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How to Look Rich Wealthy & Classy 2017 – Learn the Secrets how to Dress Rich

How to Look Rich Wealthy & Classy 2017 – Learn the Secrets how to Dress Rich

let’s face it once in a while we want to
give off that Rich Look even when we are not placed in this unless it’s fittest
sometimes we just want to appear rich for whatever reason this is a primer for
how to look like old money versus nouveau riche we’re just about anything
goes to pull it off here are the top 10 tips for is what you need to know to
appear rich women showering 1 have excellent hygiene and grooming the
obvious is showering brushing your teeth and washing your hair you want to look
clean and wholesome added to this is to have short clean nails with no louse
colors blank pages and pale Pink’s work best keep your teeth looking healthy and
way not too white though so good with a small amount of a classic expensive
perfume where neutral cosmetics with perhaps just a red lip classic
hairstyles are best with clean shiny hair grape skin is so important instead
of spending a fortune at the makeup counter go to a dermatologist who can
make your skin beautiful all on its own classic dressing to risk classically go
for clothing natural fabrics buy some staples can be found in goods
consignment shops at discount outlets items that are always in style a good
pair of slacks a cashmere cardigan a nice blazer the most important thing is
that it fits you impeccably you are looking for quality over quantity don’t
wear anything too tight or too short classic shoes 3 wear a pair of classic
shoes if you can find a pair of expensive shoes that are not flashy
simple well-made leather style their best nothing too trendy make certain
that they are in good shape and not looking shabby understated jewelry for
wear understated jewelry girls are always good you want to be understated
and not go to your big ass on the anklet if you can only afford cz at make them
small dot not over the top huge remember that less is more speaking five
style of speaking softly and slowly make sure your grammar is perfect have a good
vocabulary keep up with current events and the books everyone is talking about
now don’t swear be a good listener and never interrupt when someone else is
talking don’t brag or constantly talk about yourself or your achievements
Emily those six etiquette etiquette is one of the biggest giveaways as to how
you were raised rededicate book learn about writing
thank you notes and which form fused in a formal setting urn what a perfect
hostess gift is always treat people with respect and kindness rich handbag 7 and
bags nothing flashy get a good leather handbag but nothing with brand marketing
on it goosal logos wear just a glance that the
purse will give you the price try to opt out of the real trendy turn about eight
never pay retail there are just so many ways to get around paying retail and
rich people know all of them go to a state sales consignment shops ebay
online auctions cash 9 don’t discuss money don’t express shock at the cost of
an item and don’t complain if money I lack thereof posture head posture this
can give you away in an instance risk people sit up in a chair no slouching
and walk properly shoulders back in chin up good posture
can be very important in the way people perceive you you

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