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How To Plan Year-End Donations | Fundraising Tips

How To Plan Year-End Donations | Fundraising Tips

Hello fundraising friends! Last week, we
discussed that we’re going into the busiest time of the year and that is
year-end fundraising. This is the time of year when people are feeling most
generous, they’re handling their tax planning, and/or they’re receiving a
bonus. And with little planning and strategy, you should be able to end the
year surpassing your fundraising goals which will help your organization. Hi, I’m
Kristy with Funds2Orgs and I’m Eric, hello. Today we’re gonna give
you three quick tips on how to maximize your year-end fundraising and get more
donations than ever. Tip number one: create a solid marketing strategy with
multiple outreach channels. Learn how to reach your support. Some supporters will
respond well to direct mail, some respond well to email, and then some will respond
well to social media, like Facebook, or Instagram, or whatever you may have. Learn
how to reach your supporters. A really good ideas to maybe take a survey of
your current supporters and find out the best way to reach your next supporters.
Number two: utilize social media. Now, we say this all the time
but social media is an integral part of communicating with your followers,
especially in a digital world. Facebook is an excellent way to promote your cause
without spending a lot of money and it allows your followers to share your
content more easily. The best posts are light and engaging and don’t forget, ask
your followers to share your post. You need their help to succeed.
Tip number three: be consistent and always follow up. Your supporters and
donors are very busy so make sure you tell them your end of your goal and then
work backwards to achieve milestones so you can hit that critical goal towards
the end of the year. Make sure you provide your champions with updates as
to where you are concerning your goal and make sure you give them a relatable
story that will help donors rationalize their decision to donate towards your
calls. Also, it’s a nice touch at the end of the year to send out a holiday card
and make sure to include an appeal. This could be a blank envelope or just a
follow up to let them know how the fundraiser is going. Remember, many gifts
are made in December so make sure you’re connecting with your supporters
regularly and consistently. We hope you enjoyed those three tips on How To Plan
For Year-End Donations. For more information, make sure you follow us on
our blog at And make sure to come say hi to us on Facebook and give us a like, share, and subscribe. My name’s Kristy and I’m Eric. We’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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