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How to make a classy wedding card 👰🤵- Tutorial by Hannah Jones – HanCrafted Cards

How to make a classy wedding card 👰🤵- Tutorial by Hannah Jones – HanCrafted Cards

hy crafters it’s Hannah from handcrafted
cards calm welcome to today’s tutorial this is the card that I’m going to be
showing you how to make today I think is gorgeous perfect for a wedding card and
so this video is part of a series of wedding ideas so be sure to check in the
description or on the iCard or somewhere I’ll have links to those other videos as
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and all that good stuff will be in the description so let’s get started so the
first thing that we’re going to do is to stamp our sentiment you’re going to heat
emboss that itself just got a piece of whisper white don’t just Robin over with
my goofy what’s it called stamp Emma what’s it embossing buddy oh my word and
I want the mr. and mrs. and the hearts for me cheers to the year stamp set mr. and mrs. oops okay and then just
it’s really little hearts okay silver embossing powder then again over inking that out of the
way over inked embossing powder where I do not wanna touch so I’m just brushing
that away this is a little brush that I’ve got with my gelatos it’s a really
nice soft brush like perfect I think so neat and you know my heat
embossing oh I love heat embossing every time I’m
just like wow it’s like magic awesome okay so that we’re gonna punch
out with a two inch circle let’s make sure it’s set going to smudge so just
lining up lining up the mr. and mrs. across the middle so I also want a two
inch circle of glimmer paper and then a new punch that is coming soon
there’s a two inch sunburst punch which is awesome I’m just punching out some of
the cheers to the Year designer series paper so yeah I can’t remember the name
of it actually oh yeah I’ll let you know it’s coming in the oh
my word occasions catalog well where’s it
difficult today and then I’ve got a well they’re called full snowflakes which
we’ll be going soon oh I love getting a new catalog but that
means that things go so if there’s anything in the occasions catalog that
you want and you haven’t got yet get it soon because there are going to be some
items carrying over but obviously not the whole catalog so get it quick before
it’s gone so I’ve got a thick whisper white card base and then just a layer of
whisper white that’s going to go on tough so very simple to put together
I was gonna add some I don’t know that’s see that’s all of the silver dream that
I’ve got left and I did want some to edge the top and bottom but I don’t
think I have enough and to make a bow but what I could do is that some glimmer
paper ah look it’s a couple little strips of blue my paper and we can use
that instead so when I sound little I want not even
yeah about a quarter of an inch 1/4 of an inch strip should do it oh that’s
pretty yeah oh why is there not straight and
put that again that one’s there straight that’s better so when I’m a strip at the
top and a strip at the bottom then a snowflake which is a gorgeous and let’s
see something like that that looks firm fab fam fantastic is what I was trying
to say so I’m gonna brave the tombow enough like this stuff we’re getting
such a mess with wet blue okay let’s try and go gently now see it’s already using and then oh my word what’s going on do
you thing everywhere but so and this one I’m going to grab a
scrap and just one some passes across the middle I’m try not to stick it to
yourself and just get positioning right so that one’s kind of
just sitting not even half over the top so that is gonna need wet glue because
it’s glimmer paper difficult to get things to stick to glue my paper just a
bit easier with wet glue squeeze those together then that’s gonna go across the
to say just along one edge oopsie is it stuck and then that’s gonna go across and then the whole lot is gonna be
popped up with dimensionals so I’m gonna put a long piece across those two so
that will help stick them together as well and then kind of corner edge across
those two so how to hold them all together just one there Sabir it can
just trim these off first then you forgot and then the misted missus is going to
be in the center of the snowflake and near enough center anyway it’s a
gorgeous see this is the word don’t like white
blue get it all over the place and he does dry clear see it’s fine but I’m
just getting a sticky mess right this is gonna stick on to our college base hey I was gonna add some bling but don’t
think I need it now with the glue marinus here and the glue moon s there I
think that’s enough showing and sparkle for one card so I hope that you like
this card don’t forget these products that will be retiring at the end of
December so if you want them get them now because yeah the catalogs going to
be finishing well Jenny so January the 1st I think something like that anyway
you’ve got to the end of December so yeah get them now before they go I hope
that you liked this tutorial and that you will come back for some more because
I do post every single Monday Wednesday and Saturday so come back subscribe so
you don’t miss a tutorial and I will see you next time bye

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