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How Scrip Works | ShopWithScrip

How Scrip Works | ShopWithScrip

When you think about using gift cards the default response is to give them as presents. But gift card fundraising, or scrip for short, introduces the idea of using gift cards for
self-spending. That’s why we say scrip is fundraising while you shop. Let’s talk through how scrip works with an example from Katherine, who is raising money for her daughter’s
school. Katherine logs into and orders a $100 grocery gift card that has a 4% rebate. She paid the face value for the card, and the $4 rebate contribution goes directly
to her daughter’s school! Katherine takes that gift card to the grocery
store and uses the full amount to stock her kitchen just like she normally does the only difference is that she used scrip
to pay instead of cash or a credit card and she raised money for the school without
any selling or soliciting. Another bonus? ShopWithScrip offers over 750 retailer brands with great rebates anywhere from 2 to 16%. Plus, some retailers even offer electronic
and reloadable gift cards making scrip truly the only fit-with-your-lifestyle-fundraiser

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