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How To Dress Well & Look Expensive on a Budget!

How To Dress Well & Look Expensive on a Budget!

  • Ah!! I've been waiting for the Coolirpa collab!! I've followed her for years and I got really excited when I saw that you were collabing! I thought it wasn't happening anymore since it never came out, but glad to know it's still on!!

  • Hey Sierra, great video!!! One of my problems as a girl with bigger thighs is that my pants always ripp like around my inner thigh where my legs touch. Is this just me or not ??????

  • Thank you, love your videos!!!
    I'm always unconfident about thuckin in the shirt, feels like showing the belly and not flatterig at all :/

  • Always buy clearance or 2nd hand. Legit my outfits head to toe are always under 50. Today I have a $2 dress, $7 purse, and $12 shoes.

  • My mom always told me that while shopping do the dollar per use. If it’s $50 will you wear it 50 times? If not it’s not worth it!! Works amazing for me! ♥️

  • Hi sierra! Thanks for being an inspiration! I always watch your video specially when i feel insecure about my weight at times. Do you also get strecthmarks by any chance? Can you do a skincare routine?

  • Hi Sierra I heard you on Erika Vieira's podcast. Thanks for the great advice both on the podcast and your videos. I love your energy!!!!

  • Hi Sierra, I'm from Brazil and I see you on Carina (English in Brazil Channel) videos. I loved your channel and your videos are helping me to improve my english, thankssss ❤

  • I love watching you videos, cause I always think "she looks like me!" I have trouble with body positivity and it so nice to have tips and just see other people be so comfortable with themselves

  • I always go to tj Maxx when I want cheap name brand. For 5-20 dollars I’ve gotten shirts from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, joggers from juicy couture, leggings from adidas. You really have to take the time to look through everything as they may only have 1 or 2 in each size. I also like the second hand store Plautos closet. I never buy anything over 10 dollars but have gotten really nice blouses, sweaters, skirts, and some Ralph Lauren polos. I also got a tee from pink and a 20 dollar Calvin Klein purse.

  • I love the tucking in thing, I do it when I can, but I always get self conscious from side views, any tips to improve thoughts or the look?

  • Loved this video and have been binge watching your channel now for a week. Am a new subscriber. I’m not sure how to write this but you say in this video that it is sponsored by ThredUp but in the description box at the bottom it says FTC not a sponsored video. ?

  • – Invest in quality fabrics and know what to look for in clothes. Viscose gets old nasty, basically requires as much care as silk. Lyocell looks great perfectly ironed, but after few hours of wearing – not so much. It wrinkles in a very ugly way. Cheap pullovers look cheap and it is hard to get them back to shape, while cashemere can be literally brought back to life from dead. And so on and so on. Huge change. The insane comfort you get from wearing breathing, natural textiles also influence your look – no more sweat.
    – take care of your clothes: lint roller, steamer, shaving device, good iron are a must. If you don't like ironing or hand washing, take it under consideration before buying clothes. Cheap clothes often require a lot of work to look nice for long.
    -Iron your t-shirts. It makes a huge difference.
    -tailor more pricey clothes if needed, instead of looking for a "perfect piece". I always buy midi dresses and I cut them, instead of searching for a perfect mini length.
    -online secondhand shops are a blessing – especially if you take care for the quality, not brands. I got all my silk shirts, cashmere sweaters and wool jackets from thrift stores for ridiculously low prices.
    -look for discount websites. Zalando in europe (regular shop) got zalando-prive option with short, 1-2 thematic sales and up to 70% discounts. Great for shoes and bags.
    -And – some people may not like it – don't overdo it. Too much sex appeal, too much bling bling, visibly super uncomfortable pieces, look so polished it's more like a shop decor, than outfit – look kind of cheap on the street even if the quality of particular pieces is great. Trying too hard somehow is not stylish, instagram is not real life.

  • Actually untucking a shirt, as long as it is fitted, but not tight, flatters your figure more because it skims over the tummy and smooths out your figure. The tucked in style emphasizes your tummy and the belt doesn't help because 1) you don't need a belt except as an accessory and 2) it cuts your figure in half at the worst possible point, where you are thickest.

  • And the skinny jeans look is NOT flattering on you, Sierra, I'm sorry. Straight leg jeans are a better look for us curvy girls with large thighs. Otherwise our legs look like turkey legs.

  • Also, I thin learning to sew is a good skill to have. If you can't find a black dress that you like then if you know how to sew you can make your own black dress tailored perfectly just for you.

