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How to embed a Youtube video in PowerPoint | Slidebean Tutorials

How to embed a Youtube video in PowerPoint | Slidebean Tutorials

Today I’ll show you how to embed a Youtube
video on a presentation. I’ll start by doing it in Slidebean and
then show you how to do it in a couple of different Powerpoint versions. If you’re looking for that specifically,
you can skip to this… time marker on the video. In Slidebean, you don’t need to worry about
being on Mac or Windows, having an old version of the program or anything. It is as simple as adding the video element
to the slide, then paste its URL (yes, you can just copy it from the browser search bar,
no need for embed codes or anything). If it’s only the video, it will fill the
slide. You can manually resize it if needed and even
if you have something else in the slide, like a title or some text, Slidebean will arrange
it automatically for you so that it looks good. In Powerpoint this can be slightly different
depending on what version you have and even your operative system. From the 2013 version and on, it’s done
similarly so I’ll show you how to do it in the latest version. In the 2018-19 version, you can embed a Youtube
video in a slide by going to “Insert”, then look for the video button. Click here and select “Online video”. It gets cumbersome if you happen to have an
older version than 2013 and you’ll need to get into the developer mode to go through
a bunch of settings that we won’t cover here. You can also just paste the video URL to the
slide and link it but of course, this isn’t ideal as you’ll need to leave the presentation
to watch the video and then go back. So there you have, now it’s up to you how
to use Youtube videos in your presentations.

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