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How To Ask For Shoe Donations

How To Ask For Shoe Donations

When asking for donations you should ask
as many times as you can but how often is too often? Hi I am Kristy. And I’m Eric. And
today’s 60 second shoe drive fundraising tip is ask and ask again. Don’t worry your
supporters want to help you they just need to know how and you need to remind
them often. Because the demands of today’s modern life and how many
distractions people have people become distracted so easily so you want to be
able to remind them as often as you can. Use whatever outlets you have use social
media, use flyers, use phone calls. Hello?No not you. Use phone calls, use emails. Make sure
you remind them and do it differently every single time so you don’t become
annoying. And when you’re changing up the messaging each time you do this ask make
sure to remind them how the shoes in your shoe Drive fundraiser make a
difference. Each bag of gently worn, used and new shoes
can represent something different for your cause. Connect with your fundraising
coach to discuss this and other ideas. We’re here to help.
what you didn’t America you’re Merrick American married I’m Eric America good
luck putting the words down there for that one music in your head I got the
speed inside my bones

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