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How to look expensive and classy on a budget

How to look expensive and classy on a budget

(Shruti)So what’s their speciality? Designer
designer clothes, clothes that are pre loved. Some of them even have tags on them. Did you ever find a good bargain here? My Gucci flip-flops.Okay…So
I had been into Gucci the same day actually And seen them there.They were four
thousand dirhams, and I came in here And they were sitting as you may see later
on ,there are shoes on every step And I walked in and they were my size and they were on the bottom step and hardly used. (Shruti)Amazing. Ya really amazing and a quarter of the price. We are back again. Clare and I. Hello! Thank you for joining me I do appreciate this. (Clare) Oh pleasure. So today we’re shopping for second hand
designer clothes and we both know and love a fabulous shop called “Designs ” in Hampstead. Well we’re going to have a little peek inside and see what goodies we can see ahead of the holiday season I’m excited Clare. Very excited .And it’s such a great shop we will just show you. This in the shop window
so you get all these incredible designer pieces. And you never know what you’re
gonna find am I in love second hand this is me in my element Evey. I love it too ! I mean I love anything designer but definitely more so for me now I think secondhand purchase is the way to go. My challenge has been set as has Evey’s
by Shruti for a red carpet outfit Sequins. Well they’re huge this season
aren’t they? But they’re more likely to paillettes aren’t they? Beautiful.They’re stitched in nicely so it’s got a nice backing to it… Pockets. This is gonna be great if you love your legs as well. That skirt! Just look at that. It’s lined in leather . 12. Isabel Marant. Look how cute is that? (Shruti)This is basically for a red carpet event right? Oh is it that what it is? It’s not for a girls night out? (Shruti) Yes ! Did we do girls night out before? (Shruti) We did ! Damn! Now you’re
completely ok…something (Clare) Oh yes! I can see you wearing that . (Clare) I love that ! And I like that you’ve got the neutral
tone with the black it’s not just black. (Clare)Because that can be quite..urm.. bold on some people I think it just softens it Definitely good neckline no? Looks really nice. ” For Love & Lemons” 🙂 🙂 That’s nice 🙂 OK! These are red carpet. Look at that ! (Shruti) Wow! We can do red carpet.We can do anything here Wow! How long is that seriously?? I know I’m short but really ! Look 🙁 When people ask have I been a model for a long time I say no because I was never tall enough . Luckily when you become older and become a model, height doesn’t seem to matter so much That is beautiful ! (Shruti)Wow! Yes. Always wanted Gianni Versace.
(Clare)That is gorgeous! So velvet the softer way of doing it.
A Devoré .. So Devoré is a more of a slightly burnout effect on top of the fabric So for me this makes it so interesting because you’ve got this lovely detail on here So this reminds me of my grandpa many years ago gave me some pieces of jewellery… They’re my size but I don’t wear brown. (Shruti) Why’s that? I was brought up not mixing brown and black and I wear black so much… Kind of a rule in my head it’s been ingrained by my mother .( Shruti) OK… For a lot of things I’ve
changed the rules, but that one I can’t get over that one.. (Shruti) I have a question for you . (Caroline) What’s the question? (Shruti)So we were talking about you know like memories of childhood. After 50 how do you actually get rid of them? Is there a life hack that you have found? I think when you grow up maybe you realize that they were not as important as you thought they were . So you do prioritise them. Still upsets me if I see a brown belt on a black outfit. Let’s go on trying on… Clareeee ! The little black dress section! I always love to find the little black dress! For me everyone needs a little black dress
maybe not just one maybe two or three or four…(Clare) Or ten? 🙂 A huge amount to show to you.
