when you don’t have anything, your spirit is down, and I found spirit in this place. (light music) I kept asking myself,
why did you wait so long? Why didn’t I just come at the beginning? I slept in my car, I stayed
over at relatives house, and even though they were my family they treated me like trash. I came here and they had
programs that you go to. Anger management, art programs, and a lot of different things
that really encouraged me and gave me the strength to move on. You know, I come to the shelter and I feel good here, I learn how to read, I have an apartment, I’m about to start truck driving school. It’s not a good feeling to be homeless. It’s not a good feeling to be all alone. There’s a lot of good people out there, they could do a lot more for themself if they had someone who looked out, and like I said, someone
looked out for me. So I encourage all the people to come out and try to do positive things, you know, try to give back.

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