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How to do Political Campaign Fundraising: Family, Relatives, Close Friends

How to do Political Campaign Fundraising: Family, Relatives, Close Friends

We’ve been talking recently about ways those
running for office can raise money. Today, some help on identifying the five most
important sources of campaign contributions. There are five general categories of campaign
contributors. 1. Family, relatives and close friends. 2. People who know you and like you. 3. People and ideological organizations that
believe in your cause. 4. People who dislike your opponent. 5. Those who need access to you if you win. We call them investors. Today a little about that first category…family,
relatives and close friends. If you are running for office, these are the
people you know best, and those most likely to give, if you ask. Look at your family tree. In addition to parents and siblings, look
for aunts, uncles, cousins, their spouses, and extended family members. Go through the contact list on your mobile
phone, or rolodex, or the email addresses you have stored in your address book. When you find the name of a relative or close
friend jot it down. Check your high school and college yearbooks,
your church directory, membership list of clubs and organizations you belong or once
belonged to, your holiday card list, people you have worked on past projects or in past
jobs. s is not an exhaustive list of people you
are going to ask for money…but it is the place to start because this will be the easiest
money your raise…what we call your low-hanging fruit. Next…put an amount next to each name…the
size of the contribution you plan to ask them for, and then start making calls. Some Important caveats: 1. YOU need to make the calls. People in this category may be offended if
you don’t ask personally. 2. If you ask everybody on this list and no one
wants to give, put aside your political ambitions until you’ve made better friends. Next week I’ll be back with some words about
people in the second category I mentioned, people who know you and like you. Click the subscribe link button on or just
below this screen and you’ll receive it the minute it goes live. I’m Jay Townsend

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