I’m so excited about the little black dress. Another one for you. I think this is your day ! This is just super-super sexy I love lace. Yes it’s very very sheer but you know what team this with a lovely long slip of contrast colors underneath Absolutely gorgeous .A little high neckline.So you got that modesty up there 🙂 But the whole of the fabric is just screaming sexy. Something else though that I miss
spy. A little baby dollesque if I say.. But this is super super cute
Donna Karen. I have always always aspired to have a Donna Karen piece And I’m going to try
this on because I think it’s an empire line cut So again it’s gonna be pretty pretty
flattering . Got lovely little coverage on the upper part of the shoulders. Softly gathered. Nice high pair of heels or make it funky and pair it down with your fabulous boots that you spied .(Clare) Absolutely. Lots of shoes. So pretty. They are pretty though cause they are so small.Size 37. Shoes do look pretty when they are small. (Shruti)Caroline are you feeling like
Cinderella’s stepsister? Well now you mention it 🙂 Jimmy Choo. 39. Oh I am going to try this on just because. (Shruti) What’s your size ? 39 . Anyways. So I am thinking colour. Normally we go for black don’t we ? For an evening wear But look at this. Wow! I mean this is stunning. So this is a really vibrant red. This is by Yohji Yamamoto, must say it correctly .my secret yeah love love him (Clare) Ya . Love. Love him.Japanese designer. Really incredible
fabrications. What I love about this is it’s not going to hug too much around the curves so this will be a great feast to the eye. Really really drapey and you can even take
this into the summer season as well. That’s beautiful. That is very beautiful. (Shruti) Yes. I like the green one though because the green one is very unusual. Elegant. Very dressy but not over the top. Okay. Bottega Veneta.Stunning Italian
designer Interesting because you’ve got a gold Fleck here running through the material So it’s your classic black “Shiv style” dress however point of difference with the gold flake which makes it instantly quite evening… A little bit of sparkle but it’s subtle Clare… And this is not going to date
because it’s a really simple “Shiv style” dress. (Clare) I love that and there are sequins on that too ! No sequins at all. You’ve got an exposed black zip. So all the detail is in the fleck of the fabric. Really really clever .That lovely gold foil effect. (Clare) Gorgeous . (Shruti) So Caroline what do you think about preloved stuff ? If it’s clean it’s really like borrowing an outfit from a friend really .I think. Isn’t it? (Shruti) So it’s like sharing some love? Certainly is sharing love ! If you don’t want anymore there’s no point keeping it. If you don’t love your clothes there’s no point having them Which really makes me think I should go home and have another look through mine But it’s good to be surrounded by things that you love at the end of the day Be it clothes shoes accessories even furniture. (Shruti) Do I hear Marie Kondo talking? No because I’m older than Marie Kondo and I’ve always thought that This piece which I have to try on. I think this is really stunning Gorgeous .So this is your black classic dress Quite fitted. Ruched detailing around
your tummy which means it’s gonna hide any tummy… (Clare) Oh I love. The tummy that be growing a little bit at the beginning at this point in time 🙂 And that’s before the mid space . Yeah 🙂 (Clare) Festive season allowance I love that yeah! 🙂 That’s gorgeous. I love that . Think that’s stunning … Look at this ! Stairs, stairs of shoes Finally I spy a McQueen . It just shows the versatility of a black dress. How they can look so different.Just one color, but it’s just different shaping, different fabrics This is beautiful. Even down to oh my gosh scallops lace ! I know I don’t know how I feel about white shoes.. But I did have them in the shopping basket in.. on one of the apps on my phone. Because sometimes I feel I need
a pair of white shoes I don’t know I’m gonna take them . Did you ever see the princess of Wales wearing white shoes? (Shruti) No. Tada What do you think? Oh my goodness I love it. I love it and it’s that whole babydoll effect It feels really nice it doesn’t feel that it’s clinging too much to me And the shoes which you found for me are stunning (Clare)They’re Nicholas Kirkwood .Show us the heel I love them. Yes Please excuse the very white legs.
