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How To Promote Your Charity Event

How To Promote Your Charity Event

Are you curious about how to promote your
charity or nonprofit event? Well, if you are in the next few minutes,
I’m going to share with you some of the things I’ve learned over the years about promotion
for charity and nonprofit events. Interestingly, it has changed recently. In the past, you know there were a lot of
things we didn’t have. I mean, we didn’t have social media to promote it. We didn’t have
email. We didn’t have some of the same ways to promote So let’s talk about social media as a way
to promote your charity event. Yes, posting on social media, but I’ll tell you that the
way that social media continues to change it is so hard to determine if your message
is getting in front of the people that you need it to be in front of. Now granted, for
instance, on Facebook, you can do Facebook advertising. You can boost a post with Facebook advertising. I did that for one of
my nonprofit clients where we were doing a capital campaign. We had two months to raise
$550,000. And we had somebody on our volunteer committee
that said, “I know somebody who can help us do this.” And I said, “Great. Just, just go
for it.” I was surprised at how well it worked because
you’re able to segment the database. The segment the social media. You tell it
you want this general area. You want this age group. And, you know, somebody that’s
interested in whatever topic. So for us it was fairly successful of them
going to the actual website. We didn’t have good measures to know from our analytics how many of those people
actually gave but we saw a huge uptick in the people who saw the Facebook ad and then
clicked to our website. So, don’t count out social media as a way
to advertise your event. It is pretty inexpensive advertising and I would do Instagram, Facebook,
LinkedIn, and Twitter. Those four especially. And then
there’s some other ones out there that you could do, too. So #1 is social media. #2 isuying advertising. There are some things
that when we talk about buying advertising I’ll say I don’t know if it’s worth it. But when you’re
doing a major event, especially for us living in Vail, Colorado and we have the second homeowners, it is so
important for us to get it in the newspaper, because the newspaper is online, too and as
far as getting on local radio stations. So I believe in buying advertising. #3 is email. So we are in a delete happy world. We get
so much email. However, sometimes your emails going to get read. And if you have a compelling tagline. If you
have a compelling message, people will click on it. Especially if they believe in what
your nonprofit is doing. So it’s multi channel. You can’t just do one thing to promote your
charity event. #4. You need to have a really good mailing
list and your mailing list needs to include people who have been donors to your organization
in the past, people who are current donors to the organization, and then people you want to be donors. One
of the ways that we use to prospect for new donors was we would look at new people who
moved into town, new people who bought houses. And then we would send them a certificate,
where they could come to a show or we would give them access to one of our exclusive events
and it works fairly well. And so for you to get
new people on your mailing list and into your event. You’ve got to work on that mailing
list for the whole year. #5. Your board of directors. That is one of
the best ways for you to get out there and advertise your event is your board of directors. And so what that
means is you equip them with what they need to go out and market, the event. So it’s an
invitation. It’s a one page description of what the organization is. It
talks about this fun event that you’re going to put on and that they don’t want to miss
it. #6. Sometimes it helps to have a smaller venue
for your event. So you can say, “We only have 100 seats and when those seats sell out, that’s
all there are.” Because that gives them a sense of urgency. Don’t count out the local media. Sometimes
the local media will give you an exchange where they will give you some advertising
and you can give them a seat at the table. The same like for your photographer. It’s
possible that you can do some kind of an exchange with them. #7 And then of course there’s corporate sponsors.
So corporate sponsors a lot of times are overlooked when we talk about these nonprofit charity
events. And what they have a lot of corporations have
a fund that they can use for events, that they can use for sponsorships and events. And to get your event paid for before you
plan it which is Robin’s rule of what you need to do if you’re going to plan an event,
if you go out and get sponsors, corporate sponsors, beforehand that will certainly help So when you talk about an event, identify
the three new partners that you’d like to have in that event, three new sponsors. And
start out there and then go back to the sponsors that you have had each year. #8. Try to get a celebrity. That’s an advocate
for your organization. And if it’s for instance a golf tournament have that celebrity play
with a group of people and and sell that. Literally, tell them that okay for X amount
you can play with this golfer. #9. And then you’re going to have volunteers
for whatever kind of event that you have. That’s a great way to promote it, the more
volunteers, you have the better because then you can ask them about working at the event. And if they work
at the event, then they get to be there and then they tell all their friends, “Oh, I’m
working at this event”. And then their friends want to go. #10. And then one of the key pieces of how
to promote your charity event is the follow up afterwards. Because then when you call people and say,
“Hey, just wanted to know what you thought of the event? If you have any recommendations
for us?” And that’s so unusual that then they will tell their friends. “Oh, I went to that
event, and they called and asked me what I thought.” And then there are some volunteers that you will strategically
choose and those will also help promote your event because they are the ones that are your
advocates, they are the ones that are out there, promoting your
event. They might not be the ones who can give the most but they may have friends who
then can give. And then promoting your charity event is easy because
what you’re doing is you’re pushing it out and letting other people promote it for you. And that word of mouth is going to get you
more shares on social media. It’s going to get you more people involved that any other
paid advertising that you can do. Well, thanks for joining me today. Subscribe
to my YouTube channel and every time I have a video come out, you’ll know about it. So
thanks for being here.

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