  • If your tucking something in, make sure the jeans are high rise. Maybe it’s just my body type, but tucking shirts into low/mid-rise jeans looks strange to me

  • Thanks for this video! Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!! You look fabulous! ??

    Thred UP is literally 10mins away from my house.
    Not the best place, not the best customer service, items that you send you might not get credit for and they will sell in a mystery box etc cause they won't send it back to you unless you pay shipping and even then you might still not get it. I can say this because I had this bad experience not once but twice.
    Once again, I live 10min or less from the warehouse and I cannot drop off anything or pick up anything… I still have to ship it, and pay for shipping etc.
    I rather go thrifting and spend my money on small local thrift shops. Thankfully there's thrift stores all over in my town.

  • You could also just tuck in the front of your shirt a.k.a. the "French Tuck". I've been doing this lately and I LOVE the look on my body. It seems more relaxed than the full shirt tuck and I feel less self conscious.

  • I just found you yesterday and I just love you! Your personality is fabulous. I’ll be watching many of your videos. You are wonderful, Sierra!

  • in the makeup part of this vid, I got frustrated. you are telling your viewers that you need makeup to look presentable not to mention that you are using tart shape tape foundation which is not a wide color range.

  • Can I get more info on thred up? Shops like these scare me because I can’t physically try it on. A pair at jeans at one store for me in a size 8 but another store a size 13…so what if I order something and it looks hideous on me?

  • This might sound a bit weird, but how does someone even tuck in a shirt??? Everytime I try to tuck my shirts in there are weird lumps in my pants but I really like the tucked-in-shirt look. I just don't know how to do it correctly ??? pls help

  • I sm 30 with no kids but i go every year to our family beach house for one month what your thought of styling roud the family? I suck at style & styling for your crush that you think wont like you ?

  • I always try to figure out how long I would have to work to afford an item. Ex. Is this shirt worth the two hours I spend at work? It has really helped me cut down on unnecessary spending. I also rely heavily on thrift shopping which is a lot of fun

  • I really find this helpful. Some things i didn't know and other things i forgot.
    And it was really helpful that you showed us why things work better, like the t-shirt in or out your pants and showing
    your belt. It really looked more elegant with the shirt tucked in. But i have a different body type than you.
    I'm also an inbetweenie (not really plus size, but also not thin), but i have small hips and but and by belly is more fat, so
    i try most of the time to cover my but and hips a bit, because i find them unflattering.
    That's why i tuck in my shirts only in the front, so it looks a little more put together and showing my belt, but hiding the hips and but.
    I would love to have your figure.

  • What do I do if I’m extremely insecure about my hips? Just looking at them makes me cry. Any advice?

  • In my opinion, the stuff purchased from thredup still looks cheap. But I don’t think that is a reflection on the website but rather on the brands that were purchased. Most of them were fast fashion brands (American eagle, express etc) so if you would like to elevate your look I would suggest investing into other brands even though they might be more expensive (:

  • Most of my clothes are gifts or hand me downs, and on one hand I think it's really sweet, but on the other hand that means I often have to wear things that aren't really my style. Any advice on how to personalize things you wouldnt normally wear?

  • Would it look okay if I tuck in my shirt and have an apple/inverted triangle body? I think it makes my wide shoulders and big boobs look bigger and makes my lower body look smaller…

  • YAS, your promo code STILL works and it just basically paid for shipping to the Canadian North! I am shopping now for my trip to Disneyland in November! So excited and THANK YOU Sierra! Love your channel

  • honestly girl, been binging your videos recently and man you are such a bloody superstar!!! have a great weekend!!

  • I hope the tips aren’t buy a few designer items that you can use all the time. That’ll never be in my budget

  • I always question when the retail price is so high but they are selling it for super cheap. I’ve always heard the low price is the actual value and companies send things to those manufacturers for the only purpose to sell them at low prices

  • All those items are oer priced even though she thinks its a deal… Go shop on Poshmark! Or thrifting lol…. like I basically bought all these same items $8 and under lol Don't go to Thread up… Like what a rip off

  • i just wanted to say i've strugled with my weigh a lot and now i don't have any clothes that are actually my size. i just keep telling myself i will lose or gain weigh (it happens fast) and i should not buy new ones. i only wear old stuff and i feel so badly dressed

  • I adore you, but I disagree about the tucking in of the shirts. I dislike that look on me so much and even on my boys.

  • Also buy a defuzzer/depiller particularly to make sweaters keep looking new and not like you’ve work them 100x

  • I love your information so much to learn from , I have a question what kind of bra you were wearing in the black short dress , btw you look so cute in the black dress

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