However you get much I think I will put fishnet tights on with this or a black opaque tight. Yes Yes. I love this this is gorgeous (Clare) And show us that because I picked up that little necklace just to show yes you
could… you don’t need to wear one .. But actually if you wanted to something like gold or even chunky yeah . Oh yeah fabulous well then again afterwards with a little white shirt as well What do you think of this ? Wow! Stunning absolutely stunning! This is a dress by Naeem Khan who is an Indian-American , non American Indian ! Let me get that one straight 🙂 And he dresses quite a lot of famous people Michelle Obama being one of them I think (Shruti) I heard that he dressed Queen Noor of Jordan. Well that’s pretty good. She is impeccable Very impressed with this dress. (Shruti) You look like Queen. Where’s your … Queen Noor ? 🙂 (Shruti) Where is your crown? 🙂 Where is my crown? Haven’t worn my crown for a long time Okay so Evey show us this in McQueen (Clare) Oh my goodness! You picked this one out for me 🙂 (Clare) I just think this is stunning on you. Thank you thank you. And I’ve got the necklace on again to just show it works beautifully. Do you want to see the back? (Clare) Turn around because
this is such an incredible piece. (Clare) Look at that zip .Yeah love the feature of that Look at the lace scalloped edging and the sleeves for me (Clare)oh my goodness look
at this this is like a sort of… (Clare)This is so hard to do it’s so artisanal. Yeah I have to say I really didn’t come in here thinking about shoes But I absolutely love the shoes ! Yes I might have to get the shoes! (Clare)And this is best of British.This is Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirk when Nicholas Kirk was very young (Clare)Alexandra Queen up see completely. Vintage now isn’t it? (Clare)It’s just so classic this is amazing (Shruti)Wow! Amazing! This I love because it is so different. This
is a dress by Balmain (Shruti)Just when I thought you couldn’t look any more prettier 🙂 I think this is it because it is so different. It’s almost a little bit red indian Isn’t it ? Do you know what I mean? (Shruti)Yes .Yes So I feel you would have to have your hair
long for it down for it… Whereas the other you probably could do a updo. I’am wearing a little pair of sandals by Manolo This or the other one Shruti? (Shruti)The other one. NOOO ! (Shruti) Yes. Are you sure ?( Shruti) Yes Oh my gosh! (Clare) What’s next? Is it the Badgley Mischka? It is! Wow! Personally I feel this is too
short for me I wouldn’t I disagree for (Clare) I disagree. I wouldn’t feel confident wearing it too short However if I was to team it with black-knee high boots. And that way you’re not seeing as much leg…like black knee-high Black knee-high boots. Like this? Yeah absolutely. You do that. Couldn’t you ? Or a suede? Oh I’ve got a suede knee-high boots. Similar to what you have Clare Then I’d feel better. But if you are in your 20s or 30s and you’ve
got fabulous legs and you know what you can take this…Easy (Clare) Look at the detail
yeah and we wouldn’t even need you next We wouldn’t even need… We could do next to not .. But look at the detail here and
look at that. This is stunning. That’s very flattering . (Shruti) This is so Dubai. Caroline you are in Dubai ! Wanted a pair of those for a while. You know the ones that have the pearl front and the back.. Yeah.. (Shruti) It’s beautiful. Another little piece that I think it’s
gonna be a little bit more for the daytime Or even occasion-wear going off to Christmas day service.. Look at this .This is stunning this is Alice Temperley This has got your name on it. (Clare)I love her . I’ve got quite a few of her things actually. I’m really big fan Isn’t it gorgeous? Yeah knee-high boots right oh I would probably go on a nude patent heel.. Like Louboutins. Black opaque tights.Stunning. One of your little bags… (Shruti)Are you falling in love? I love it! I kind of feel like I can’t put this down now. I’m also not gonna buy another bag until I found my Birkin. (Shruti) Your dream Birkin?
My dream Birkin…Yeah… I found an outfit to go with the white shoes Ohh this is beautiful. Isn’t it? Yes . This is Chanel I picked it up as soon as I walked up the stairs because it’s just pretty. Just pretty. Goes very well with the shoes … So this is what. This is the problem going to a pre-loved shop… And that is that you find things. (Shruti) Plus you’re deviating we’re
looking for red carpet. Yes… And I’m really stressed the fact that you like the black one better than the green one (Shruti) But it is beautiful. It fits so well that green one Perhaps we should let Evey decide. (Shruti) Yeah . Caroline both dresses are gorgeous and equally very different as well The classic little black dress I think it’s very elegant but for me my choice is the other one. I love the color on you.The silhouette was gorgeous And I think it’s different so there was a little bit of an edge of the 60s vibe.. But imagine that if it was a midi length sort of like Marie Kon vibes Because it’s long line and a maxi it’s so stylish it shows your beautiful figure amazingly And it’s interesting and I think it’s just nice to have something a little bit more unique. I’m watching Evey’s choices for her red carpet event I love the first dress it’s very interesting But I don’t think it does anything for her figure . She’s much slimmer than the dress makes her look. The second dress I think it’s a little bit too classic for her I think she is a bit more fun and edgy than that. The third one I love. The sparkly one without the necklace But yes it is a little bit too short. So my choise would be number 3 if you could let the hem down otherwise number 2 🙂 Maybe if I was going to Buckingham palace I would wear that I did have a suit made similar to a Chanel suit last time I went to Buckingham palace

  • Hi Caroline, "pre loved' indeed..those outfits you've picked up are simply stunning . I agree with your friend , this dress on you is simply amazing..TOP MODEL effect . I love this beautiful silk dress you're wearing, the fabric is gorgeous ..If I recall correctly you've designed it and had it made by a renowned Taylor in Dubai

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