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How to Organize a Charity Walk or Run

How to Organize a Charity Walk or Run

How to Organize a Charity Walk or Run. If you have a cause you care about, it’s easy
to put a plan — and feet! — in motion for making money. You will need Cause Planning committee Date
Route Knowledge of local laws Sponsors Publicity Website and race-day plan. Step 1. Pick a cause that’s particularly important
to you. Learn about your issue through personal interaction
and statistics so you can speak about it passionately and accurately. Step 2. Find other people to help you plan your event
by visiting local support groups and web forums. Gather enough people so you can delegate effectively
while maintaining focus on your objective. Seek out a national group dedicated to your
cause to help with additional information and contacts. Step 3. Pick a date to hold your event, giving yourself
at least six months to plan. Research other events going on in your area
so you’re not competing for people’s availability, energy, and funding. Select an alternate date, so people aren’t
forced to run or walk in bad weather. If your charity has a designated day or month,
plan your event around it to help generate publicity. Step 4. Choose an available location and route for
your event. Pick a race length that ensures people can
finish and accomplish their goals while raising appropriate funds. Consult local officials regarding traffic
flow, crowd control, security issues, and insurance needs. Step 5. Approach businesses and individuals to donate
resources or funds. Start with local running or sporting goods
stores, since their business relates directly to your event. Take whatever a sponsor is willing to provide
and thank them in any event-related press. If a sponsor donates an item you can’t use
for the event, raffle it off before the race starts. Step 6. Publicize your event. Contact newspaper, radio, and television outlets
for interviews. Find out if any public personalities have
connections to your cause and would be willing to either get the word out or participate
themselves. Step 7. Find people to participate. Decide at least four months in advance whether
to have participants pay a registration fee, collect sponsors, or both. Approach friends, relatives, and support groups;
reach out to contacts on social-media services; and place fliers locally. Create a website where people can find information
on the race and your cause. Step 8. Have a plan for race day, but be willing to
improvise if necessary. Maintain a cool head and rely on your team’s
support as you watch your charitable vision become a reality. Did you know In 2009, about 100 runners wearing
only Santa hats and swimsuits ran through the streets of Budapest, Hungary to raise
money for cystic fibrosis.

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