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How to Repair the Deploy Kit .

0:00:01.000,0:00:11.066 Hello, and welcome to Blackbaud KnowHow’s video instructions on how to repair the Deploy Kit for Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge, Education Edge, and Student Information Systems. 0:00:11.066,0:00:16.000 My name is Daniel and I am a member of the Installation Support team at Blackbaud. 0:00:16.000,0:00:19.066 First, we need to have access to the server
with the following files. 0:00:19.066,0:00:23.066 The Blackbaud Management Console, 0:00:23.066,0:00:27.066 the unzipped Installation files for your current version, 0:00:27.066,0:00:33.066 and the currently installed patch (if any). 0:00:33.066,0:00:39.033 Open the Blackbaud Management Console located on the server. 0:00:39.033,0:00:48.033 Next, we click on the name of the Product
that we want to work with. In this case, we are choosing the Education Edge. 0:00:48.033,0:00:55.000 If a network version of the product is installed, we will see the third option in the right-hand frame is Manage Deploy Kit. 0:00:55.000,0:01:00.000 Click the Run Now button to open the Deploy
Kit Wizard. 0:01:00.000,0:01:09.000 Click the Next button to select the Action
we want to perform. In this case, we want Repair. 0:01:09.000,0:01:14.033 Click the Next button to go to the Select
Install Location screen. 0:01:14.033,0:01:20.033 In most cases we do not want to change this selection, leave whatever radio button is selected marked. 0:01:20.033,0:01:27.066 Click the Next button to go to the Specify
Paths screen. Here we can see the Current Deploy Kit Location. 0:01:27.066,0:01:34.033 This is the location of the only valid Deploy
kit for the product. 0:01:34.033,0:01:40.033 In the Install CD Location field we want to
place the path to the CD (if we have one for the
current version) 0:01:40.033,0:01:46.033 or the unzipped Installation files for the product. 0:01:46.033,0:01:50.000 Here it is located on the desktop. 0:01:50.000,0:01:54.000 Select the folder and click the OK button. 0:01:54.000,0:02:00.033 Click the Repair button to update the files
in the Deploy folder. 0:02:00.033,0:02:07.066 When the Repair is performed you will click
the Finish button after the repair is complete. 0:02:07.066,0:02:12.000 If a patch has been applied, it will need
to be run again to complete the Repair. 0:02:12.000,0:02:13.000 Thank you for watching! 0:02:13.000

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