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How To Grow Your Facebook Audience | Fundraising Tips

How To Grow Your Facebook Audience | Fundraising Tips

Hi, I’m Kristy with Funds2Orgs and I’m
Eric, hello. In last week’s video, we discussed how Facebook security affects your
nonprofit. Now that you know how to secure your data, today we’re discussing
how to grow your Facebook audience. To make it easy for you, we have three tips,
but first remember the key to success is consistency. Tip number one: post daily. If
you’re looking to grow your social networking audience on Facebook you want
to be consistent and post seven days a week.
It’s true, there’s seven days in a week. I learned that last week, I bought a calendar and stuff. I’m an adult now. The more you post, the better Facebook will recognize that you’re
posting daily and their algorithms will give you preferential treatment on
whatever you’re posting. So, remember to be consistent and post seven days a week and
keep it interesting. Tip two: ask for information. Engage your followers in fun
and interesting polls and surveys as well as creating giveaways to get them
entertained. Although social media may seem to be a lot about venting these
days, the truth is that the majority of the videos that go viral are often
inspiring, fun, and even enjoyable to watch. So give
your followers a reason to laugh little. Tip
number three: Facebook live. If your team isn’t on Facebook live, you’re missing a
significant opportunity for growth. Video is supplanting postings and
live-streaming by far has the best results of any posting. It may seem
intimidating, but the best thing to do is just jump in, grab your phone, and do a
live posting. People want real and engaging, they don’t want you making up
something that’s really staged. They just wanna see the real you so try to keep
your video under three minutes and just be yourself.
We hope you guys enjoyed these three tips on growing your Facebook audience.
Make sure to give us a like on Facebook and to subscribe to this channel. Once
again, I’m Kristy, and I’m Eric, and we’ll see you guys next time. Thanks again!

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